There are seven days in a week. No so coincidentally, we've got seven brand-new Chromecasts just sitting here, waiting for good homes. And we also have the Netflix three-month-free discount codes that go with them.

So, yeah. Let's give 'em away. One a day, actually, starting now. This one's open to anyone and everyone. Just leave a comment on this post through midnight Pacific time tonight. We'll pick a winner first thing Monday morning and contact 'em by e-mail.

And while you're at it, be sure to swing by our Chromecast forums, and be on the lookout for our full take on Chromecast in the next couple days.

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colusy says:

Great! I wanna be one of the lucky one.

Mytwuk says:

This would be so cool!

MidMoMonkey says:

I hear voices.

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WayneLee says:

Great giveaways!!.i definitely like to be in the run for 1 of them.
I'm in.

necorbin says:

Pick me!

Heybisco says:

Thanks so much for the opportunity.

krim says:


anshawnga says:

Awesome giveaway!

Virgil52 says:

Thanks AC for all of your freebies! Not entirely the reason I check your site 5 times a day, that's because I'm bored. =)

kira5235 says:

Pick me, God knows when it will come to Canada...

Jeremy Cheng says:

I have no idea whether it's past midnight yet, but there's no harm in trying :)

I want in

j.howe3887 says:

This would be very convenient....!

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gbinma says:

Pick me please

I would love one to play around with.

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stoyboi says:

This is awesome, I hope I win :)

lne1 says:

I want Chromecast and Nexus 7.

G-nut says:

Gotta have one of these!
I was on vacation (right down the street from the press event) and didn't see the info about this little jewel until it was damn near impossible to get one. I just can't wait the 3-4 weeks now showing....

Nice. Hope you pick me.

joe.kent says:

I want new GooGle GooDies!!!

RamoneLy says:

im lost without you!

bgmikejr2010 says:

I want one :D

anon5699530 says:

Oh, Android Central <3.

I've been waiting for you guys to do a giveaway! There's no way for me to get my hands on one of these in Canada, and I really want to give one a try and play around with it.

Please, choose me! :D

trenton_5 says:

I'm in it to win it....

kjyc says:


jimmylee123 says:

I'm in!

Skeletronix says:

Random number generator, hear my call!!!

initial_dna says:

I'm in, worth a shot hehe

Broncho says:

I'm not convinced this would be that useful to me because most of the functions are available as apps on my TV, but for free I'll give it a shot.

jpolous says:

I really could use one of these....

lowdwn169 says:

Have one on my wishlist on maybe get one here this week :)

vineds says:

I'd love to have one.

KrsWon says:

I would love a Chromecast! This would be a great present from Android Central for my birthday (2 more weeks) ☺
I don't have a laptop,but I'm sure I could make use out of it from the apps.

reelon says:

Ok, What is the probability of getting the Chromecast??? Either way. Pick me, pick me!!

I'd definitely be down for a chromecast.

fitzge10 says:


mitsueks says:

Nice little piece of tech

pseudoelf says:

I'd love to play with one. Please Everett me into the contest.

Thank you

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brintonjay says:

Awesomeness on a stick!

Tony Julius says:

I'm hoping this is how you enter

dmandel#WN says:

Thanks for offering. You get to play with all the toys.

bedhan says:

Would love one especially with free Netflix!

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Pick me!

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vermeire says:

In for this one too.

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lazerack says:

I'm in. Tried getting one at Best Buy when I picked up my Nexus 7, but they were out (big surprise).

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bdonical says:

More Chromecasts please

SSherris says:

Do we post on this article each day or will there be a new one?

Aearthr Gaia says:

I will try my luck!

yehoni says:

AC rocks! I love these contests.

licotto says:

heck yeah!
hit me up with one! !

hisownhero says:

Please pick me. Thanks guys!

I'd love to tinker around w/ the Chromecast :) Looks like a fun device. PICK ME!! please

I'll take one!

Vash TS says:

I'm so in. Been watching this. I need one

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fs8gbe says:

That's cool!

Hey guys I would like to win one. Thanks!

zrxoa1 says:

Ready to send mine to me? LOL, I sure appreciate all you folks do for us!

