There are seven days in a week. No so coincidentally, we've got seven brand-new Chromecasts just sitting here, waiting for good homes. And we also have the Netflix three-month-free discount codes that go with them.

So, yeah. Let's give 'em away. One a day, actually, starting now. This one's open to anyone and everyone. Just leave a comment on this post through midnight Pacific time tonight. We'll pick a winner first thing Monday morning and contact 'em by e-mail.

And while you're at it, be sure to swing by our Chromecast forums, and be on the lookout for our full take on Chromecast in the next couple days.

There are 6702 comments

wike05 says:

shiny new toy

Nthenorm says:

Would love to have one of these.

swebb says:

AC stand for awesome contests.

kaotik_187 says:

OK! I have 7 chances to win one chromecast that i want so bad, and cant get online! So now if i don't win this in 7 tries that makes me a real loser. Please don't let me be a mega loser AC. I need to win something sometime. This should be it.

adamschuetze says:

I hope I win, and if I don't, congratulations to whomever does.

cssplat says:

Ooooh, please, please, please?

shriniarole says:

I'm in.

Mjacobsen says:

I'll take one!

pokey805 says:

So chromecastic!

Galaxia Nota Dos

Throwing my hat into the ring.

knemchak says:

Please and Thank You.

ybcthanerd says:

I'll take one of those off ur hands

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Coleboy23 says:

I would love one of these! I missed my chance to order/go to best buy to get one.

seannikk says:

Promise to send it to me in less than two months? :-):-)

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snconnolly says:

Four thousand ninetieth!

herlindosan says:

I'm in all the way

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julianne92 says:

I need one! Not want, but need!

chrisfl2929 says:

Oh yea. This looks sweet.

baxterpup13 says:

I would love one of these

BlueAce127 says:

Google power!

Google Enthusiast

g1ddy says:

All hail the hypnotoad

wehnertb says:

Projecting a vibe for a win :)

Ill take one please

Google is awesome, always the leader in tech innovations. The chromecast is no exception.

poxitee says:

awesome :). Hope I win :)

SoccerRef12 says:

Count Me In!

dragid10 says:

Don't forget me!

a_arsh says:

Looks great! Count me in.

krant min says:

Let me see if Google and AC want me to try this one. Googlifying my TV!!!

bigroof says:

Free stuff! I'm always in

evilsanta2 says:

I would love to nab one of these since we can't buy them yet up here in the great white north!

Ill take one please

andi777 says:

Want one.. Please!

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Titan Minds says:

With the Netflix subscription?! Count me in!

Croxy says:

So when it's open "to anyone and everyone" why wouldn't I participate :)

mikelos51 says:

Sounds great!

jasahu says:

My one

dxevilboy says:

I ♥ you guys!

dmlowery41 says:

Gotta love AC and Google! A dream team!

Would love to have one of the chromecasts. Thanks for doing an awesome giveaway.

Walter Gentz says:

I would love one of these devices. This may be my only chance, as they're sold out everywhere.

glock813 says:

I want one!

Me trying to explain what this is to my wife who is an iSheep... "It's like an apple tv only 1/3 the price, 1/10th the size, and infinitely more useful because it plays well with others!"

I would love to show it off to all of my iDweeb friends :)

Eric Carre says:

I think I'll win..
I know I'll win!!!

Ooooh me

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Ohhh shiny

wahbob says:

Woohoo I like giveaways.

Argh says:

Not available in the UK, so I'd love to win one!

chram893 says:


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fugi82 says:

Chromecast? I'm in!

Ahh, thank you so much Phil! You guys are seriously the best! Doing all these challenges and freebies and whatnot all the time for your readers. BEST ANDROID BLOG HANDS DOWN!

Mr. Toad says:

In for one, thanks guys.

Nekn0 says:

Good luck everyone

Giveaways like this are great! Thank you Android Central!

bkertz says:

I'd love to get one.

superxraziel says:

I want one of these so bad!

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seannikk says:

Please for me before September! :-):-)

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RB-11 says:

Pick me!

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franko515 says:

Day One attempt.... Did I win yet?

Bwild says:

Gimme gimme

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AproSamurai says:

It'd be awesome to be able to win one.

jlh73 says:

It would be nice to try something different. I'm in.

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Viktor Nham1 says:

A Chromecast giveaway? Yes please!!

Spider210 says:

Count me in this raffle!

biggietm says:

Yes! I'd love one!

Thanks! I'd love one!

