What's in the boxes isn't nearly as important as what them being there means

Look at that pallet of swag. Some people think it may be a pile of Chrome devices to give to attendees, others think it's T-shirts and some are guessing it's box after box of fancy pens. Alex is certain that it's "so many bags of Doritos." I'm not particularly concerned about what it is (don't go to Google I/O for the swag), but what it means.

Chrome OS is due for some serious loving from Google. It's been progressing along nicely, but it's high time that it gets some of the special treatment we saw Android get way back when the Nexus One came out with Eclair. Remember how much better Android became -- and so quickly -- once Google started focusing on it? Yeah. Let's do that with Chrome. T-shirts and Chromebooks (or Doritos) will get us excited, but I'm really excited about what we'll see at the keynote and in the developer sessions. 

Just a few more days.

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I love AC but this seems like a pretty pointless post.

Far from pointless,everyone is dying to know what Google I/O will bring and this is yet another clue.

Nexusmaniac says:

I wonder what's in the boxes, I recon it's chromebooks running a new CD m chrome OS that will be unveiled at I/O :)

mwara244 says:

FREE $1500 Chrome book Pixil's ! ! !

mwara244 says:

FREE $1500 Chrome book Pixil's ! ! !

dc9super80 says:

You should say, this post is pointless because.... I would like to know why.

Nooganator says:

Maybe they will introduce to the world chanroid

JonJJon says:

I agree, I look forward to the future developments of Chrome OS. I'm not even a developer but would to get into it all down the line (and get good enough at it to have some serious fun) and I would love to go to I/O one year not for the "swag" people seem to laud over but to actually visit as many sessions as I can cram into my days there, till my brain is full of developer focused goodness.

heat3610 says:

The boxes obviously have chrome book pixels in them. They're going to do like Oprah A pixel for you"and "a pixel for you" :D

Justadye4 says:

If that happens, I'll be giving you credit for calling it first!

1299 dollars(per Chromebook) for 5500 people=7144500 Dollars in expense
That most likely isn't going to happen that's a lot of money(even for Google)

heat3610 says:

Perhaps a cheaper model with a tegra 4.

Alex Dobie says:

This guy knows the score :)

ErR0rPr0n3 says:

You mean like Microsoft did with Surfaces and Nokia 920's last year? I doubt Google will copy MS...

Nothing related to Google Chrome is pointless. blasphemy to those that say so

signaltwins says:

If I correctly guess what the swag is, do I win it?

It's probably a new Nexus tablet.

lightyear420 says:

I have a feeling chrome is going to take center stage at I/O and will make up about 70% of the keynote presentation. I wish it would be more android-oriented, but I can understand why they want to push Chrome OS into the spotlight front and center. Windows is losing some average consumer market share to linux based OSes, and google wants to snatch those potential OS free agents up before they give ubuntu a try.

Hell, NASA just dumped Windows in favor of Debian 6!! Yeah, it sort of makes sense, but I'll take that one as a major win still, since even a single less windows user is always a win in my book :)

gksmithlcw says:

I just can't see the usefulness of an OS that doesn't run native apps....

signaltwins says:

wait.... perhaps they are remote keyfobs to Chrome-powered cars! :)

Each attendee will drive home in a brand new car, yes? :)

Can't wait

richard451 says:

if those are Chromebooks, then Google must only be expecting about 100 people to show up for I/O.

I do hope chrome os gets a little loving, This would be great news for although i own a chromebook and would love to use it more often. I nearly always revert back to the macbook air mainly due to the limitations that chrome os has.