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Humble Bundle 2 brings 5 more games - pay what you want


Youtube link for mobile viewing

Dunno what's better — the fact that you can get five new games (well, new to Android) and pay whatever you want, that you can designate where you want your contribution to go to (developers, charity or to Humble Bundle), or the preview video you see above. The answer, of course, is all of the above.

New in Humble Bundle 2 are Zen Bound 2, Canabalt, Cogs and Avadon: The Black Fortress (for tablets only). Plus, if you pay more than the average amount (which currently stands at $5.89), you'll get Swords & Soldiers thrown in for good measure. 

The whole thing's going down at the link below.

More: HumbleBundle.com

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2 years ago

Fitbit finally gets a proper Android app


The folks at Fitbit over the weekend slipped an official Fitbit Android app into the Google Play Store. It doesn't take the place of the Fitbit tracker, but it does let you check your daily progress as well as set daily goals and record activities, all from your Android smartphone.

We've pulled back our Fitbit review to give this one a proper look, but for now we've got a slew of screenshots and download links after the break.

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Quell Reflect [Android Game Review]


YouTube link for mobile viewing

If there's one thing Android isn't hurting for, it's puzzle games. Knowing that, I wouldn't be putting another puzzle game in front of you if it wasn't good. Great, even. And if there's one thing Quell Reflect is, it's a great puzzle game.

First thing, let's talk about Quell Reflect's aesthetic. When you're not in a game, the environment has this very old school, rustic look to it. Levels come in groups of four, and when you're on the level select screen, you'll notice that each batch of puzzles is assigned a year in the past, long, long ago. You're in what looks like a dank, stone basement, and there's vintage propaganda posters on the walls.

I'm not sure what it is, but I love it. It's unique and it definitely gives even something as simple as selecting a level a much cooler vibe.

In Quell Reflect, you're trying to fling a bubble around a world filled with obstacles, and collect pearls along the way. You advance to the next level once you've collected all the pearls, but the caveat is that once you've flung the bubble, the bubble is in motion until an outside force acts upon it (or, in layman's terms, it runs into a wall).

Your goal is to collect all of the pearls in the least number of moves possible. The game gives you an idea of what that number is each level, in the top-left corner of the screen. If you manage to complete a level in that number of moves, you're awarded a hint token. Having never used a hint token, I can't be certain what they do, but if I had to guess, I'd say they give you a hint​ on where to fling your bubble.

I absolutely am in love with this game. The beginning levels are fairly straightforward, but new mechanics are quickly added in, like the side of the screen with no border. If there's no stones to stop the bubble, it flings off the edge of the screen and comes out on the opposite side, a la Pacman-in-the-tunnel. Soon after, spikes are introduced, and after that, stones that need to be pushed together in order to make them disappear.

From the moment you start playing, you'll be taken with how much detail has been put into this game. The soundtrack isn't a slouch, either. The music is both tranquil and ambient, almost in the vein of Osmos HD. It's beautiful, and if you've got the battery for it, I don't think anyone would ridicule you for leaving the game open just to have pretty music going in the background.

What else is there to say? This is a beautiful, polished, intriguing game. It'll have you scratching your head as you try to uncover the most efficient way to win a level and then quickly lull you back into serenity with it's pleasant interface and calming music. Truly, Quell Reflect is the real deal.

Quell Reflect is 99 cents in the Google Play Store. We've got download links after the break.

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Android quick app: Adele


Adele won numerous awards at the Grammys about a month ago and with her official Android app, you can enjoy up-to-date info on the singer right from your pocket.

The app offers a lot for the huge or even casual Adele fan. When you open the app, you'll see changing pictures of Adele making up the background of the app and her name up top. The main options will be listed in green and with a simple swipe gesture, you'll be able to access the rest.

There are five options per page and I'll describe what each does:

  • News: Brings up an aggregated news feed, where you can see clips from her official website or her official Twitter feed
  • Music: Displays all of her music and allows you to preview each song
  • Videos: Allows you to view recent videos released by the singer. These consist of both music videos and live performances. For example, her recent show at Live at the Royal Albert Hall in London is included
  • Community: Allows you to interact with the Adele Fan Community, where people post comments and pictures
  • Live Shows: Displays information about future and past events. You can buy tickets to future performances or view photos and comments about past shows
  • About: Shows a short biography of the singer
  • Albums: Lists her albums to date, where you can view tracks and fan comments for specific albums
  • Photos: Displays several photos of the singer, which you can save and share if you wish
  • Favorites: Allows you to save data from the rest of the app in a simple list so it can easily be accessed
  • My Profile: If you're a huge Adele fan, you probably want to comment on albums or shows or post pictures. This is where you sign in, either with Twitter or Facebook, which allows you to leave posts
  • Top Users: Relating to the My Profile category, if you're posting a lot, you may find yourself rewarded by making the top users list. There are top users listed for all time, monthly, weekly and daily
  • Store: Brings you to her web store via the browser
  • Links: Displays links to Adele's official site, Facebook page and Twitter page
  • Mailing List: If you wish to receive mailings from Adele on future dates and music, you can sign up right from the app
  • Copyright: Self explanatory, just displays the copyright information

Overall, I'd say the official Adele app is really well done. I enjoy her music, but wouldn't call myself a big fan and I had a great experience exploring the app. The UI is something that definitely improves the experience. If you're a big Adele fan or just want to find out more information about the singer, check out the free app. Please find links and more screenshots after the break.