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dmbrown81 says:

I've been so out the loop this summer with my summer job that I don't even know what a Chromecast is. But hopefully I'll find out.

risingevil says:

Definitely want this.

acr456 says:


yes please, we wont get these in NZ for ages

_iL33t_ says:

I'm in to win! :)

Tdc02 says:

Love to win one.....

kaablewy says:

Hi =D

damjr312 says:

Would love to try one; thanks, AC!

tom.padilla says:

Bring the Google

kookalooch says:

Count me in! Every place I've looked to order from is out of stock and on backorder. Thanks for the chance.

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kirkman81 says:

If i hadn't been at work during the announcement,I would have bought one

j_karlgaard says:

I'd love a Chromecast!

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CattieBrie says:

This is one of the reasons why I love Android Central, great information and great giveaways! Awesome!!!

goofysam says:

I'll take it.


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Random Number Generator gooooo!!!!

95JMendez says:

I'm In :D

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ylap says:

I really want to have it :-)

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Edwill86 says:

Me!!! My revue is getting annoying.

InfrnalSky says:

I want this so I can stop my wife from constantly telling me she can stream video from her iphone to her apple tv but I can't.

bennonorton says:

Here's to another giveaway!

briankariu says:

Thats really nice.
I would really like one, but you can probably give the netflix code to someone else. Out here in the hinterlands called Africa, there is no netflix.
I just want the hardware, and tweak it. I am sure that it can do far more than advertised.

Amarrero83 says:


shahravi94 says:

Cool Beans!

jlivi99 says:

I also like free stuff. Thanks Android Central!

Allen Lee1 says:

please oh please! =)

rwt4jc says:

Pick me, pick me! :o)

fastsnake98 says:

I would love to have one them thanks, Android Central rocks.

repod says:

Big fan of Android in general. Been a Linux fan since 1992.

bballman150 says:

This is awesome! I would love to have one! Love android central!

zarxic says:

Yes please!

I would love to have one, Thanks!

Android Central I have followed you for a long time now and you always take care of your readers by rewarding them with great things. You guys do a wonderful job keep up the good work. And thank you.

Padyda says:

Pick me pick me!

StuntmanMark says:

Please pick me.

felkman says:

Count me in, I'd really like a Chromecast

Luckie says:

Wow over 4000 comments!

Jeff Rothman says:

It's not enough that y'all keep me entertained and informed on all things android, but now you'd like to give me a chromecast? I say yes sir! U rock!

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DocToxyn says:

Thanks AC! Been reading every day for years. Can't live without it.

Behace says:

Worth a shot

Lanhoj says:

I'd love to start Casting using one from Android Central!

Jeff72 says:

Chromecast would be nice, thanks!

He'll yeah, Sign me up

Damn auto correct

Fnandlm says:

Yes Please!

jrmcfobb says:

Chromecast... Pick me!

MacTaylor says:

Would love to own this. Beats the heck out of an Apple TV price wise. Congrats to the winner, you deserve it.

shybash says:

Pick me! Pick me!

jnannuri says:

Hoping to win this time, at least... :-)

tlo07 says:

I would like one! Thanks!

This would be an awesome pair for my Galaxy S4 since I cannot afford to buy a Samsung flat screen, it'll work splendidly with my Philips monitor/tv set up. Hope I win! ^.^

tonybyatt says:

me, Me, ME, MEEE...

taek1doc says:

Would love to have one...thanks for the opportunity :)

Trentoncc24 says:

Count me in!

kkshimab says:

Sweet, thanks!


Pick me please

JEvoUser says:

I'll take one off your hands :-)

Zorander42 says:

This would make an excellent addition to my TV :)

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Dane Lee says:

You mean I could use my TV again? Please, pick me!

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Hi guys :) I'd love a chance to win one :) maybe its my time to shine? ;)

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Marvin-13 says:

Ill take one! :)

malaka23 says:

This is one amazing tech!

afernan2008 says:

I'll be waiting for mine!

HumanMachine says:

Oh man, I've been curious about one of these and they're impossible to find.

How about sending one to a Chromecast deprived Canadian... please? :D

Vudumedic says:

I'd like one too.

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Flo Mi says:

Would very much appreciate that :)

Uglyfido says:

This would be cool to win. Thanks for the chance AC!

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scotty137 says:

Oh my gosh yes!

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Deolarte says:

Me, please. I need one more!

I'd like one

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Open worldwide? Coz I don't care about Netflix, but would surely try out this Chromecast. Hit me up, Phil!

zorak950 says:

Free things are good.

