2 years ago

LetsTalk.com, YouMail unite to preload app on select Android devices


YouMail announced this morning a new partnership with online retailer LetsTalk.com, which will preload the visual voicemail app on select Android and Blackberry devices sold through its site. In addition, LetsTalk.com will power the YouMail Online Store, which will be accessible through YouMail and will be custom tailored to your current carrier and plan. The announcement comes on the heels of a well-publicized tiff between YouMail and T-Mobile, which resulted in the app being yanked from Android Market early last month. Hit the break for YouMail's official announcement.

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2 years ago

Ice Cream Sandwich Google Apps tip: long press any icon for its name


Here's a little tip you may not have known about -- while working inside Google's applications in Ice Cream Sandwich, you can long press any icon and its name will appear.  This can be handy for figuring out what all those fancy new icons mean, and is a heck of a lot better than Jerry's method of "just press it and see what happens".  For now, this seems limited to Google's apps, but it certainly seems like something that can be done for any application.  Let's see more of this sort of thing, Google! When things are easy to learn, we all love them just a little more.

Source: +Android

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2 years ago

Airbnb Android app finds you a place to stay while you're on the way


Staying at a hotel is so 2009. Airbnb has made it easy for landlords to put rooms and entire properties up for rent, and easy for rentors to find a place to stay. And today, we now have an Airbnb Android app. 

The Airbnb Android app is nicely done, with loads of photos and easy access to property descriptions. There's a video section as well, and integration with Google Maps makes it easy to see exactly where you're staying. 

Airbnb's also offered up a "featured" section, showing you the service's top 40 properties, and the best of cities such as Austin, Texas; Paris, New York, beach locations, Los Angeles and others.

Sign into your account, and you've got easy access to upcoming rentals (or properties that you're renting out). Upcoming stays are beautifully displayed, with location, duration and contact information for the host.

We're not quite sure we want to go so far as to book a stay from our phones -- we're a little too anal for that. But the Airbnb Android app is a great way to browse listings, and a great way to keep up with your upcoming stays. It's quickly earned a spot in our app drawer.

We've got more screen shots and download links after the break.

More: Airbnb blog

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2 years ago

Groundlink car service Android app updated for more accurate ETAs, better registration


Groundlink has updated its car service Android application with a number of improvements that make the entire process easier on you, the rider. 

For starters, you'll get updates on where the car is even more quickly than you were before. That's one of the more fun aspects of an app and service like this -- being able to see the car en route to pick you up. You'll also get more accurate estimates as to when the car is on the way.

Groundlink also has simplified the registration process. So if that's kept you from trying out the service, no more excuses. There's a new registration screen to go along with it. 

Groundlink also now accepts international billing, for those of you traveling to the United States. That also allows you to book a car from anywhere in the world.

In addition, there have been improvements to the overall order process, as well as general bug fixes. 

We've got download links after the break.

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2 years ago

OneLouder updates BaconReader with new menu, sorting options


OneLouder announced today that its most recent update for BaconReader, the popular reddit reader app, is now available through the Android Market. Added in this update is the ability to sort by "Top" and "Controversial", as well as to search for posts directly through the menu. Other bug fixes and menu redesigns are abound, though don't try to use the app tomorrow: OneLouder is reminding everyone that reddit will be dark for 12 hours tomorrow, and that BaconReader will be back up and running at the close of the SOPA-induced blackout. The Android Market link is after the break.

Source: OneLouder

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2 years ago

Pop on some Steve Miller Band, fire one up, and take a look at Whale Trail


Youtube link for mobile viewing

We're not implying that the insanely cute and colorful Android game Whale Trail was inspired during some sort of psychedelic episode, but -- OK, who are we kidding? That's exactly what we're implying. It's one of those simple up/down games -- press the screen to fly up, release to drop down. You're controlling Willow the Whale while you fight to make sense of it all, man get away from the evil Baron Von Barry. There are 32 levels, two game modes and 96 stars to collect. Download links are after the break. Now somebody pass the Cheetos.

via @AshleyEsqueda and @millsustwo

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2 years ago

CyanogenMod 9 Music app now available, theme engine is a go


CyanogenMod 9 Music is now available for download, and you don't even have to be running CM to install or use it.  It offers a level of customization you won't find in other music apps, from things like searching the Android Market music store for the currently playing song, gestures for audio controls, sharing the current track with any of your social media outlets, and even setting your favorite song as a ringtone with one button.  To top it all off, the app has a theme engine that changes just about every aspect of the look.  A "Google Music" style theme is available, as is a theme template for you artistic types to have at it.

