There are seven days in a week. No so coincidentally, we've got seven brand-new Chromecasts just sitting here, waiting for good homes. And we also have the Netflix three-month-free discount codes that go with them.

So, yeah. Let's give 'em away. One a day, actually, starting now. This one's open to anyone and everyone. Just leave a comment on this post through midnight Pacific time tonight. We'll pick a winner first thing Monday morning and contact 'em by e-mail.

And while you're at it, be sure to swing by our Chromecast forums, and be on the lookout for our full take on Chromecast in the next couple days.

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kicko says:

I need this

Wullie32 says:

I'd love one!

Im in on that

Tbciic says:

How long before this hooks into xbmc? This looks awesome. I'd love to give it a run

xucardsfan08 says:

Me please! I just want to be able to watch HBO Go on my big screen!

DJeremyC says:

Nice...sign me Google products!

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cozzy123 says:

Your giveaways always make me excited, but I never win them ahha!

Mine, Mine, Mine...

tnstatc says:

I'm in. Would love one of these. Hooking up the laptop to the back of the TV is a PITA.

Kevhill2000 says:

I would love to fry this out. Please pick me

Comineeyeaha says:

I would just buy one, and I probably will in a couple weeks, but these having the Netflix key is enough for me to get excited.

nnhs says:

Yes, please.

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aznturtle says:

I want to win!

Awesome giveaway guys.

Pick meeee!! :)

ricardosl says:

I gotta get me one of these.

DevMan#AC says:

Always great to try out new tech!

ingeniumed says:

Chromecast me up Scotty ;)

Would love to get one!

I want this so badly

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Art Ramirez says:

Thanks for the chance to win this AC! ANDROIDCENTRAL FTW!!

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der_sponge says:

luck of the Irish. please pick me

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Dissident26 says:

Send me one to UK.

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warrenis1234 says:


Saw Hkio says:

Please count me in, would like to get Chromecast.

Nice device at a nice price, would really like to have one!

uh60james says:

I'm in, this would beat plugging my laptop into my tv all the time.

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jasackerman says:

I'm in... Let's do this.

boolero says:

Give me one, you will

juanls says:

A streaming stick would be great!!

eric.atx says:

I'd love to have one of these. I missed out on the Netflix codes.

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dizbstretch says:


I'm in, send me one please.

pick me!

Casting call! I want to be a part of it!

HellRa1SeR says:

Thats gonna bling up my tv.!

niddup says:

Yes, please.

Gmantle22 says:

You can definitely pick me!

Lord Vesra says:

So many pages of comments already, not feeling to lucky. But it's so worth the chance.

i want to win

Please pick my name :D

jacinto1234 says:


Derek1267 says:


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bdtnrp says:

Pick me! Pick me!

nuclearmoose says:

This is very generous of you guys. Android Central is THE place to go if you want to know the latest in Android. Well done, guys and gals!

eharty says:

I'd love to have one of these!!!

Darnell0216 says:

I'd love one!

Westfire says:

Woot! Way to "cast" a giveaway!

milkzore says:

I want one so bad :(

mouseglider says:

Include me in on this! :-)

Yes please... Lovely piece of tech

Buffalo says:

I'm in!

coolbreeze78 says:

Sure thing. I'll take one!

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3pcssuits says:

Seeing as I have neither cable or netflix this would be a welcome addition to me home.


Sammy Kumar says:

Y'all thirsty....that being said I'm in

BlackHawkA4 says:

Kinda wanted one. Good on the fly Netflix and stuff.

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jimj21 says:

Thanks for the opportunity

blevinsdave says:

I never win, but this would be a wonderful 1st.

treogables says:

A Chromecast for you, A Chromecast for me, I like to watch Chromecast on my TV ...

melcher70 says:

I want one too!

Thank you! If not tomorrow, maybe the next day orthe other 5 days. Thanks!

Mark Delfs says:

Thanks and I would love to win the Chromecast!

RPh59 says:

Thanks for this, I'm in.

joenun40 says:

I want one

bradbogy says:

Thank you Android Central! I would love one of these!

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This will convince the wife to install Netflix on her phone again

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fifarunnerr says:

I' d like one :D

kaboomaboom says:

Pick me please!

grtros says:

count me in!

djevrek says:

Gimme just one :)

rsolid says:

I can't wait to use it. Thanks!

suv32002 says:

So want one of these

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bdmridgback says:

I ordered one but could use another!

eXodi4 says:

Count me in!

gay bolante says:

Awesome, can't wait try the device.