Mr.Miagi says:

Yeah this would be awesome. Stay awesome Androidcentral

iMattGreat says:

I hope I win!

md03wx says:

Would love one!

qbngator says:

I'd love to have would make it easier to stream my son's favorite YouTube videos (Big Block Sing Song and some others).

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docnok says:

That would be so cool to have. Thanks AC for the contest!

Karnaj says:


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Cyclone_Cy says:

I really want one of these!

Guyzer says:

you guys are the greatest!!! may the best mens win

woodsdmd says:

Sign me up.

4egevara4 says:

I'm feeling lucky!

fosser2 says:

I would love one of these to go along with my new nexus 7!

Comment: posted. Looking forward to it!

KTMKTM says:

4000+ comments...yeah I got no chance of winning one.

CrypticDroid says:

What better thing to win my first contest with than getting something Google made? :)

Who does not love s free giveaway! Thank you!

bigmike09890 says:

Having one would be incredible

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stakke0204 says:

Do you also ship to Belgium? :-)

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borumha says:

I sure would like one of then shineys

gb64598 says:

Yes Please!

corolla90 says:

I'd sure like one, please!!!

Zanzaras says:

Hey, i'd like to have one of these little doo-dads to tinker with. :)

AntiSocial1 says:

Chromecast Rap: I love my chromecast, I love my chromecast, Streaming video and pics from my phone fast!!!

Mordac says:


Joshua g says:

Sign me up! Thanks guys!

I'm in!

yoshio_221 says:

Thank you! In for one!

gb64598 says:

One more time

imilleson says:

Sign me up!

funktron2x says:

Whee! Thanks guys

I could use one. Thx for the giveaway.

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shebad89 says:

Pick me

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imilleson says:


Make my day chromecast

dguillaume says:

Yes Please

fuinha says:

Me too, me too!

jaypster says:

It would be a nice late birthday present for me. :)

Tweezle says:

My son has already scored one of these, and it's no fair! I need one too! Especially when he takes it back to college with him!

I'd love to take one!

jf2go says:

Fingers Crossed!

nfl46 says:

Sweet! I'd love to have one!

draken says:

YesPlease and thank you.

opd302 says:

Hook me up!

Madlpfan says:

I really a Chromecast its just plain epic, I find it cool that Google decided to let IOS in to the epicness it can deliver!
Thanks For the epicness guys!

flsocialist says:

How nice a Chromecast would be to go with my new Nexus 7. Now I'm jobless, this would help "entertain" me during the long days of unemployment

dmatherl says:

Me, Please. my nexus Q is now worthless.

dlchavez23 says:

I would love to have this! Pick me!

Thanks for another sweeeet giveaway

I want to be the first person in Ireland to own a Chromecast please pick me

mkjsr757 says:

I want one

Tara Hutzal says:

yes please!

zerogear88 says:

Pick me would love one

tuvokof9 says:

I wish I had bought this thing the minute it came out, now shipping dates are all weeks away, hopefully i can win here though!

mrfett79 says:

I'm in for one please.

acWoodcarver says:

Please count me in. Thanks!

acWoodcarver says:

Please count me in. Thanks!

acwolffdl7 says:

Brand New to these forums, Just bought a S4. This would be sweet to have.

rimback says:

Be nice to have

niegowsj says:

This would be great. I want to try one out.

primerebirth says:

I would love to have one because I think it's the future of TV!

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Mo Crispy says:

Must have!!

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Submachine says:

Want one. ;)

Flamenova says:

Oh man, a chance for all the goodies :)

eancox says:

Looking forward to using this :-)

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Geekboycc says:

Hope I win one! Best of luck to everyone else though!

subhani says:

Us guys in the UK always get left behind, no n7 n no Chromecast.

Send one my way Phil!

mishie says:

I'd love to win. Not available in Canada yet!

I want one of these :)

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Richard Lang says:

Yes please!

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dnuijten says:

I'm in!

osp422 says:

Pick me, count me in and help me get one. I will say anything to get one.

RickS29 says:

i would love to win this :)

Yo, I heard you like giveaways :)

I'm going for broke with this one!

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bohalloran95 says:

Free stuff? I'm in.

kiborgai says:

I'm in too

zyphbear says:

Can't wait to get my hands on one!

GBurnett says:

Thanks for the drawing, and a great site.

Pedro2NR says:

Android central with another great give-away.
Please pick me

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ainfinity says:

Sweet device,,,

Beenyweenies says:

Oh yeah!

