Although the XFinity Mobile app was released quite some time ago, that doesn't mean Comcast is done with its Android offerings. The latest addition, XFinity TV, is now available in the Android Market and has some changes over the XFinity Mobile app. Most notably, the new app works as a DVR remote rather then just a scheduling tool for your DVR selections.

Take note though -- neither the Samsung Nexus S nor Android 2.3 are compatible with the app. So if you're using an Android 2.3-based device or possibly even a ROM built off of Android 2.3, you can pretty much count this one out. As I was advised by Jerry to tell you all that he still can't use it, and for that he wants to beat someone until his arms are tired. Neck beards get no love, I tell ya -- none at all. Download after the break folks. Thanks, Mark for sending this in.


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Comcast releases XFinity TV app to the Android Market


So can we watch whats on our dvr with our phones with this one or is that still in the works? I remember hearing about that as one of the features they were working on, and I know they offer it on iOS. Code worked great btw.

Well I followed the link on my laptop browser and went to install it from the website but it is telling me that the app isn't compatible with my EVO. Again, bummmmmmmer :(

Lame app. If you live in certain places and have certain DVRs, this app lets you program your DVR from your phone. And that's all. If you don't live in those places or have those DVRs, this app lets you browse channel listings.

Sigh. I can't downgrade just for this app. I guess I'll have to wait. My G2 is running too smoothly and awesome to go back now.

got it running but it seems to only change the channel. I can't figure out how to record a show using the app...

Tap the show. Then choose watch or record. If you have more than one dvr you can even choose which one to record on.

When I tap the show, the only option that pops up is to "Watch Channel" There is no option to record it. :-(

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I installed it and attempted to run it, BUT!

"Sorry, but this device does not have the amount of memory required to run this application. Please go to the Android Market for more information."

From the Android Market;
- Xfinity TV app currently supports devices that allow more than a 16MB memory limit on applications and will automatically detect the required memory. This includes most devices. However, the AT&T HTC Aria is a notable exception and is not compatible.

Well, I don't know what sucks more, Xfinity (aka Comcast) or Android's fragmentation...

BTW, this was on my Sprint HTC Hero.

So what's the deal with two mobile apps that seemingly do the same thing? Is there a reason to have the older mobile app now?

My DVR is supposedly supported but I do not get the Record option. Deleting for now.

Edit - before deleting I decided to sign out and sign back into the app and that fixed the issue. I can now record.

Works great on my Fascinate (running poor ol' 2.1), the only thing is the MyDVR Manager launches the web browser, instead of being built-in like the other Comcast app... which is dumb, since the web page then tells me my browser isn't supported.

I got tired of waiting on comcast in my area to upgrade everything. We cannot even setup recordings online yet, let alone watch live or recorded shows. the app was just a darn tv guide listing for us. I just switched to Dish Network, more channels, better dvr's, way way better dv'rs, much more capacity HD's and better quality hd signal. Even in the nastiest weather I have not lost signal, Im amazed. Comcast says it is about 1 year away from implementing record from my phone, 1.5 years from watching live or recorded shows, and they have promised us this stuff for 3 years now already. Comcast is just a slow lumbering dinosaur. I watch anything, in hd or sd live or recorded or even on demand with sling loaded dvr on 3g or wifi, works perfect.

Seems like comcast is always a day late and a dollar short

I wish they would hurry up with adding VOD on the phone. If Android is going to compete, they need to start forcing these companies to speed up the process. I want to watch tv on my phone. Evo 4g

I have been using my Android with the Sling Adapter, and I love it! Being a DISH employee I knew that it would before I purchased it, and it's great. With other major companies you wont be able to get anything similar to it.

The QR code is not working for me either, nor can I find it in the market on my device. The web market link is working, but it's telling me that the app is incompatible with the Droid X??? Has anyone else with a DX been able to install?

I have been attempting to get Comcast's xfinity TV app to work on my Samsung Galaxy Tab for weeks.
The Comcast escalation engineer and I have concluded that Comcast's Xfinity TV app for the Andoid, Will NOT WORK ON THE SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB.
When logging in to Xfinity/Comcast, an unexplained error, occurs. The Comcast engineer explains it as the Comcast server rejecting the "Froyo", Samsung Galaxy Tab as an invalid device.
If Comcast is your Cable provider, HBOGO, also will not work on the Galaxy Tab as well.
You can download the App, from the Android Marketplace, you can see Comcast's CEO using it, while he was announcing Comcast and Samsung working together to combine efforts on the Galaxy Tab.
Comcast is simply a predatory monopoly whose focus is on lobbying Congress, the FCC and Congress.

Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1010 Froyo

For posters, PLEASE post the device you are using as well as the Os version.
* Even though the Xfinity(Comcast) app was introduced with Samsung and demoed by Comcast CEO Roberts on a Samsung Galaxy Tab, the AP Comcast doesn't support it on the same! Samsung Galaxy Tab or other Samsung mobiles.
This App is ONLY FOR Comcast subscribers, therefore not designed for ANY dish users.
Does the Xfinity App work for ANY Samsung devices you are aware of?