Veridor says:

Yet another awesome Android Central giveaway. You guys rock! #houseneckbeard

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Lenin Genao says:

Hope I win. I never win. Im in

oli3600 says:

I'm in :-)

Would definitely be a nice new toy

marcus.plans says:

I'd love to have one of these. The TV in my bedroom hasn't been used since I moved into this apartment since I don't subscribe to cable and I have both my Xbox and PC connected to my living room TV.

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johnboy33 says:

In for it!

Would definitely be a nice new toy

mobilejohn says:

I'm in!

27lua says:

*flutters eyelashes*

Rusty M says:

Yes, pleaz.

dougster123 says:

Love my AC! You guys are always on it. TY.

xkwwwx says:

This would really make a great treat for the whole family we often sit around the TV trying to share what's on our devices this would be really cool and fun for us please send one my way keep up the excellent reporting you guys are my number one on feedly!

bluefirex says:

I am so in! :)

tonyeye says:

You can't beat the price on these things. Hopefully soon I will get my hands on one.

Cool beans

stpark6985 says:

Looks like Google might have finally figured out TV! I could use another one for a multiroom setup!

THARD says:


Connert says:

Awesome, I would love to win one of these.

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jake pape says:

Appreciate all the giveaways you guys do, thank you!

Chromecast is one of the simplest devices that do a lot . if am lucky enough , then I will get one from you as I don't know when it will be available in France . Thanks in any case and keep the good work

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cnarchet says:

AC is always giving away the best products available! awesome way to take care of their subscribers!
hope i'm one of the lucky ones!

thardekopf says:

as a Canadian with the inability to buy one at the regular price, I would definitely appreciate winning one

i really need one; my bluray player sucks.

Chris Brown9 says:

I would love to win the chromecast!!

ThePapaPat says:

Sweedish, like the fish!

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Pick me

jedifire11 says:

Would love to get a Chromecast, please AC?

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hengesj2 says:

Comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment

athensjohn says:

Thanks for the contest and please keep up the good work.

Ed Ingram says:

Yoink. I'll take that.

Sean473 says:

Me Me Me! Would be epic to get one!

I want one!

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konradc says:

I'd like to test one out please. Thanks Phil! :)

wirelessbk says:

My wife is excited, and that's a good thing!

facedown41 says:

Google finally made somethin inexpensive that I really want besides a phone, YAY!

sujivet says:

Nice... Keep up your good work, guys.

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My oh my! I would be thrilled to win one!

jim duarte says:

Definitely worth trying the chromecast. Think it's going to be awesome

Jason Kehoe says:

This looks great

meneff says:

You all rock!! I would love one of these!

rballen85 says:

Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

skatejake says:

I'd love one!! Thanks for doing this, you guys rock.

nitrusoxide says:


manny1710 says:

Pick me luv to try it out on my HTC one,,,,,,

Gekko says:

hey now!

This would be an awesome thing to have!

abcdavidefg says:

I really really want a chromecast.

Jwilson1179 says:

I would love one for my bedroom TV!

Let's do this

Really need to see my youtube subscriptions on the big screen!

Sounds great, fingers crossed.


poleyg says:

Me please! Living in Spain and I doubt we'll be able to buy them this side of November...

bubbad3 says:

Very nice!

zhecht says:

Count me in! I was 6 minutes late at Amazon.

Greg50000 says:

Just downloaded the App and am very impressed. Would love to be one of the first to fondle that dongle over here in the UK.

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seagood3 says:

I'm in

monkybarrel says:

Really enjoy your products! Would love to have one of these as I head to college!

Sweetm24 says:

I'm in

trevx says:

Please pick me so I can spend endless amount of hours watching House of Cards, The News Room, The Walking Dead,30 Rock and all the other best television shows on my TV so effortlessly!

Thanks AC,

- Trev.


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maynardwv says:

I waited to long to order before they sold out. This is my chance.

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Fingers Crossed :DD

Just ordered a nexus 7 and this would go great with it!

Imnutsnj says:

Thanks Android Central

Sent from my HTC DROID DNA using the "NEW" Android Central App

Jeekin Lau says:

Me me me I want one

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I'd like to enter. Thank you.

solarus says:

Another chance to win some stuff, you guys are too kind. :-)

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Please pick me :)

kave2 says:

I would love to have one, fingers crossed. Thank you Android Central.

