Google Play Books

Google Play Books is now available in Korea, offering thousands of Korean titles in what Google calls the "world’s largest eBookstore". We don't know about it being the largest, but we do know it's convenient being able buy all your books in one place and read them on all your Android devices.

If you're reading from Korea, fire up your Google Play app and have a look.

Source: +Google Play


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Books on Google Play now available in Korea


I am a Korean-American too, but somehow Google Play Books does not allow me to search Korean books. I cannot find any of books in Korean. If I connect to Google Play via VPN in South Korea I can finally see Korean books but I cannot make a purchase with any of my U.S. credit cards. Even Google Wallet credit leftover from Nexus 7 purchase didn't work. Maybe this Korean book service is exclusively available in South Korea only?