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jzver says:

Thank You !! I would like to win one

Fingers crossed! Thanks, Phil.

jean15paul says:


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erodrigz1 says:

Android Central Rules!

albertxnyc says:

It'd be great if I won.

lou2cool88 says:

Good luck everyone! Hope I win!

kb1212 says:

I want one :)

underwarez says:

Give it to me

Heck yeah

Balsta says:

Yes please

OH HELL YEAH! Cast me dog.

Wicell says:

5711 comments and more to come, it makes you wonder if they ever read them all our just have a random drawing. Hope I get picked!

mistytee says:

Hello Android Central! I would love to own a Chromecast. Thanks.

CardFan#AC says:

I want one!

mikeski23 says:

It's got to be better than my stupid Samsung Smart TV.

im in!

scott983 says:

Pick me!

raptordj says:

That's for me.

adamcress says:


King Mob says:


xderiwx says:

Count me in!

saphrimangel says:

Count me in.

Another reason we dont need cable boxes anymore. This will just add to my list.

j.smilie says:


tek.1231 says:

This would be a great way to turn around what I already know will be a chappy Monday as always!

Jeff Solheim says:

Oooh Oooh!! me me me!!

dcosta43 says:

Best android site hands down

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ffblackie says:

Must have Chromecast... Thanks for giving rewards to your loyal readers!

killerxmic says:

Would love to try one of these!! Pick me! Gl all

MX5_Toronto says:

Please pick me! Not yet available in Canada and can't wait to try it!

bakerbert says:

you guys are awesome.

guino says:


Daspoo says:

Go go gadget Chromecast! Thx for the contest!

area52 says:

Id love to win one of these! Thanks ac for the great contests!

Teejai80 says:

Chromecast me :)

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krnmakuhl2 says:

Please let it be me!

kkdog3 says:

If it's free it's me! Good luck to all.

cotten516 says:

I have the perfect place for it.

1746bklynave says:

I'm in.

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Shimmy says:

I wouldn't mind having to cancel my Amazon order.

Hook it up!

rizzman says:

I would love to get one to see what all the hype is about.

Dinhosaur says:

I would like to have one!

You guys are awesome. Thanks...

kirankowshik says:

Would love one :)

chedberg88 says:

Cast me baby ... Please.

Kraizk says:

Can not find it anywhere else.....

surebob says:

cool new toy!

fazewan says:

all in!

easy1jay says:

~.1% of winning. Cool!

bobtheasian says:

Can't wait!! So excited!!

Gonjid says:

I wish I had one. It is really small compared to roku.

plemelin says:

Would love one.

jddunkley says:

Seven chances is better than one or two, I'll take it! I would love you guys forever if you got one! I'll be ordering my Nexus 7 tomorrow :D

Hopes its me i don't win anything online.

Chex313 says:

echo base, this is rogue leader..

Speedy3 says:

Lookslike it can/will have real promise.

chromecast looks pretty awesome! I hope i win one!

Chromecast me, please!!!

ElectroPhil says:

I want one please. Best Buy was sold out. =(

Michfan4837 says:

Count me in

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BIGG13 says:

In it to win it

jk says:

Im in,please please pick me!

scott8127 says:

Pick me. Choose me. Love me.

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jgfan1972 says:

Me, me, me, me!

jdizzle316 says:

These look really cool, Thx for the contest and good luck to everyone!

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Hardyboy001 says:

Wooohooooo, Ok I dont have a life I need this to live more happy alone in my house, lol!!1

samvimes says:

This is awesome! I was so bummed when they cancelled the Netflix deal.

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getsideways says:

Thanks guys!

boochrisboo says:


toddnlauraj says:

It would be a great start to my new membership with Android Central to win!

karthikHubli says:

I need just one, please.

ctrl_doom says:

This is really cool

BigBallen says:

Ease me, please me, with a Chromecast dongle!

FuryriderX says:

So excited for this! Come to Canada soon!!

bengyg says:

They were out of Stock when I tried to get one!

smartyjr says:

Would love to have one!

tuanskie says:

Chromecast me please :-)

Lyrika says:


Marmap says:

I'm in ! :)

SpenceJonas says:

Yes please : D


I love this site

Awesome! Gimmee, gimmeeeee! :D

Tryptykon says:

I would love one of these for my 60 inch TV in the back bedroom

Looking forward to getting this!