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2 years ago

Motorola Korea steps up customer service by offering remote LogMeIn Rescue assistance


Motorola has amped up their customer service offerings in Korea.  Staring with the Motorola RAZR, customers seeking support will now be able to download LogMeIn ‘Rescue + Mobile for Motorola’ where Motorola representatives will be able to login and remotely control the devices of those needing assistance.

“These smart services will help us provide even better and more personal support to our customers in Korea,” said Chul-Jong Jung, president of Motorola Korea. “We are committed to customer satisfaction, and making sure that people can get support when they need it and where they need it is an important part of that.”

Rather trying to explain how to fix things, logging in remotely allows not only to address the issue faster but the actions are also visible to customer so that if it arise again, they'll know what to do in order to fix it themselves. Want to know more? The full press release is past the break.

Source: Motorola

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Android Central weekly photo contest winners: Photo filters and effects


The winner of this week's photo contest is Cody Griffith, who captured the full hipster spirit with his entry. Taken with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and using the Pixlr-o-matic app, he successfully made an image captured with amazing 21st-century technology look like something taken in 1974. Nice work Cody. Keep an eye on your inbox for information about your prize.

We had some other great entries this week, as we usually do. Android users love to take good pictures (we have thousands and thousands of pieces of evidence). Hit the break to see the 10 runners-up to get an idea of just how good some of the submissions are. We'll start a new contest tomorrow and do it all again next week. 

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Twitter working on next-gen TweetDeck app with power users in mind


Remember back before Christmas when Twitter redesigned their interface with new "discovery" oriented pages? Remember how it made finding DM's and mentions harder by burying them a level deeper? Well if you're one of the many that hated the changes (Twitter refers to us as "power users") you'll like this news. TweetDeck, which was purchased by Twitter proper in May 2011, is in the process of being redesigned with you in mind. Details are sparse, but they all seem centered around a job listing by Twitter, Inc. which reads, in part:

About This Job
The TweetDeck team, working from London, is looking for new team members to work on our cutting edge Android app. We’re building the next generation of a suite of clients that millions of people love and use everyday. You’ll work on our small team, own the projects that you work on, and have a great time shipping products which change the way people communicate.

After the recent updates to the native Android app, and the lack of recent updates to TweetDeck, we're ready for a "cutting edge" app from the folks at Twitter. Don't forget the tablet interface, please.

Source: Twitter; via TechCrunch

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Android Central Editors' app picks for March 17, 2012


If applications are the best part of your mobile device, you probably love when we bring you some of our favorites. We are back this week with a few more, so let's hit the break and check them out!

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SPC Music Sketchpad 2 [Android App Review]


YouTube link for mobile viewing

Music is something really close to my heart. It's what I'm majoring in (Go Bobcats!), something I've been involved in for years, and my other great passion besides writing about Android. When I'm lucky enough to find an app that combines music and Android, I'm in hog heaven. While SPC Music Sketchpad 2 (whew, that's a mouthful!) isn't as abstract as say, Plasma Sound, it's still really fun to use and powerful enough to create some really cool beats.

Once you open SPC 2, you're greeted with a grid of prepackaged sounds. Tap a sound and it starts to play, over and over. Each sound has a different pattern (and usually plays at a different time), so out of the box you've got some solid variety.

When you hit the pencil button you go into sound editing mode. When you touch a sound, instead of it turning on, you're taken to another grid where you can change when your sound activates, add more sounds, or turn it off completely. Then, you can save your edited sound so you don't have to remember how you changed it and redo the whole thing later.

There's also a cool effects panel where you can mess with things like distortion and reverb. Some of the effects are passive (just turn up their amount and they'll do their thing), but others you need to manually hit an effect button to have them work. (Distortion works this way.)

Finally, when you realize you've hit musical gold, you can record your sick beat onto your SD card, preserving it forever (or until your SD card fails). Assuming you get it onto a computer or other media device in a timely fashion, know that many dance parties will be had as the result of your musical ingenuity and tech-savvy nerdiness.

SPC Music Sketchpad 2 is $4.99 in the Google Play store for a limited time. We've got download links after the break.

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UK property search site Rightmove launches new Android app on March 19.


Rightmove is one of the biggest websites in the UK. Its property listings cover the length and breadth of the country and over 20000 estate agents and property developers. It's also how I found the house I currently own. Until now all that was missing was an Android app. As of March 19, Rightmove's first Android app will be live in the Google Play Store to cater to all your house-hunting needs. 

There was an iOS app released from Rightmove way back in 2009, followed by a Samsung SmartTV app last year. Quite why it has taken so long to come to Android is a mystery, but they got here which is the important thing. 

On the face of it, we're getting a full experience too. By hooking into your Rightmove account, you can share listings with other people, and look at your favourites on the go. It also takes full advantage of Google Maps by offering street view options. Seeing the street is almost as important as seeing the house, after all. 

Full-screen floor plans and photos are also promised, as is the ability to contact agents from within the app. On release Rightmove will be free in the Google Play Store. You'll find a quick walkthrough video after the break.

Source: Pocket-lint

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