Guido Smitty says:


Allandin says:

I live in Denmark and want this sooo much. Hope to be the one lucky Dane to take this for a spin in my living room. Fingers crossed c",)

rhotwire says:

I really want one

noduck says:

Curious device, need to investigate it.

darlekc says:

Okay.... Reasons I should win; today is my 'cakeday', and, on top of even that, I have recently completed my GCSE exams and have undertaken a part in my local production of 'Oliver : The Musical'.

toddyskates says:

cant wait for mine!

mpinter says:

Please. Thank you!

hodan says:

I would do anything for you....but I won't do that.

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radmoose says:


tmcarr says:

This would be so cool!

This would be awesome! I'd have bought this already only there is no play store in Ireland for devices.

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Kundy says:

I would love one :)


runtohell121 says:

count me in

Dolph Lundgren

I will take one off your hands. Please

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psipher says:


bwc2144 says:

Please count me in.

Vally2 says:

Would love one of those.

alexige says:

I'd love this!

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lindarne77 says:

I want one please.

Posted via keyboard

Mr. Redlegs says:

Oh pick me! Pick me please!

cr136124 says:

Add me please!

mary p ford says:

I'd love to win one of these, pretty please awesome AC, favorite website!

magneto198 says:

yes please

f3rdito says:

I am crossing my fingers. Win or not, I am getting a Chromecast.

EmperorX says:


symplee.mike says:

Ooooooh, can I can I? Not available in Canada, what?! :( Pretty please

I REALLY want one !!!! Please :)

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NealJ777 says:

Pick me!

kimtyson says:

I'd like one so I can give this stuff a whirl. Thanks for Giveaways!

jimmytheflea says:

Would love one! You guys spoil us!

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DudeVee says:

Yes please. Hook it up... ;)

Nateka says:

I would appreciate it if I am given the opportunity to receive it.

jrsnively1 says:

I wany a chromecast!

Posted via Android Central App

I want one Chromecast! Gimme gimme! Jejeje

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psz says:


still1 says:

thanks. now pick me.

lightyear420 says:

want it!!

RCB 77 says:

Thanks you guys! These are so hard to find right now!

pandeykaji says:

Thanks AC!!!! Here is my entry.

jkghost84 says:

Would like to try one out. Thanks!

sxayarath says:

Chromecast me!!!

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Love these giveaways. Im in.

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Paul Walko says:

Good luck everyone!

stockguy says:

Woohoo! Chrome me plz!

deepdogg650 says:

Thanks Phil, you guys rock.

Red320 says:

I would love one of these!

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ForTheGlory says:

Love to try.

Shay D. Life says:

Nice one AC. Thanks. Good luck everyone.

PikkonX says:

Count me in!

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jmwil says:


let me try the 5th time to leave a comment sense flip board is not cooperating I think there's a conspiracy Flipboard that doesn't want me to win a Comcast to go with my new Nexus 7 tablet that I just received yesterday

I'm in

Con_Valian says:

Would love one, thanks!

stbxxl says:

I'd love one of course!

moccamaster says:

Pick me, please :-)

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Hook me up AC

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tramsay09 says:

you guys are awesome, I would love to win one

Man I would love one of these so my 3 year old could watch youtube cartoons on the tv instead of on my phone and tablet.

Afternurn766 says:

That's it! I would like to have one, Yahoo baby.

Nick McLeod says:


Nateka says:

I would appreciate it if I can get the opportunity to receive the chromecast. Thanks.

arhcangel says:

Is this thing on *tap* *tap*

Tinostre says:

Thank you for treating the community so well.

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mack1951 says:

Pick me please.

Rence says:

This would be a nice prize!

Jwb99 says:

Pick me, pick me!

Pick me, thanks

aeewhite says:

Android finally has a viable alternative to airplay. Would love to try it out.

aeewhite says:

Android finally has a viable alternative to airplay. Would love to try it out.

gtricecakes says:

Woo! Want!!

hamidsani says:

I would love to have a get a Chromecast :)

Hreidmardmar says:

Oh i would love to have that...actually i need that as i don't own smart tv. :P

mymitsu3kgt says:

Holy crap I want one. With money in hand, you couldn't even get one right now. They're sold out everywhere.

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Savvra says:

Excited to check one out.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus

SamClarke says:

Count me in!

Can't get them in the UK :(

sbeven says:

Pick me! Tried to get one at best buy and they were already sold out!

shuura says:


gwangi says:

Throwing my proverbial hat in the ring.

rockymelboa says:

Pick me!

Spiritoradio says:

I would also like to be involved in this contest. Thank you.