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Comscore has released their numbers for the period ending May 2011, and it's no surprise that Samsung and Android still lead the pack.  According to Comscore, smartphone adoption in the US has climbed by 11 percent to reach 76.8 million users, with 38.1 percent of those being Android smartphones -- up 5.1 percent from the last study.  Apple comes in second with 26.6 percent (a 1.4 percent increase) and RIM. Microsoft and Palm round out the bottom -- all showing a decline in adoption.

On the hardware front, Samsung is once again the OEM selling the most mobile devices in the US with a 24.8 percent market share.  The numbers across the board here are pretty flat, telling us that the 11 percent increase in smartphone adoption isn't favoring any one manufacturer over any other. 

While all this is interesting, don't let numbers get in the way when you find it's time for a new phone.  None of these platforms or manufacturers is going away any time soon, and this type of tight competition makes things better for you and I, driving innovation and value. 

Source: Comscore


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Comscore numbers from May are in; Android and Samsung still leading


I'm suprised, I would've thought HTC would be #1. However, Samsung does have the best hardware compared to other manufacturers.

Well its easy for Samsung to lead when they release the same crap from mom & pop stores to the big boys like Verizon etc. I've said it once ill say it again Sammy oversatrates the market

Well, you don't have to be a wiz kid to see what is happening here. We all can clearly see where Android's market share is coming from. Google is effectively killing RIM. People think Apple is losing this war, but they are keeping a steady pace. They have a rock solid fan base and that's not changing anytime soon. Meanwhile, people are throwing away their black berries and picking up android phones.


Those OEM numbers are for ALL MOBILE PHONES, not just Smartphones. So, the 11% increase in smartphones does not apply for this metric. Thats why you aer not seeing a significant growth or decline amongst OEMS. It includes all the dumb phone manufactures as well. Considering Apple only makes smart phones, they are doing pretty good holding their own as an OEM.

Re-read it. The 11% smartphone growth isn't spiking any one manufacturers sales numbers, so the new purchases are split across the board between the OEM's. I.E. people are throwing away their LG Chocolate or Rumor, and not all rushing out to buy any one brand of smartphone. The only OEM with growth or decline outside the 2% range would be HTC, whose numbers are too small to make the chart.

In a sense Apple is still losing the war. Holding still to the point your are just a niche can be a bad thing as well. Remember the hype around Apple was due to the iPhone looking like it was going to corner the market.

As for Android destroying RIM I'm glad someone else can see this because RIM and the iFools cannot. I commented on that open letter to RIM where the RIM exec talked about needing to be like Apple. I said thats the reason RIM is failing right there....they can't identify the source of their demise and whoa did the iFools jump all over me. Never mind all up until that point they'd happily tell you that Google was gaining at the expense of RIM and not Apple. But if you turn that around and point out that this means RIM defectors are choosing Android over iOS they have a complete fit. I never understood why they were proud of this fact all before. I see now its because they don't seem to understand what it is they are saying most of the time.

The most startling thing is the difference between RIM's subscription and hardware market share. If they're only selling 8.1% of new devices, they're doomed to be a niche product.

Android and Samsung are going to be leading for a while. What until these other bombs drop for smartphones in the coming months. I am suprised that as big and popular as apple is they only pulled in 1pt, pitiful. Google goes after Blackberry one victory and at the same time take apple's marketshare. Wow!! Destroying 2 birds with one OS named Android amazing.

People are tired of apple's same ole same ole. A new phone a new app every year playing catch up to the competition.One phone doesn't fit all.