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NPR News 2.0 - Get your news and favorite programs on the go


Let's face it, these days not everyone has the time -- or desire to sit down in front of the TV and catch up on all the latest news. National Public Radio, or NPR if you prefer, has recently updated the Android version of its services, which allows you to listen and read news more, catered to your interests on the go. Some great changes took place within the app to make it easier than ever to take in the information you prefer most. They've updated the UI, added a new audio player and improved the whole user experience and now you can:

  • Read, listen, or create a playlist of your favorite NPR stories and share with friends.
  • Hear live streams from hundreds of NPR stations: search by location (GPS)
    or zip code / call letters
  • Listen to programs like Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Talk of the
    Nation, Fresh Air, and Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me More

The updated version is available now in the Android Market. If you frequent listening to NPR or have tried the app in the past and weren't impressed -- try the new improved version. Download can be found after the break for you all.

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3 years ago

Android Central ROM review: Incredibly Re-Engineered for the Droid Incredible


The HTC Droid Incredible has had a rough life.  Between supply issues, problems sourcing components, and the difficult time folks had rooting it, a lot of people had to wait a long time to to get one in their hands, and make it their own.  All that is behind us now, and even with new models coming out people still love the DInc.  With good reason -- its unique style and huge development community make it the perfect phone for anyone on Verizon who likes to tinker.

Android Central forums member PvilleComp shows us all the above is true with his review of Incredibly Re-Engineered for the DInc.  This one is a complete re-work of HTC Sense, and by all accounts will make you think you have a different phone compared to stock.  In the words of the developer chingy51o it's "Fast, Beautiful, and Simply Magnificent".  Who am I to argue?  Read all about it, after the jump.  Thanks, Mike!

Want to write a ROM review for Android Central?  We'd love to hear from you!  Look here for details.

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3 years ago

Firefox for Android Release Candidate


Youtube link for mobile viewing

There's a lot of talk around these parts (especially lately) about "openness." And one of our favorite examples of "open" is Mozilla and Firefox. It's an open-source browser, developed in the open. And I've been following the development of Firefox Mobile (previously known as Fennec) way back from its start (and finish) with Windows Mobile.

So it was quite the treat to meet with Mozilla principal project manager Thomas Arend at CTIA and give the release candidate of Firefox for Android a spin.

Forget the early complaints that previous builds were too big and too slow. Now that Firefox is just about ready for release, it's lighter, faster and is about to become my daily mobile browser, thanks to Mozilla's excellent sync system.

Anyhoo, check out the video above, and there's a more formal video with Thomas after the break.

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3 years ago

Android Central Editors' app picks for March 26, 2011


The wide variety of applications available in the Android market make it so that there is an application for just about everyone, for just about any purpose. Unfortunately finding the perfect application is not always the easiest, as the market is growing quite rapidly, but fear not. Here we have yet another edition of our favorite applications, and we hope that you find some that you enjoy as well. Let's take a look at what we have for you this week. 

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3 years ago

Android quick-app: Pulse Version 2.0


The Pulse news reader has long been one of our favorite -- and more graphically pleasing -- ways to crank through news. While it might not be the best way to sort through hundreds of hundreds or RSS feeds (what, you think this job is easy), if you want a great experience reading a couple dozen, you can't beat it.

And Pulse just got even better in Version 2.0. The UI has been divided into "pages" (or think of them as tabs if you want). There's a bunch of preloaded content, and a couple blank pages, and you can customize things to you heart's content.

And new for us Android users is an entire section of Android news. Not that you'll need more than the Android Central feed, of course. Check out our hands-on and get download links after the break.

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3 years ago

Android's in-app billing system launches next week, developers can prep now


Google just announced that in-app billing -- first announced at the Honeycomb event we were at in February -- will launch next week. In-app billing is an unsexy name for the way an app developer can sell you extra features -- levels, weapons, clothing, cheats, etc -- while you're inside the app. No diving back out to the Market, all seamless and smooth.

And to get things ready, developers can now upload and test apps for the service. It's all done within in the existing Developer Console, and the dev sets the prices.

It'll be interesting to see what sort of things developers offer, though we can think of one, for sure -- the Mighty Eagle! And Tap Tap Revenge will use it for song purchases. [Android Developers Blog]

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3 years ago

Android Quick App - Word Collector



If games are something you enjoy on your Android device, and you struggle to find unique games that are fun and can keep you occupied, Word Collector may be just what you are looking for. While the concept of the game is rather simple, collect falling and rising letters to create a word, it is a bit challenging in that you have to tilt the device from side to side in order to capture the letters.

Through the game there are a few additional bonuses that are able to be unlocked, and many different backgrounds to play on. Whether you have a few minutes, or a few hours to kill, this game may be the perfect one to keep your brain going. Download links available after the break.

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3 years ago

Android Quick App - Color


Color is a new camera and image-sharing app that has been making its rounds across platforms. Launched on both Android and iOS, Color allows you to capture photos and share them with others in a new sort of way. Rather then needing to send photos via email or uploading them to a site or even attaching them in a MMS, Color allows anyone within 150ft who is also running the app able to view any images you take.

Take for example you are at a party, you want to snap a pic of some friends share it with some of those at the party -- chances are, they have a device that can run Color as well. All they need to do is open up the app, you take the picture and then the image will automatically appear on their device and vice versa if they took a picture of you.

With added features such as SMS messaging, Facebook and Twitter built right into the app, the concept here is great. If you're looking for a new, cool way to share photos at a party or event, then Color may be just what you've been looking for. Color is available in the Android Market now for free. You can jump on past the break for the download QR code. Keep in mind it does require Android 2.2 or greater.

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3 years ago

Field & Stream application available on Android


With the warm weather rolling back in us outdoors lovers will be heading back outside, whether to do some hunting or some fishing, just getting back to the wildlife is a great feeling. While on the go who wouldn't enjoy having helpful hints and tips available in your pocket on your Android device. The Field & Stream application brings you all of the award winning online content, in an easy to navigate and read format, for while on the go. The application will give access to blogs, slideshow's, and videos, making it an essential item for all the outdoors lovers. Download information available after the break.

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3 years ago

Unauthorized Netflix app now working on Android [update -- not any longer]


Maptec from XDA has a working copy of Netflix for Android, streaming video just fine on his HTC Evo 4G.  This is supposedly the same Netflix app from the LG Revolution system dump.  Like many, Maptec was using the apk for a queue manager, and it received an auto-update today and suddenly started working. Magical.

We were told that Netflix would be coming to select Android devices based on hardware, so I'm as surprised by this one as anyone else.  Remember if you try this one out that it's completely unauthorized, and you're probably breaking at least one licensing agreement with a company that has your name and credit card number.  If you're not deterred, hit the source link and give it a try. [XDA Developers] Thanks everyone who sent this in!

Update: Now you see it, now you don't -- streaming video that is.  Whatever wizardry that went on to make this one work has been undone, and we're back to waiting on Netflix again.

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