Nexusmaniac says:

I would love to win one :) the UK doesn't have them yet :(

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Zooks64 says:

Oooh, I would love to have one of those!

Quickstaz says:

Oh the love I could cast around my house with this baby. Why, I could be King of the Cast!

I wish to win one of these. Thanks!

jordanj23 says:

Phil with a name like that you should be a golfer.

Provancher87 says:

Please, Pretty.

dogblade03 says:

This. The key to my home entertainment.

Harvester01 says:

Oh yes please!

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Fillerup says:


damirp says:

Count me in!!!! :D

This is a direct stab at Apple! Awesome product at 1/3 of the price of apple tv. Absolutely amazing, I am definitely in!

Bobhfx says:

im in ,thanks for the chance.

Provancher87 says:


asmodeus5 says:

Wanted one on day one...count me in....

Noob#AC says:

Yes please

Count me in!

I'm in... Free Chrome!

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stearic says:

Hell I'm in also. Sounds like am interesting new toy.

junglejunkie says:

One step closer to firing my cable company!

maximas_mw says:

I registered just for one:)))

Craig Fay says:

Is this international?

SephDK says:

I would like one of those, please...

I would be SHOCKED if I could win anything. I don't think my luck is

killa2dahead says:

these chromecast things sound so cool too

mabr82 says:

Gimmie gimmie gimmie. Never see any UK winners. Maybe change is afoot

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vic_singh says:

I would love this for my dad, he watch world news all day and don't know how connect to tv via HDMI cause the computer doesn't auto I can't ship to Canada.

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Armeniandave says:

Would love to try this out! Looks really cool.

Sturm Rider says:

This would be a great addition to our regular antenna. We might actually be able to watch some TV:)

Let's do this! I'm IN!

I'm feeling Lucky... I could relly give one of these a good home.

Alexpekh says:

ChromeKey for me!! please!

dragonsofcp says:

Yes, please! :-)

fuddster says:

I'd love one, thanks!

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I want one!

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pjpuello says:

Pick me!

Quinny898 says:

Entry for Sunday here :)

johnatthebar says:

I'd love to get ahold of one before they go back in stock sometime late Septembuary. I wonder if Phil will have Chromecast units in a bowl next to his door on Halloween.

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canclan says:

Thank you for the opportunity to win! I tried to buy one right after they were announced for sale, but no love for Canada!

phattysalz says:

Count me in!

jrephoto_op says:

I ordered one from Amazon-will probably get it, so I'm in.

Koushik PSR says:

Me pls. Although I have already ordered one, I could do with another one for the bed room :).

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zakth says:

I would love to be included in this giveaway.

Brad Moss says:

Please please please pick me

raicha83 says:

pick me.

Me please!

jthom says:

Yes please!

Eric Leone says:

Thanks for another great give-away!

It would be great if my luck brought me a cool Chromecast...!

fordcom says:

Need one badly asap please....

yocubed says:

Oh sweet, Love your guys awesome giveaways!!!

Cosmosis1 says:

My TV is really jonesing for a Chromecast! Hope I win.

I Be Zachh says:

Please. So... many... contests...

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jeffreykime says:

Would love to win one.

mythosnemo says:

It needs USB power?...;-)

lin64 says:

I'll be the happiest woman in the world if u tell me I've won!!!

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mit7200 says:

That's awesome. You guys rock

Posted via Android Central App

I want it! Good luck to all

I hope I win!

DeusInnomen says:

Yes please. :)

bdiehl5 says:

Also, you guys rule.

tcai534 says:

You guys are the best. Count me in!

Audy Peoples says:

you guys are the best!

aaronwe says:

Yes please.

PerfectDB says:

Pretty please?

kbo says:

I want one!

Hobiebc says:

I'd really like to get one. Thanks for all you do.

Adam Burr says:

It would be fantastic to win this!

redstar427 says:


gutt3 says:

yay! pick me!

2Droids says:

Wow thanks for the contest!

lestat832 says:

Let's make it happen.

grydlok says:


I got to get the cast

egernant says:

Thanks for running the contest - I'm in.

crono7 says:

Yayy, you guys are awesome

I want one

Aiman Jajo says:

I want one pleaseeeeeeeee

JoeyStyles says:

Please count me in and pick me :-)

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sjpaul says:

Good luck to all! Perfect device for a college student. Wink. Thanks for the great contests, AC!

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rlorenz89 says:

I'd love one!

