ColorSnap for Android

Sherwin-Williams has released its ColorSnap app for Android, and suddenly I can’t remember how I lived life without it. For someone who’s colorblind like me, the app is a downright miracle and for normal sighted folk, it’s still pretty darn useful. The concept is simple and works like a charm: snap a picture of just about anything, or use photos already in your gallery, and ColorSnap will analyze the selected portion of the pic and match it to one of their millions of paint colors. Have a portrait you want to match your walls to? Snap it and the app will get you to Sherwin-Williams’ closest matching color. Admitted, I’ll never know exactly what the heck “Quixotic Plum” is, but at least now I know it’s what I used in my 2nd grade art project. Now if only I had ColorSnap that time I accidentally painted my walls "Barney purple"… Hit the break to grab Colorsnap for free from the Android Market.

Source: Sherwin-Williams


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ColorSnap makes painting your house a whole lot simpler


So I wonder how accurate this thing is?

If you shoot a wall painted with Sherwin Williams “Quixotic Plum” what are the chances of it correctly identifying the color as exactly that under various lighting conditions?

If that works, please, don't anyone tell my wife about this app. The colors that she just HAD to HAVE last year are this year's "hideous choice" (and it does me no good to point out who chose them).

I am a photographer and have not used the app, but I understand mostly how it works.

This will probably work most accurately if your white balance is set on your camera correctly and under the correct light source. I'm not sure what the "correct light source" would be, but you definitely want to set your white balance so grey is grey and white is white. This should give you the most accurate colors.

You can notice this most when you take a picture under street lamps at night...everything is orange, and few cameras let you change the white balance (so low) to the point that colors are accurate. (Hope this is understandable).

No love for the tip Androidcentral? Source "Sherwin Williams" my butt ;-) Been emailing those guys for over 2 years to get this app on another platform except iPhone (BlackBerry was second, are you kidding?)
Ok, enough whining! Here's my experience with this thing:
There is a disclaimer on the app that lets you know that each 'match' will vary depending on light, camera settings and device used. So far, its been damn close every time. You shouldn't plan on utilizing it as a "I need an exact match" app (this would never work as you have to have the pigments flawless for a perfect match), but more of a color guide. The bonus is having the entire Sherwin fan deck in your pocket as well as the feature that suggests complimentary colors based on those you select. Best recommendation is to use natural light if and when possible for a really good color match (artificial light changes the hue of colors). Happy matching!

dude, ones made now called 'House Painter'. looks like im a little late with my reply. but yeah for android and free.

Theres a new much better app called 'House Painter' that virtually paints your walls and auto-calibrates colours. You don't even need to goof with edges of objects or anything. Its not even restricted to a specific paint shop. Its so real looking its scary.