comScore today released its latest MobiLens report, which shows that Samsung is maintaining its lead among mobile phone manufacturers, while Android is continuing to grow at the top of the mobile OS heap. The data, representing the total U.S. mobile phone marketshare for November, December and January, shows that Samsung, despite a tenth of a point drop from its October score, remains the number one manufactuer with 25.4% of the total marketshare. LG and Motorola also saw slight drops, down to 19.7% and 13.2% respectively. Apple, reaping the benefits of its iPhone 4S release, saw a 2% gain in the market, now maintaining a 12.8% share, while RIM stayed dead even with 6.6%.

Among all mobile operating systems, Android remains top dog with 48.6% of total marketshare, up 2.3% from the last quarter. Number two iOS also saw a gain with 29.5% of the market. RIM, Windows, and Symbian all saw losses, coming in at third, fourth, and fifth respectively.

Mobile content usage is up across the board, with 74.6% of all mobile phone owners using their device to text message. 48.6% of the market use apps on their device, while 48.5% use their device's mobile browser. Social networking, playing games, and listening to music are up as well at 35.7%, 31.8%, and 24.5% respectively. comScore's full report can be found at the source link.

Source: comScore


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comScore: Android building on its lead, Samsung still top manufacturer


Yes... Android for the "win"

And at the same time... Apple has nearly 1/3 of that chart... as a single company.

I doubt they're crying about it!

Google's software holds half the market... made possible by quite a few *other* companies who sell hardware.

"Android" is not just Google... it relies on one or more OEMs.

Apple is still a single company providing both hardware and software. That's what I was pointing out.

Sorry... the whole "Suck it Apple" comment really struck a nerve...

It really doesn't matter if there's one company or 10. They manufacture devices.....not the people to buy them. There's always going to be a certain number of people that will buy a smartphone and that number isn't influenced by how many models there are. All the multiple OEMs do on the Android side is split that share of interested people between them.

You really think apple makes everything themselves? Do some research and see who supplies their screen tech, and internals as well ... however, I do see where u are coming from. Either way, android is still on top, and that's all that matters to me. Die apple die!! Wow, sorry for that outburst of emotion, I blacked out for a second .... what happened? Where am I?! :-D

BTW: to all you crazy die hard apple fans getting your pitch forks ready, I was just kidding, no need to lose your heads over my comment.

Samsung by itself has a larger market share than Apple. Have fun not using Ubuntu or Onlive with your Apple and its closed off business model and brutal itunes

Exactly. It all depends on the perspective.

Apple and Google are enjoying their successes.

Samsung ruled 2011 no question they deserved their standinv based on the best devices on the market. 2012 will be the dame without question.

I wonder how much longer Nokia can keep going as a Windows Phone-only company? Microsoft can afford bankrolling failures like WP7 and BING.

When will someone question how Apple claims all of these record sales but barely gets a 1% change in share quarter after quarter? I mean every time Google releases activation numbers the naysayers question it yet they have the gains to show. Apples share has been flat. Or is Google just outpacing the overall market growth by that much. I'd love to see Android Central do a story explaining this.

I certainly don't think Apple is fudging their numbers.

Apple publishes them in their quarterly results. It's right there in the report and there are serious SEC violations if they lie.

Andy Rubin simply tweets about Android's activations... and I don't even know how to begin verifying that. I guess we have to take his word. :)

As for why doesn't Apple grow... the smartphone market itself is rapidly growing. That coupled with Android approaching a million phones a day is one reason why.

You've got 10 different companies selling Android phones... yeah, they're gonna outpace Apple and lead the rest of the industry.

not sure why you're being downranked, the chart above is as you say. It's representative of smartphone share, not smartphone growth.

The smartphone market isn't zero-sum yet, it's expanding, and iOS expands at a similar rate while Android expands faster. It will be interesting in a couple of years when everyone has a smartphone and market share growth is only possible when someone is losing sales. My prediction is that Android will cede a few percent to iOS then, who will in turn lose them to WP. In case WP vendors get their shit together earlier, iOS will not grab any share from Android but WP will.

It doesn't matter if the market isn't zero sum
Nor do multiple OEMs matter (see response above). The fact is that if you ship an astronomical amount of units you should see some growth unless Android is actually eating up a large chunk of the expanding market and most of Apples sales go to repeat buyers.

I believe that multiple OEMs matter because they compete amongst themselves and thus produce devices spanning all possible market segments. Yes, Android is grabbing the larger share of new smartphone buyers, but that is to a great degree low end devices (which, unfortunately, create an undeservedly low opinion about Android in some users who haven't tried the better devices). Apple doesn't sell only to repeat buyers, that wouldn't be possible as they sell more of each new iteration of the iPhone; iOS has in fact gained 1.4% of the ever expanding market, so there's nothing strange here.

Because it's just iPhone users buying new iPhones. That doesn't change the market share. New users or users defecting to another platform are what's going to affect market share, for any of the platforms, not just iOS.

It is NOT just iPhone users who buy iPhones.

Apple sells more and more iPhones every quarter... how is that possible if only the same people keep buying them?

Q1 2010 Apple sold 8.7 million iPhones

(wait 2 years for a normal cell phone contract)

Q1 2012 Apple sold 37.04 million iPhones

Clearly Apple has picked up a few new customers in that time... it's not just the same people buying iPhones over and over...

They will mention how Apple is doing great considering the iPhone is only available on (3) carriers.

(used to be "only 1" then "only 2")

android is awesome, too bad the tablets aren't as good. I think the high end phones blow the iphone out of the water but in the tablet market I guess we will see the new ipad today to see if android will keep up with the 3rd gen ipad.

Current Android tablets are better than iPad 2, but guess what, I still won't buy any of them. They should do as much as laptops for the same price, and then they'll become mainstream. As to the iPad3, HD screen, meh... there's no content to make use of 3MP screens, the web isn't optimised for it, I frankly don't see the point (both literally and figuratively).

Huh? Android Tablets destroy Ipads. You really think a low resolution 4:3 ratio squarepad is better than a Galaxy Tab or Transformer? Seriously? LOL

In apps the ipad destroys Android.

There really is on comparison.

Now if thats not your main concern, one could find benefits of android tablets over the ipad of course.

You realize Apple sells more and more iPhones every quarter, right?

It's NOT just the same people buying iPhones over and over...