Many of us rely on CNET for the latest and greatest when it comes to a wide variety of news in our daily life (except for Android news, right?). Whether looking for tech articles, seeking money advice, or just reading about the happenings of the world that day, CNET is a great one stop shop for all of this. They have released a clone of their iOS application, which contains a ton of features for users. Within the application you are able to read articles on a full screen, search using their optimized mobile search as well as tweet links to your favorite articles instantly. If your an avid CNET reader and you were using their mobile site, it's definitely time to hop in the market and download this free application. Download links available after the jump. [via CNET News]


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CNET releases Android twin of iOS application


A little? What sane or objective reviewer could give the iPhone 4 4.5/5 stars? There is no way that is a fair rating. I mean, an 8/10 in performance? a 9/10 in ergonomics? That is terrible in my opinion. /applerant

Actually I find them pretty hard on Apple. Or everyone for that matter. Especially some of their main podcast (Buzz Out Loud for instance). They're pretty good about calling out anyone on their BS.

They've gotten a little better now that some of their staff use devices other than iPhones. They're bleeding talent,'s not looking good.

Lets be fare. They are all bad. C|Net, Engadget, Gizmodo, etc. The reason is simple they hire contributers who are totally biased.

I agree. Everytime I go to, there is always an Apple product right there on the front page. (Not to mention that they completely redid their cell phone section of the site when the iPhone 4 wasn't on the "Most Viewed" anymore. hmmmm)

They are still not as bad as Engadget by deleting anti-Apple comments in their product reviews. It happened to me yesterday. They deleted two of my comments.

I'm sick of those stupid Blackberry messenger commercials in the podcasts. If it doesn't stop soon they are getting cut from my RSS feed.

I'm sort of sick of having a different "app" for every mobile site on the WWW. I wish sites would just focus on creating an excellent mobile site and hype *it* rather than the "app" (this is all Apple's fault! ;) ). Then, I wouldn't have to maintain a retarded app installation on my phone to view their content.

Hopefully stuff like HTML5 will fix this cr*p.

Unfortunately no it doesn't appear that you can. Which is unfortunate considering 90% of what I use CNET for is podcast.

It appears to still be a solid app though.

I listen to the Buzz Out Loud podcast daily using the CNET Audio app. So yeah, I like CNET.
I don't think their biased. Molly & Company say it as it is.

It has nothing to do with Cnet and maybe it's just me but...I'm not a fan of the trend of smartphone apps that primarily point you at a website's rss feed. Engadget, Cnet, and Mashable have them and I'm sure there are others that I am unaware of. The company would be way better served making a robust, slick web-app that is optimized for mobile. Then they would only need to maintain one web-app that would work on all smartphones.

Oh, and I like TNT better than BOL as it became too corny for my taste.

Yes, this is pretty much exactly what I was getting at above. I'm sick of "apps" that are basically a glorified site-specific www/rss interface.

I agree, I am tired of seeing "apps" for websites. Just fix your website so I dont have to load some app to see a website