Xtrayyy says:


manneo says:

it is currently out of stock at amazon, why not win one.

I want a Chromecast!

dakhath says:

I sure could use one!

Alex222 says:

I'll take it

mrbates says:

Definitely In!

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gunthrr says:

Awesome giveaway. Good luck to everyone!

wpd805 says:

Finger crossed!

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Zedd says:

I'd like one too please?

Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy S4

kyo171 says:

I am ALL in!

Sjhanks23 says:

Yes please!

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jls9999 says:

Very excited about ChromeCast!

jeffajackson says:

Sweet. I'd love one!

RachelK_522 says:

Pick me! :)

00stryder says:

These things are sold out almost everywhere, hope I can win one!

Awesome! Thanks Android Central!

ChillFactorz says:

OG Phillly Phil hook a brotha up! I NEEED THISSS!

Oh, I"m ready for this! The future is definitely going to be a lot less wires.

Mtn_Scott says:

Win one, buy one.... need two

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I'll take one off your hands...

ljhoyt77 says:

Woot woot

jcruz942 says:

hope I can win

oddom says:

I want one bad

Alexis Davy says:

Chromecast, here I come!

Joserlebron says:


Digitalguy31 says:

Oh man seriously would like to win one! cant get them anywhere!!

emunuo says:

They were sold out at my neighborhood bestbuy, so this is my chance to get one!

Sh3ngLong says:

Will I ever win anything on AC??

Sent from my Galaxy Note II

skycspeed3 says:

I want one to go with my new Nexus 7!

jecilop says:

Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme :-) Awesome.

Dany Yamz says:

Dang you guys are generous

sdweller says:

I could use one

Slandy says:

This would be fun to have

Kylethekool says:


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ap1326 says:

very cool

I think this product looks amazing!

DataHawg says:

I already ordered one but I really need two.

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TLWulf says:

In it to win it . . . and cast a few cat videos onto my TV as well

mobilewill says:

Sweet. Would help so much! Would solves lots of problems in the livingroom.

slyyyy says:

I want one please!!!

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donutrev says:

Fingers crossed!

ubermanx says:

Sounds mighty cool. Will have to try one once they are available in Canada

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erikcave says:

Yes Please

prbadboy84 says:

i would love one of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

teryfunk says:

i'd love to try one of these out!

Would love one!

Clavs1 says:

I'm down. :-)

ksoule16 says:

Someone has to win!

anandvkris says:

wow Chromecast give away?! Great, I would like to have one :)

newmexican says:

Just moving and need a affordable new streaming solution, PLEASE .....

dinzlw says:

Free Chromecast! Who would deny a chance at that?

This looks to be pretty exciting!

InfamousDX says:

Yes please! And thank you!

jhilker says:

Would love to check out one of these!

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RicoW says:

I'm the one

Would be awesome!

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Chrome cast is replacing nexus q


pasricat1 says:

cast me in chrome!

alantsay says:

Love you guys AndroidCentral!

This would be so cool! Good luck everyone

mxmarcus says:

I am in. May be I am the lucky one this time with AC

DallasKeith says:

Oh yeah ... another great AC contest! Thanks, guys!

lewstherin95 says:

This would make a great early birthday present.... please?

datdo0d says:

This would be awesome!

dianimator says:

Can't wait to try it!

TheJesster says:

I'm sure I could find a use for one of those.

Pick me please would so love to have one of these

MrNrdy says:

Is it Christmas already ?

JTZ_Cre8 says:

Splendid! Another reason AC is the best!

I want one!

MrNrdy says:

Is this thing on?

auburngirl says:

Pick me!

Posted via Android Central App

Still waiting to order one so this would be awesome.

naiou12day says:

I would like one, please! Thanks, gang!

Ravanne says:

I want one! :D

Do I wait to midnight or is now fine? Lol

Suntan says:

I'd like to have one.


Rick Inlay says:

Need Chromecast bad. Pick me

wyandt says:

Thank you Phil and AC!!!! DC. :-)

zenihilist says:

You're my hero. Thank you!

So, here's my entry ^_^

sfmccallie says:

Would love a single from Google! Chromecast please...

