2 years ago

wp clock 2 review - big, bold, and customizable live wallpaper


wp clock 2 is a popular typographic-themed live wallpaper for Android, with a whole bunch of bold customizations to create a stylish and functional home screen background. Users can set different levels of opacity for lettering, different colors, and custom animations for the block of text. Time, date signal strength, weather, and other information can all be used in conjunction with your existing wallpaper images. 

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2 years ago

Curiosity rover stars in Angry Birds Space Mars update


Angry Birds Space just had a timely update to go along with all of the NASA Curiosity rover excitement. Here's the changelog for version 1.3 of Angry Birds Space.

  • NASA and Angry Birds team up for the most epic episode yet! The piggies have hijacked the Curiosity Mars Rover -- but instead of searching for ice crystals, they're looking for eggs!
  • Blast through 20 fiery levels on the red planet, plus two antenna egg levels!
  • Dodge explosive volcanoes and fire asteroids!
  • Say hello to the brand new astronaut pig!
  • Find three hidden rovers and landers to open special bonus levels and discover more about the NASA missions!

Rovio and NASA have been pretty cozy throughout the Space version of Angry Birds, and it's great to see the game keeping up with the latest expedition. Even if you've played the snot out of the original Angry Birds, the latest version introduces a lot of new physics gameplay that's worth checking out. 

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2 years ago

Samsung announces free apps for Galaxy Note 10.1 owners


Good news for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 early adopters -- Sammy’s announced that it’s teamed up with a number of high-profile developers to bring free apps to its new stylus-toting ICS tablet. In addition to Adobe Photoshop touch, which is bundled on the tablet, Samsung’s offering Note 10.1 owners, there’s rhythm creation app Drop the Beat, Spot the Difference and Where Is It? for the kids, and Need for Speed and Sonic 4. 

The full list is fairly exhaustive, and spans both the Google Play Store and Samsung’s own app store, so check it out after the break. All apps, Samsung says, have been optimized for use with the Note 10.1's Wacom-based S Pen.

Source: Samsung

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2 years ago

Flickr for Android overhauled with new UI and new features


It's been a really long time since Flickr for Android was updated with any sort of significance. Yahoo has finally managed to find the time to give the Android version some love though, and overall, it's looking pretty spiffy. A new UI is in effect and new features have been added that actually make the app worthwhile. Here's what's new --

  • Edit details on your existing photos
  • Choose any camera installed on your device to take a photo
  • Improved Search
  • See HTML content in comments and descriptions
  • Pull down to refresh content on a screen

Swiping between photos and sections works rather smoothly. If you're a hardcore photo nerd, you'll find editing metadata on the go is easy and pretty intuitive as well. Finally, the integrated sharing is there in such a way that makes sense. If you're still rocking that Flickr account, give it a go and let us what you think of it.

Source: TNW

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2 years ago

Pandora update brings new UI


Pandora has just released a much-welcomed update to its popular music app in the Google Play Store today. The update brings a completely refreshed and refined UI experience, that thankfully now follows Android 4.x guidelines, getting rid of the menu button and adding an overflow button on the right side of the top action bar. Behind the scenes, this update also adds the ability to review, rate and bookmark tracks in your song history and gives you access to full song lyrics and artist biographies.

Visually, the app looks great -- especially when considering how it looked before. Everything is smooth and works properly. As we noted, the legacy menu button is gone and replaced with a proper Android 4.x overflow button. There are several nice touches in the smoothness of the app when moving between windows and a very subtle feature that uses a sliver of the bottom of the app to show the track progress. Pandora has also done something slick with the volume control. Instead of simply overlaying the phone's volume slider, they take control of it and put their own slider at the bottom of the app even when using the hardware volume keys. It auto-shows and auto-hides when you're done switching. We're quite impressed with the progress Pandora has made here, and we hope more app developers can take note.

Check out a few screenshots of the refreshed UI after the break, then hit the Play Store link above to install it on your own device.

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2 years ago

Buffer review - the antidote for oversharers


In a nutshell, Buffer helps social media fans from oversharing by allowing you to schedule when items are published to your networks, be it a Facebook profile or page, Twitter feed, or LinkedIn account. There’s even App.net support. Users can add items to their Buffer from a bunch of different mobile apps, and if you’re in a the social media business, there’s a premium version that allows teams to cooperatively fill the queue.

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2 years ago

SAS: Zombie Assault 3 - familiar-feeling multiplayer zombie defense


Those of you peeved that you can’t play Call of Duty: Zombies because it’s limited to Xperia phones until September 1 may want to check out SAS: Zombie Assault 3. It offers online multiplayer wave defense with lots of guns and perks.

SAS: Zombie Assault 3 uses a dual-joystick layout that works well enough given the game’s format. It can be tricky being precise without any guides in place. Zombies come in waves, and your sole goal is to stay alive long enough to mow them all down. As you might expect, the undead can hurt you pretty badly if they get close, so your job is to keep moving, keep shooting, and try not to work yourself into a corner where you’ll inevitably become surrounded.

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2 years ago

Google Play Magazines updated with Nexus 7 and Jelly Bean fixes


An update has just been pushed out to Google Play Magazines with a small but welcome set of improvements. Version 1.0.1 has home screen and library performance improvements, better recognition of available space for your magazines and bug fixes targeted at the Nexus 7 and Jelly Bean.

These kinds of updates aren't glamorous, but we're okay with that. Every once and a while you've got to get excited about the ones that bring stability to your apps too. If you're a magazine reader, hit the Play Store link above and get your update.

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2 years ago

Facebook for Android updated to include faster photo uploads, easier event creation


A new Facebook for Android update is now rolling out and for those of you who like to share photos and events, this is one you'll want to ensure you get installed. The noted changes include easier event creation along with a faster photo upload flow and the capability of adding emoji and photos into messages.

That new flow they mention pertains to the fact you can upload multiple photos within messages as well as directly to your photo area on Facebook. Overall, a simple upgrade but a huge one if you share a lot of images or tend to create a lot of events.

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2 years ago

Skippable ads coming to YouTube mobile apps


Google announced today on its Mobile Ad Blog that the full TrueView ad experience will be coming to YouTube mobile apps in the same way that it has rolled out to desktop users. TrueView is Google's fancy way of saying that users can skip a pre-roll advertisement after a short period of time if they don't like it. This provides both a better ad experience to the end users who don't want to see terrible ads and better feedback to the companies buying ad placement on videos.

The post points out that implementation of TrueView is still in testing, but early indications are that it is having the same positive effects that were seen when it was implemented on the desktop. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you're starting to see skippable ads in your videos.

Source: Google Mobile Ad Blog

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