Big Android BBQ 2012

With the Big Android BBQ 2012 dates getting closer a lot of folks have been curious as to who will be hosting sessions and speaking at the event. Luckily, we're now getting a look at the initial list and it's looking pretty great all around.

Keeping in mind that this is only the initial list, you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for more additions soon. In the meantime, have you all got your tickets? If not, you'll want to hit the link below for the full details on how to get yourself some. Tickets start off at $50 for the event which will be held at the Hurst Conference Center in Texas, October 19-21, 2012.

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Big Android BBQ 2012 initial speakers list announced


Depends on what you would consider "hot". I've lived here my whole life (in the area that the event is being held as a matter of fact) and I would say No. Highs are normally around 75-80, give or take.

On another note. Super stoked to find out this event is going to be held in my area! I might have to get a ticket just to check it out.

Texas is hot at all times. Except for when it is only warm. When Texas is warm, it is warming up, quickly becoming hot.

There are seasons in Texas. One is summer. The other is a curse word.

AC reports Android news, asking a member of their team to speak at an Android event would be like asking your local news broadcaster to chair at a Town Meeting...

On another note, I WISH I COULD GO!!!

Back to you, Bob...