Teniferman says:

In like Flint! Thanks again!

abefernandez says:

Fingers crossed...

Jayviv says:

Pleeeaaassse pick me !!

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thebusseys says:

Would be great to have one of these!

Arizone says:


razorbacks says:

Even though they are $35, would still like to "win" one.

dinot says:

I never win anything… wah wah.

zkarabat says:

Pick me! Pick me!

mraiii says:

Would love one of these.

sooner88 says:

Hope i win

Markolc says:

I'd love one, thanks!

kimmuriel says:

free is even better than $35, would really like one.

Blake Mead says:

Yes Please!

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nnbadboy says:

I want, but won't get. Thanks for playing

arjunpvk says:


Brian Chang says:


myculito says:


Lion2010 says:

Hmm yes, i would definately agree...
that looks like one mighty fine Googly device right there.

HW123 says:

Hope I win!!!

codegardener says:

Android Central, you guys are awesome!

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dc2y0 says:

Would love to get one!

TechyMexican says:

ohmahgawd :O so exciting! *drools*

drose0 says:

I can haz?

Alanm1718 says:

I would love one!!! Hopefully my luck is better this time around.

letrappe says:

I would so shove this in the face of all my fruit-based end users' faces.

tx_jaycee says:

Me want yes!!

MerlinRules says:

This would be awesome! I would love to have one of these to watch Netflix on and surf the internet on my TV!

middleground says:

Would love to win one.

bob76 says:

would be awesome to win

samgamgee84 says:

chromeCAST some magic in my day!

jspeer says:

Almost 6000 comments. Still better odds than the lottery.

mrtravi says:

awesome news, count me in folks

clearnano says:

I'm in! Would love chrome cast on one of my sony 4k tv.

mjwedan says:

more giveaways? awesome. count me in. thx AC!

Yes please :D

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theological says:

The Q was so much sexier.

Jbairdjr says:

Please I could really use one.

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captmeach7 says:

I want one..

aggiedrf says:

Need one of those!!

Posted via Android Central App

jammermom says:

Chromecast? WOOHOO!!!!! YAY!!!!! :-D

I want one! Thanks

Posted via Android Central App

I'd love one of these for my brand new LG tv. :)

motolich says:

Hoping to get picked!

dachiefmizzy says:

Pick me please, I need that Chromecast goodness.

Another Google device to play with!

niwhsa says:

lu I'm in.

godnikeboy says:

Please be me :)

Codger1212 says:

I need it, cable is too expensive!

kngsxvigil says:

Really interested in what more this could do to help with cord-cutting. I love DirecTV but want to lower my bills. Let's hope that one of these can do this! Win!

Mine! Mine, I say!

eltico40 says:

Let the fun begin, I'M ALL IN!

tidebuzz says:

Please and thank you.

wudini007 says:

I was just about to buy a Roku, I guess I'll wait til this contest is over!

Jeffster00 says:

Please? Pretty Please? Sweet Thanks!

mahers says:

Hook me up!

evoANDY says:

Oo me me! Can't even get one in stores, sold out :/

jcsquared says:

Wow, almost 6000 comments. Hope mine is the lucky one!!

Posted via Android Central App

Pretty pretty shiny shiny

DJLevy7 says:

Entered. Thanks.

Posted via Android Central App

Woo! I'm in

Sam Corcoran says:

I ordered one on amazon last week, but it hasn't shipped yet. Must be out of stock.

Droidette14 says:

Pick me! Ooh! Ooh! Over here! Pick me! :)

Oscarillo1 says:

I want one.

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Jocacor says:

Count me in!

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roboticeye65 says:

Still a few days left of "Christmas in July"! (Or is that "Chromecast in July"?) Please email me with the good news so I can yell "HURRAH!!"

trialsbug says:

Long list of comments! I might as well jump on the bandwagon.

broncop3t3 says:

Can't wait to see what's next!

mtthwmssn says:

Yes please!!

Snia says:

Would love one of these magic gizmos

tauras11 says:

You Rock, thanks for everything. acnoob

krispy521 says:

Can i have one please

sisblub says:

Im in:-)

ryanfoley613 says:

wooo pick meeeee