There are seven days in a week. No so coincidentally, we've got seven brand-new Chromecasts just sitting here, waiting for good homes. And we also have the Netflix three-month-free discount codes that go with them.

So, yeah. Let's give 'em away. One a day, actually, starting now. This one's open to anyone and everyone. Just leave a comment on this post through midnight Pacific time tonight. We'll pick a winner first thing Monday morning and contact 'em by e-mail.

And while you're at it, be sure to swing by our Chromecast forums, and be on the lookout for our full take on Chromecast in the next couple days.


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Chromecast-a-day: We're giving away 7 of Google's hottest product



The specs say the chip includes bluetooth. Hopefully that means someday it could have Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support.

I'll take one, please! Tried to order when they first came out but was too late, on backorder for who knows how long.

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Naturally, I missed the extremely narrow window of commercial availability for these puppies. I even went to the local BestBuy and asked about the Chromecast. The response given (a thinly-veiled effort to shift me in the direction of AppleTV) only left me wanting to experience Chromecast even more. ;)

Pretty please, I won't even be able to buy one until Google deigns to release it in Australia!

Hey, I'll take one. Been thinking about buying one anyway, but if I can grab one for free, plus the free Netflix, why not?!? Thanks Android Central!!!

I'm astonished at the response. I hope most of these weren't sold out to hoarders or Ebay mark up people like the Nexus phones. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

Tried my neighborhood best buy, sells out too fast. I need chromecast

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A lot of good giveaways recently. Rather interested in the chromecast, want to get my hands on it to see how it fits in with my devices.

Yes please, oh to be one of the first in the UK to have one of these.....

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Considering all the places are starting to sell out, this might be my best chance at getting one. :)

Because this is the dongle the world deserves, but not the one it needs right now.
So, we'll buy it, because he can take it.
Because he's not our hero.
He's a silent guardian.
A watchful protector.
A Google Chromecast.

If I win this I will grow a Jerry Hildenbrand style neck-beard because all I will do is watch you tube on my t.v. I NEED A NECK-BEARD!!!

Yea, winning a contest like this would definitely cheer me up in anticipation of the Bar exam this Wed/Thurs.


Google is really stepping up there game with products like this.

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I'm in. I got a feeling I am finally going to win something this time. Winning stuff online for is just as hard as winning the lottery lol

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity right here, considering that these devices contain their Netflix codes. I'm so giddy right now!

This would make a nice addition to my mostly dumb tv but smart Google services! Thanks for the opportunity.

Who doesn't like something free? And since you can't seem to find these in stock anywhere I would love to get one.

I would have had one, but spent the last few days at the hospital with my dad instead. Now he has no gall bladder and I have no Chromecast. It's still a win.

Would really make my day. And it will come in handy when my son is born sometime in the next two weeks.

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I just adopted a brand new baby nexus 7 the other day and he's lonely so I'm in the market to adopt a chromecast to keep him company!

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Android Central is the best tech site on the web. I'd love to be a tester and write my results/opinion article for Your site.
And thank you for your give aways.

I can tell what the hot ticket is as my local Best Buy had 20 of the new N7s in stock but no Chromecast.

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I'd love to have one, but I'm more excited about what this means for the future of set top boxes. I can't wait for your full review.

Definitely want to try one! Thanks for being awesome, Android Central!

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Please pick me, I'll love you forever!
Oh wait, I already do! Your AC app and widget already won me over!

Can't beat free. I have an order placed for one through Amazon already, but you never know, I might get lucky.

Thanks for the opportunity and all the news you bring us! I'd love a new Chromecast plugged into my TV too :)

Hey! Hey! I could make use of a chromeski!

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So as everyone doesn't know already, I would love to add this to my collection! By the way, thanks for all the info. Being a somewhat beginner to Android modding and customization, this site helps me tons!