Google+ Update

Our iOS-loving pals got this one a couple weeks ago, but now it's our turn. The redesigned Google+ app is now available for Android. And quite an update it is. In addition to the visual refresh, you'll get the following:

  • Initiate a Hangout from the main menu
  • Support for ringing hangout notification
  • Support for post editing
  • Messenger suggestions for people you may know
  • Download photos from posts or Messenger conversations

The ability to edit posts is a godsend, as well as being able to download photos from posts. Hit the link below to snag it directly. And don't forget to circle Android Central as well!

Download: Google+; More: Google

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dkotoric says:

I don't see it updated in the US.

coronaboy10 says:

Me either.

deviantartjr says:

i get the update :)

Lanhoj says:

Facebook ... what?!

If only more people used Google+ *sigh*

you're not kidding. its so much nicer and the apps actually WORK.

bumpandrun says:

Be glad they don't, would you want + to turn into what facebook has become?

Lanhoj says:

I'd like at least enough to convince all my Facebook friends to switch...which hasn't happened yet so I still need to keep both installed on my phone...I currently only use Google+ for Hangouts & Messenger.

Rigelian says:

that's kind of funny. My G+ stream has a lot of pretty active ghosts then.

tb21666 says:

Mine too! I get more legit activity here than I do of the typical Facebook nonsense.. games, song lyrics, etc. I have it all block, but I can still access it it via FB Purity to check in on the nonsense for comparisons such as this.

Treknologist says:

A ghost town? Really? My stream never stops! I didn't realize ghosts were keeping it that active!

Problem is the analysts didn't have access to non-publicly-shared posts; the results are skewed. It would be interesting, though, to see average number of actions (posts/comments/+1s) per day over time. I'm sure you'll see a decline, but you are likely to see the same or similar pattern of activity when you look at a comparable timeframe from Facebook - e.g. compare the first year of Facebook to the first year of G+.

dj hidroid says:

Agreed. I've been off from facebook and just use Google+. The update to the app looks oh so nice on my Gnex.

coronaboy10 says:

Is there any difference in its appearance from the way it looked last week? Because I'm not really seeing it from the pics nor do I see an option to update it in Google play.

mikejs78 says:

Yes it quite different. I just updated it. Maybe they are rolling it out slowly?

aimetti says:

awesome update
got on us market - att onex

bumpandrun says:

Just don't have room on my OG Evo. Plan to upgrade soon to Evo 4G LTE and join the real Android world where you can actually have the apps you want on your phone!!

D4RkNIKON says:

Ugh.. I know that feeling. I went from the OG EVO4G to the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and it was night and freaking day. 32GB of built in storage for apps and media was game changing. Also Verizon's 4G actually exists, I had the EVO4G from launch and never got to experience 4G on the phone..

If you're not seeing the update listed in the updates section, go directly to the app listing and see if the update button's there. 

gpdaddy95 says:

I had to go to the Play Store and search for the Google + app. Once I got there the UPDATE button was there. it didn't show up on my apps update listing. 10.09 MB...WOW! this is MUCH nicer. I bet Facebook stock drops another 2 points because of this! HAHAHAHA!

sebianoti says:

So what was that delay all about?... we were suppose to have a nice big surprise

coronaboy10 says:

Thanks Phil, getting it now! :)

Gogol says:

How do I see posts only from a certain circle?

On iOS, it is easy, I can simply touch the "All Circles" to give me a drop down list of circles.

antman85 says:

Click on the back arrow at the top by "Stream" and it will give you a menu that lets you choose from your circles.

Gogol says:

But, see this screenshot from the Google+ blog:

You see, next to the "All Circles", you can have the "Family" circle.

How do you do that?

I cannot find a way on my Galaxy Nexus.