To get the app, follow the link below.  We have to mention that this one only works for music you have stored on your device itself, as it doesn't hook into any streaming or cloud service.  Andrew Neal, the developer of CM Music, says we'll see it in the Android Market shortly, as well as see it in CyanogenMod 9.  This is one to have a look at guys and gals.

Source and downloads: SeeingPixels

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2 years ago

Android Game Review: Attack from Outer Space!


It's easy to make a side-scrolling game. It's a little harder to make a good one, and harder still to make a side-scroller that will keep you coming back. Attack From Outer Space falls into the latter category.

It's a simple game with simple controls -- you've got a slider for moving Sergeant America (yes, that's his name) back and forth, and a joystick for aiming your arsenal toward the aliens. You've got to take out as many as you can (and you get combo bonuses for being quick about it) while dodging their bombs. You'll pick up new weapons along the way, and acquire nukes for those times when only a nuke will do.

Each level has three stages, with a "World boss" at the end of each. Make your way across the U.S. in the "Adventure" mode, and you'll unlock Area 51.

All in all, it's a lot of fun, and a hell of a lot of gameplay for just 99 cents. We've got some hands-on video, screenshots and download links after the break. Check it out!

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2 years ago

OnStar API kicks off with ridesharing app


At CES 2012, GM was showing off their remote control and monitoring Android app, but I would say their more interesting announcement from the show was a new OnStar API, which will enable outside developers to start plugging into their connected electric car. To showcase the new capabilities, GM partnered up with the guys at RelayRides, which is basically Airbnb for cars. Using the mobile app, you will be able to post your vehicle as available for rent within certain dates, and if it's with a Chevrolet Volt, the car will only begin functioning in the specified timeframe. Once a rental time kicks in, customers can use the app to find the Volt via GPS, and remotely unlock the car to grab the keys inside. Even if you don't have a smartphone, you'll be able to unlock the car via text message. From the renter's side, you can search based on vehicle type, proximity, timeframe, price, and all of the other usual criteria. Rental rates can go as low as $5 to $6, which includes a million-dollar insurance policy. 

This is pretty big news because so far, the only other car manufacturer seriously wooing app developers has been Ford, and they've been doing it for some time now with AppLink. They haven't been able to crank out a ton of apps since AppLink has come out, but RelayRides was apparently wrapped up in under a month. Of course, they made their app specifically for the OnStar API, so they might have been able to get it up a bit quicker than others will be able to, but it's a promising start.

The OnStar API will be available for Android and iOS starting in the first half of this year, but if you're interested in getting involved sooner than later, you can pitch your app idea to developers@onstar.com

Source: OnStar

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2 years ago

Textie for Android brings unlimited cross-platform messaging to your phone


Our pals at Borange today unleashed Textie for Android, bringing cross-platform text and picture messaging from the land of iOS (they've had something in the neighborhood of 1.6 million downloads from iTunes) to our beloved mobile platform. The port is pretty obvious -- you'll see a lot of iOS-type buttons. Try to get over that, because what you've got is a simple and pretty powerful texting appliation that offers unlimited use. Features include:

  • Sends unlimited free messages to any Textie user, email address and most U.S. mobile phones
  • Sends high quality photos to other Textie users or to any email
  • Installs free on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Can be installed on multiple devices simultaneously
  • Naturally integrates with your existing address book contacts
  • Provides access to server-archived messages
  • Uses secure SSL for all connections
  • Uses battery-efficient Google C2DM Android push notifications

Textie's also done a great job of explaining in the Market listing all of the permissions it uses, so be sure to read that if you're worried about that sort of thing. We've got download links to the free Textie app after the break.

More: Textie blog

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