There are seven days in a week. No so coincidentally, we've got seven brand-new Chromecasts just sitting here, waiting for good homes. And we also have the Netflix three-month-free discount codes that go with them.

So, yeah. Let's give 'em away. One a day, actually, starting now. This one's open to anyone and everyone. Just leave a comment on this post through midnight Pacific time tonight. We'll pick a winner first thing Monday morning and contact 'em by e-mail.

And while you're at it, be sure to swing by our Chromecast forums, and be on the lookout for our full take on Chromecast in the next couple days.


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Chromecast-a-day: We're giving away 7 of Google's hottest product


OK! I have 7 chances to win one chromecast that i want so bad, and cant get online! So now if i don't win this in 7 tries that makes me a real loser. Please don't let me be a mega loser AC. I need to win something sometime. This should be it.

Me trying to explain what this is to my wife who is an iSheep... "It's like an apple tv only 1/3 the price, 1/10th the size, and infinitely more useful because it plays well with others!"

I would love to show it off to all of my iDweeb friends :)

Ahh, thank you so much Phil! You guys are seriously the best! Doing all these challenges and freebies and whatnot all the time for your readers. BEST ANDROID BLOG HANDS DOWN!

I've been so out the loop this summer with my summer job that I don't even know what a Chromecast is. But hopefully I'll find out.

Count me in! Every place I've looked to order from is out of stock and on backorder. Thanks for the chance.

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I want this so I can stop my wife from constantly telling me she can stream video from her iphone to her apple tv but I can't.

Thats really nice.
I would really like one, but you can probably give the netflix code to someone else. Out here in the hinterlands called Africa, there is no netflix.
I just want the hardware, and tweak it. I am sure that it can do far more than advertised.

Android Central I have followed you for a long time now and you always take care of your readers by rewarding them with great things. You guys do a wonderful job keep up the good work. And thank you.

It's not enough that y'all keep me entertained and informed on all things android, but now you'd like to give me a chromecast? I say yes sir! U rock!

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Would love to own this. Beats the heck out of an Apple TV price wise. Congrats to the winner, you deserve it.

This would be an awesome pair for my Galaxy S4 since I cannot afford to buy a Samsung flat screen, it'll work splendidly with my Philips monitor/tv set up. Hope I win! ^.^

I'd love to have would make it easier to stream my son's favorite YouTube videos (Big Block Sing Song and some others).

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My son has already scored one of these, and it's no fair! I need one too! Especially when he takes it back to college with him!

I really a Chromecast its just plain epic, I find it cool that Google decided to let IOS in to the epicness it can deliver!
Thanks For the epicness guys!

How nice a Chromecast would be to go with my new Nexus 7. Now I'm jobless, this would help "entertain" me during the long days of unemployment

I wish I had bought this thing the minute it came out, now shipping dates are all weeks away, hopefully i can win here though!

I live in Denmark and want this sooo much. Hope to be the one lucky Dane to take this for a spin in my living room. Fingers crossed c",)

Okay.... Reasons I should win; today is my 'cakeday', and, on top of even that, I have recently completed my GCSE exams and have undertaken a part in my local production of 'Oliver : The Musical'.

This would be awesome! I'd have bought this already only there is no play store in Ireland for devices.

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let me try the 5th time to leave a comment sense flip board is not cooperating I think there's a conspiracy Flipboard that doesn't want me to win a Comcast to go with my new Nexus 7 tablet that I just received yesterday

Man I would love one of these so my 3 year old could watch youtube cartoons on the tv instead of on my phone and tablet.

Holy crap I want one. With money in hand, you couldn't even get one right now. They're sold out everywhere.

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