It was really cool when Verizon and Google offered 100MB of free LTE data monthly to users of a Chromebook Pixel. On the Google Play page, Google told anyone who bought one that this deal would last for two years, and even though 100MB a month isn't a lot, it makes it handy to check mail or messages when you can't get to proper Wifi. The problem is, that the folks who bought a Pixel under those conditions are seeing their free data disappear after just 12 months.

I love my Pixel, and have even used the free data a time or two to check my email. I can see why some folks find it important. We're not sure what any agreements between Google and Verizon said on the paper they signed, but our pal J.R. over at Computerworld is doing everything he can to figure all of this out. Be sure to give what he has to say a good read.

What do you think? Is a promise of free data — even just 100MB a month — something that changes your buying decision? Let us know in the comments.


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Chromebook Pixel users at odds with Verizon and Google over free LTE data


I got the hp 14 T-moble version and I got it mainly for the extra RAM and the 200 mbs of data is a plus that I have only used twice since I got it.

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I would imagine one of the entities is breaking the law if it was clearly stated 2 years of free data. I'm sure it will be worked out.

If, and it's a very big if, the law is being broken it would be by Google as Verizon isn't the entity promising the free data.

Errr..... If the agreement was with Verizon for 24mo, then it would be Verizon fault. So, no... it couldn't only be Google.

Would be dependent on any contract between the two companies. Just because it was on Google's page doesn't mean they are the guilty ones.

99% it's verizon doing the screwing. Likely deal was Google paid verizon x dollars for each pixel.

Plus verizon has much more experience screwing customers.

Verizon, and Butt Rape are synonymous. I think Verizon is going after Monsanto for most Evil Company title.

Verizon doesn't give a dam about it's consumers, Verizon is known for changing the rules and making them up as they go along at anytime. Verizon is the main example why the Telecom's need to be Heavily Regulated.

Breaking promises is just bad business, even though it's only a mere 100MB. Plus, Pixel owners paid a mini-fortune for the device, so it would really rub me the wrong way to hear Verizon (or Google?) is trying to weasel out of the original agreement.

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People like to complain, but do little about it. If you look at "lowest customer rated companies" you will see that they go just fine quarter after quarter. Companies will not make a change unless it hurts the bottom line. People complaining is only an issue when customers leave. Otherwise, it's just the cost of doing business.

His statement was sarcasm, but valid. No one (that loves android and openness and wants things in the wireless industry to change) should be giving verizon a cent, period.

I don't care how bad you "think" the other, smaller, guys are in the (it must be SUPER SUPER rural) area that you frequent. TMobile and/or Sprint can provide just as good service for 99% of americans and treat their customers and their devices MUCH BETTER, at a cheaper price to boot.

Agreed. We switched from Verizon to TMobile, and any minor reduction in network coverage is more than made up for by:

A. far, far increased customer service
B. significantly lower monthly bill for:
C. more services, and last but certainly not least:
D. knowing we're not supporting a horrible, horrible company (Verizon).

If people aren't willing to vote with their wallet, they have no legitimate reason to complain. Even if you're happy with Verizon and AT&T's service, there's still ample reason to leave if it forces a change in their overall respect for their customers.

This!! I constantly hear people complaining 'I don't get tmo where I live'....bullshit!! You get just fine service!! I go to some seriously remote areas, even in the middle of the woods...and I NEVER lose service completely....NEVER!!! Sure, I occasionally may have to deal with HSPA+, but if that's the biggest issue, complaining just makes you look extremely douchey!! Anyone who gives a single cent to Verizon, or to a lesser extent AT&T, is only contributing to the problem. Verizon and AT&T are slowly killing everything we know and love about wireless, and what's sad is that a majority of Americans drink their Kool Aid by the gallon daily.

Come to CT, and drive around away from the shore, and away from Hartford...nothing on the back roads. I wish it was better with tmo here.
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What the hell are you talking about??? I live in Ct!! I get FULL voice servive in most places, an LTE in over 70%!! My LTE speeds top 5MB/s almost all the time, and it's so good and reliable I've dropped comcast's internet in favor of using my phone to tether instead. Sounds like you either need a new device or a chat with tmo. If it's really that bad where you live (which I have yet to witness at all) then you can also ask them for a network extender.

My 100mb was useful at work when, i need to access sites blocked, like ticketmaster. I tried to get it fixed but I gave up.

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You just had to switch the DNS settings on your work computer to Google's or some other DNS provider.

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I've discovered most are. The ones who actually tend to surprise me with their computer know-how and skills are the ones who never went to college and don't work in the firld at all.

Why do you guys in the US put up with these data cartels screwing you so bad?! Vote with your wallet and go to a company like Ting who actually treat their customers properly...

29 for 2 gigs of data from Ting? Isn't that close to rape? And at 100 mb people are complaining about they must be the cheapest mofo's ever. Ting....lol

Ting is a huge pain in the ass to set set up. Last I checked there was no way my wife would have been ok with it. Plus sprints network still is wonkey all over the place.

And we put up with it because there is way more land mass to cover and the cost per subscriber is higher than most places.

Last, if your in Europe, how long did you have to wait for LTE?

Your dumb if this makes you mad.

Uhm, they are a business, not a charity. They will not treat customers better until their subscriber base starts decreasing. Which looking quarter over quarter, they are gaining a lot of new subscribers.

There's got to be some kind of disagreement between Google and Verizon that we don't know about. Possibly Google was supposed to pay the data charges or rebates to Verizon. Maybe Verizon couldn't properly report the data to Googles satisfaction, so Google refused to pay.

In the overall picture for Verizon, the percentage of sales for those devices probably equal a raindrop in the Grand Canyon.

The sad part is customers were promised something that is now gone. Seriously both Google and Verizon have very deep pockets and should just bite the bullet and honor the agreement. The small amount of money involved won't hurt either companies bottom line one bit.

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I can't believe they are worrying about such a small amount. There can't be that many pixels out there or using that much data. Heck Tmobile will give any tablet 200mb for free without even being a Tmobile customer. I wonder if this isn't part of some feud between Verizon and Google as some suggested.

Sounds a lot like my experiences with Verizon. They desperately wanted us to convert our phone to FIOS and verbally promised a $10/month discount for two years to get us to sign up. It took a year of attempts to resolve it and finally a complaint to California's public utility commission to get the credits. Subsequently they cut off FTP access to the web space that came with the account, which was a critical feature for me. Eventually I was able to switch my phone and Internet access to Charter and am saving almost $40 a month. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

I believe anything "Free" related to Verizon should be defined as "free until we decide to charge you anyways and say something else."

And this, boys and girls, is why you don't go with verizon ever.
Watch out for those hidden "free" fees they so love giving away.