Excellent contest folks!

trusteelfan says:

Here's my 1 in 10000 shot

jeffsanace says:

Would love one, thanks for the opportunity.

Oh please, I want one!!

x5denali says:

This would be like Christmas in July!!!!

frozndevl says:


jrw says:

Oh Yeah, I'm down for one.

randall2580 says:

How cool to be an Android fan who reads this site and has the chance for endless swag!

AC Rocks

deterrent says:

SOS, I need one

cfadell89 says:

One please!

Another reason to love AndroidCentral.

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Setonaikai says:

Wonder where this will fit into current media life, uncle traveling mac needs to "Iron Man 2" tvs in hotels and presentations with this thing.

jtwebfusion says:

With this many comments, I have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than winning. Good times...

johnp888 says:

Gimme one! Thanks Phil!

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mawilson82 says:


You've got to be kidding me, That's a pretty amazing thing your doing Android Central I'm in

jwilliams says:

I'm in for one!

Chrome cast for me!!

Redchong says:

Pick me! :D

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special_k says:

I would so shove that deep into my TV's HDMI.

abtxpress says:

Woot! I want one!!!

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tcmeiss says:

Put me down for one! :-)

Posted via Android Central App

I would love to get one of these, hook me up

rebus66 says:

Hellz yes

Wohoo would love one here in the UK.

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alias3800 says:


GLK357 says:

I'll take one

Posted via Android Central App

mr.holtz says:

Yes please

Posted via Android Central App

CMDann says:

These are the hardest things to find. I'm in.

DudeMG says:

I'd love one!!! thanks!

mhp8686 says:

I need one please

aalanzr says:

I want it ! =D

I'd love one too. Thanks AC.

rickms80 says:

Yes please!!!!

Posted via Android Central App

Stig Nygaard says:

Just give it to me. Thanks :-)

Another day, another great Android Central give away... Thanks guys!

ricky999 says:

Count me in. Would love to have one.

Posted via Android Central App

dhartman82 says:

Gimme gimme!

Posted via Android Central App

drepope100 says:

Since I've been a long time member of AC and never won, I think its about time to cash in! (Fingers crossed). :)

NeuroKinetix says:

I've never won anything before. This would be the perfect way to start!

Yes please!

tkruijer says:

Epic gadget! I'm in!!

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shamu11 says:

Help this college kid out! Pick me please, thanks!

geegee#AC says:

Thanks for giving us the chance to win one of these!

cjant says:

For $35 I will buy one. But winning stuff is always cool. Thanks

rxvader says:

Want please!

Posted via Android Central App

Panther353 says:

Looking forward to giving one of these a spin.

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Dave Sloboda says:

I'll take one off your hands!

Gspot82 says:

You rock Phil! I would love one of these!

aerajan says:

Chromecast seems really cool and I would love winning this from Android Central.

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puch96 says:

I would love to have one....

Posted via Android Central App

rfs830 says:

This would be nice to have.

Pick me! Let me win something for once!

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aceny516 says:

I hope it's me

mazzmoney95 says:

I would love a chromecast. I don't wanna wait until Google gets them back in stock.

mdholgate says:

I need a Chrome cast!

xFrozen says:


Hook up a chromie

Posted via Android Central App

lmmillard says:

YOU'RE SOOOOOO AWESOME! There, can I have it now? ↖(^ω^)↗

Sent from my awesome (2012) Nexus 7 via Android Central App

Chromecast would be the perfect addition to my room. Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

I want these things so much!

Posted via Android Central App

Darrel3000 says:

whats all the fuss about anyway?

hey Nick,
just fyi, it sucks to have to scroll all the way down to post a comment. would you put the comment box right below the article. please, pretty please, with a f*$*^#*& cherry on top.
thank you, in advance, for your favourable consideration.

MalachyNG says:

I would love one... And free Netflix

Posted via Android Central App

ookbandito says:

I'm in

MalachyNG says:

I would love one... And free Netflix

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njd915 says:

Quick come up!!

D3lusionz says:

Make my Google induced dreams come true!!

thoughthalo says:

Can I have one please :)

islanderbaw says:

So want one....luv it.

spk4life says:

I'd like one please!!!

Manu Chan says:

I want one ;p

bnpoteet94 says:

I'm here

lewanuva30 says:

I want one!

markyoung04 says:

All in

BigSK225 says:

I'd love to have one, please! Good luck, everyone....

classicdom says:

Can't wait.

Binh Vu1 says:

I think this is a scam. Chromcast has sold out days ago.