Comcast Android apps

Here's an update on where we stand on Comcast's rollout of its Android applications, and unfortunately we're the bearers of bad news. Looks like the Xfinity TV app (see our initial look here) has been delayed a couple months to January. The good news is that the basic Comcast mobile app is on track for Nov. 30. But those of you waiting on the official Xfinity goodness are going to have to wait a bit longer. Sorry, folks. Submitted via the official Android Central App.


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Comcast's Xfinity app for Android delayed until January 2011


Lame, way to get our hopes up... I guess the basic one will have to hold me over til January.

Hopefully they pushed it back to include more features!! :)

BOOOO HISSSSS! Comcast must be in cahoots with VZW/Samsung since it appears the Fascinate Froyo update (alleged) appears to be delayed until early next year as well.

oh well.

sure is interesting how Apple devices get theirs earlier. I wonder what REALLY drives that timing?

And am I reading the above right? They're gonna roll out the Comcast mobile app on 12/3 and then change the name to XFINITY a few days later?

uh, ok.

That's Comcast for you. Always a disappointment from them no matter what it is. I hate them but they're the only internet provider out in the boonies where I live.

ditto. monopoly = bad customer service. it would be really nice in the year 2010 to have a choice when it comes to who provides your internet service.

I'd like to know this too. What's the difference between the two apps? Does the Comcast app allow for the tv guide and DVR controls?

If it's like Comcast's cable and broadband service, it'll only work 30-40% of the time, anyway.

I would not be a happy camper if I had Comcast and would have switched to DISH Network already. I switched to DISH when I started working for them and I've had the ability to stream all my live programming and recorded DVR's onto my Android for a while now. I have a Sling Adapter at home so I don't have to be on the couch to still enjoy all the programming I'm already paying for. Why wait when you can already get these great features and more on your Android?