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As Google works to unify its Chrome and Android efforts, the Chrome Web Store will now let you filter searches to only apps with Android counterparts in the Play Store. The top bar of the Web Store homepage now has a selection for "For Android" alongside Runs Offline, By Google and Free. The wording is a bit misleading, but when you hit that For Android selection you'll see the homepage change to feature apps that you can also use on Android.

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It also means that when you search for Chrome apps, you can apply the same Android filter and you'll only see those which have Android versions available, too. What's more, when you view apps that have Android versions, there's a link right in the main description to go to the Play Store and download the Android app right at the same time. It's a small but interesting step towards unity between these distinctly different platforms, and we like the idea.


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Chrome Web Store lets you search for apps with Android counterparts


Ios feature?
Posted via Android Central App
Google should have designed Chrome OS from the beginning in such a way as to integrate with Android . When that happens I'll say good bye to windows and go google all the way

Wouldn't it be nice to open up the store on your phone, go to the my apps tab and have a symbol that shows you the same thing. And remotely install?

Posted via Android Central App