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Get your free cup with the Android app at Dunkin' Donuts

September 29 is officially National Coffee Day, and Dunkin' Donuts wants to give you free coffee to help celebrate. While there probably won't be any roasted turkey or fireworks (unless you really love your coffee) DD has to go big when it comes to coffee. If you happen to be in or around Atlanta on September 29, they have a special treat in their Roswell location (775 Holcomb Bridge Road) with live music, deejays, and the Dunkin’ mascots, Cuppy and Sprinkles.

For those of us not lucky enough to be able to meet Cuppy and Sprinkles live, you can pull into your local Dunkin' Donuts shop and use the Android app to get a free small iced or hot coffee. In addition, you'll be able to score a 1 pound bag of coffee for $5.99 or a carton of K cups for $7.99. The coffee is good. The price is right, and they support Android with a decent app. Go on and get your free cup. I recommend the hot, as iced coffee is no way to celebrate the freedom from tyranny that National Coffee day stands for. Just like Mel Gibson in The Patriot. Or something.

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Celebrate National Coffee Day Sep. 29 with the Dunkin' Donuts app and get a free small coffee


Central US too, every dunkin donuts in st.louis closed up 4-5 years ago except for 2 locations. Even when I go on road trips through MO and IL I don't see them anymore anywhere

Except for the 35+ million people in California. I guess there just aren't enough folks here to merit a donut shop.

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Bingo! Jerry, give me that damn mug. You know you can get another one or just steal Phil's. Don't Bogart the coffee mug!

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Exactly what I was wondering.
Checked all through ShopAndroid and found nothing. :(
I want to buy a mug!!!

Never had a "small" coffee before but hey its free so I'll try it. Call me crazy but I love royal farms coffee. LARGE ;-)

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Every day is national coffee day for me...too bad it's not always free. And I also would like that mug! Hmmmm possible next giveaway?

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I just tried like crazy to Google that mug,Nothing!!!

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Jerry,don't make me hurt you.(in my Elaine Benes voice)

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Wow, I basically live right there! Pretty cool to see places I know talked about in AC. Sept 29th is a Sunday, and I work 7am-3pm, but if they're doing the live music and free coffee all day, I'll definitely swing by right after work!

Jerry answer the Damn question about the mug!1!
Whys it not in the Shop Android shop?? Is my money not good enough?

I want that freakin mug also. Just let us know where can we get one for ourselves

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Fitting that there would be a National Coffee Day. After all, coffee is single handedly responsible for technoligical advances. Don't let that guy on the History Channel fool you, It wasn't aliens, it was all about the coffee.

I mean, when coffee came to Europe, it took them out of the dark ages. In the 1950's Mr. Coffee came to the scene bringing coffee into the household, and then the space age began. Then in late 1990's/early 2000's espresso machines became more affordable and could be purchased for in home use, that ushered in the rush of technology that created things such as Android!

Don't believe me, what platform is Android developed on... Java!