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One of the more popular photography apps on Google Play, Camera Zoom FX, has been updated with a brand-spanking-new user interface, and a whole bunch of new features. Here's the partial changelog for version 4.0.

  • Portrait mode
  • Brightness, exposure, ISO, metering
  • Horizon indicator
  • Stable indicator
  • Golden spiral grid
  • Pinch zoom
  • Prevent screen timeout
  • Light leaks + bokeh
  • New frames: elegant
  • Video switch
  • H/W acceleration
  • Support for xhdpi
  • New custom actions
  • Flip photo

It sounds like the performance has improved significantly, and that's a long list of new features. Any Camera Zoom FX fans out there digging the big update? Which photography apps are you using these days?

Thanks Phil!

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Reader comments

Camera Zoom FX app updated with UI overhaul and new features


I just tried it a few days ago on my wife's X2. No way to get rid of the shutter sound unless you root. That was a deal breaker for her, so we uninstalled it.

I'm pretty sure it's because there's some US law against that to stop people from secretly taking pictures. Not sure if it's true, but I heard it from another Android site on a review of a phone.

Think it might be more of an international thing. The AT&T Galaxy S3 can turn off the shutter sound in its default camera app. I believe the international version cannot.

I think this is very useful app - I had tried to use it as my main camera app, but the one feature it sorely lacks is tap to focus so you can choose your suject and/or focus point.

I use Camera FV-5. I love the ability to lock the focus and shoot a lot of pics without refocus. Sometimes I also lock exposure or white balance.
It attempts to be something like a DLSR, give more control.
On a recent backpacking trip on europe 90% of my pics were taken using it. Used my point and shoot mostly when I needed zoom and had time to make a good pic.

I bought Camera Zoom FX on a summer sale and hated it. Paper Camera at least is fun, while Camera Zoom simply sucked. Slow, bad UI, just crap.
I'll give it a try again tho, might be better now, although stock JB Camera is nice and Camera FV-5 suits my needs.

It's my goto camera app and has been for a long tiem. I love the controls it offers over the stock camera app.

This is my default camera and i must say, the updated was well needed. I am very happy with the update... a lot more user friendly, and finally portrait mode.

The update is very good, and if you have a GS3 the picture quality will be better than with the stock camera app. The stock app loves to raise the ISO when it's set to AUTO, so your pictures tend to come out grainier. CameraZOOM FX is "smarter" when it comes to ISO.

I do, however, dislike the fact that there's no touch-to-focus feature. That would make this app A LOT better.

I tried the old version but ultimately uninstalled and stuck with the stock app. I do also use Vignette as an alternative and sometimes use Paper Camera too. I will give this another try.

I loved this app since I originally got it over stock during one of the Google Play sales at the beginning of the year. My main usage was the dated folders and also telling it what folder to save to. More so I loved the controls they had available. Now with this update, it has features I was feeling it lacked and the UI is so much more pleasing. The stable indicator will get such a better shot. I tested it with some writing and without it the shot was a little blurry but with it I had a pretty clear photo.

I use this in conjuction with Foldersync to move stuff to my Google Drive and then to my Nexus 7 in dated folders so I can organize and fix any photos there for uploading to picasa for family to view. Once again a thumbs up from me on this app before but now, I give it two.

I thought it was ok before the update, for 25 cents...I couldn't really complain. Forgot it got updated until I saw this article, and going back into it, it looks a lot better, and a lot easier to use. Turning off the sound in Settings kills the shutter sound for me.

It's a great update, but the "Prevent Screen Timeout" is simply not a feature on my download; not a setting, and the screen still times out. Anyone else know anything about that feature? I emailed the developer as well.