Blockbuster for Android

Sat down for a few minutes with the folks from Blockbuster during CTIA in Las Vegas to take a look at their Android app. Check it out after the break.


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Blockbuster's Android app at CTIA


I guess I speak for a lot of people when I say...

Blockbuster still exists? Every one of their stores has been closed in my area of the country.

I can't tell, but it looks like this app acts more like a web app than a native app...

And I second the, "Blockbuster still exists?"

this is cool as shit. I still go to blockbuster. still love it. now on my cell phone? awsome. Yes it is still around and in my area, for now

Any idea on a release date?

And to the rest of you, I still use Blockbuster! Mail+store program. :)

I'd rather see Netflix. Blockbuster is a dying brand. The Android app is their last-ditch attempt @ staying relevant in today's world.


They just closed the blockbuster near me and thats what we did was switch to netflix, so far so good and yes I got the android app installed on the N1 now

The exact date is soon! Lol
I had both, I prefer Blockbuster for easier acquisition of new releases on BluRay, now Netflix has to wait 30 days for any WB new release. Netflix is good for obscure hard to find movies though, now if they had all their movies streaming then that would be the way to go

I hope you guys got at least a steak dinner out this. This is probably the most press Block Busters has gotten in a long time.

Where's the love for Blockbuster? I use BB and Netflix and don't use streaming much. For me BB wins. Maybe if Netflix would actually send me one of the 15 new movies I have in my Q instead of the old Boston Legal dvds. Apparently if you watch too many movies Netflix starts to shun you. Blockbuster doesn't. And if they happen to be a little slow on a new release, I walk into the store and trade in a mailed movie I just finished for the one I want on the shelf. Oh and BB actually has new releases on Day 1.

Here's to hoping Blockbuster can keep it going...

Blockbuster is dead. I had enough of Blockbuster's trademark customer service: Broken disk, scratched disk, watered down blockbuster versions of titles, improper titles in boxes, excessive late fees when they weren't supposedly charging late fees, illegal charges to my credit card, & very bad customer service.

There are plenty of alternatives that do a much better job. Besides, how many people actually have Blu-Ray right now? Not that many. Besides, the iTunes HD downloads look beautiful & you can download them from your local library or coffee shop without paying for internet service.

Blockbuster is extinct. Some new, existing, or upstart with better service should take over their business. This is an app that I will not be downloading to any Android device I own.

Blockbuster has a program for streaming, mail, unlimited programs, free rentals..and more. Blockbuster makes more revenue for production companies than Netflix which is why they get new releases first. If a movie isn't in the store they can mail it to me. I love asking the employees for their recommendations. I also love to browse the titles in the store. It would be a sad day if my neighborhood blockbuster closed. Plus I can rent games there on the cheap.