Is that "PhotoShoped"?

siddart says:

Tap the vertical 3 dots button in the upper right-hand corner and browse to "Choose circles".

redbullcat says:

Overflow/Menu button, Choose Circles, then choose whichever circle you'd like to see.

antman85 says:

Loving the update. Great work Google, looks awesome.

dkotoric says:

it just poped up under my apps on my unlocked international HTC One X on att

Aw i don't get that beautiful animation when scrolling through the post. Sigh. I need to upgrade from my OG Evo. Sigh.

coronaboy10 says:

Nice. I think it now looks better than the desktop version by far.

dubdrop says:

I actually don't like it it. Its like they designed it for the blind.

dalvik says:

Wait... "Our iOS-loving pals got this one a couple weeks ago, " what??? Why google updates iOS first not their own Android OS????

Shadowriver says:

Maybe iOS team was simply faster :>

icebike says:

More likely only a few models to test on.

A winner is you!

dbattenfl says:

I agree. Why in the hell is Google updating and releasing the iOS app first. That just plays into the whole "iOS gets everything first" iOS releases should follow Android releases by at least 30 days.

Hell, with Apples attitude, Google should be pulling all the iOS apps. I don't think it will happen, but would love for it too.

Oh Wait!... Apple will soon be blocking all connections to Google services from iOS. Never Mind

dalvik says:

tell me about it! I'm very annoyed by the fact "iOS gets everything first" This is actually one of the reasons I bought an iPad (i'd never get an iphone though.)
just look at this: ME infiltrator was already on iOS for a long time and I replayed it at least like 10 times before it came out on android just what, two days ago?....

I totally understand why they did the G+ update on ios first now. On my iPhone 4s last week the Google app was updated to use the full screen and swipe gestures. The G+ update did the same they are very cohesive now. On my GNex Google has already been unifying the experience. Am so glad to see this on my bigger screen. Has anyone checked what it looks like on a tablet yet?

technomom says:

I don't like it. Too cluttered and busy, hard on the eyes, especially trying to read the white text on a photo background. Much like the Play Store, it sucks for <4" displays.

scaots says:

I dont like it. Much harder to actually read content since less is displayed. There is also no indication if a picture shown is part of a gallery set or the only one. I might not be using the Android app for + anymore which means I will hardly use it. It appears to be orienting to only a photo sharing app since even posts without photos show only 2 lines of text

StaplesJohn says:

Looks and feels great...

chaso says:

That's what she said, my good friend.

richardpandy says:

Thanks, but no thanks.

jldandrea says:

Looks a little cluttered to me. They'll have to flesh it out and make it more readable.

KidCuda says:

It'd be nice if tablet users got some love too...

Eldwafio says:

I've just updated this on my tablet S and it's horrible. Works great on my Xperia Ray but on the tablet, the pictures only go halfway across the screen in landscape and you're left with a huge black block to fill up the space. The pictures look horribly stretched and low res too. Wish they'd have put a separate tablet update through or left it as is.

Rigelian says:

I agree. The app looks absolutely horrible on a tablet. Google needs to focus on getting a tablet version out as soon as possible.

I still have "Incoming" stream on my tablet because I refused the previous major update... no way I'm dumping that. Handy stream - still don't know why they want to dump it.

n0obpr0 says:

why did I update the application...I dislike the new design, it sucks ;(

bagarwa says:

Yep. The design is too much "in your face". The 'stack slide in' animation at the bottom of the screen as you scroll down, is cool. But other than that, I'm hating it.

JosephRoach says:

Simply amazing, and great review btw.

In iOS land the Google experience was sort of jumbled. Wasn't cohesive. Now it is. I think Google saw something broke and they fixed it. Simple. We get used to google changing things up on us here. Over in ios land not so much. They are a finicky bunch. I was reaching for my iPhone more to check G+ because the app was so slick. Not any more.

Dirty Crow says:

Love it!

rizzman says:

Hate it! Bring back the older version.

mflava#AC says:

Love it! You go Google!

initialjdg says:

Haven't checked it out on the phone yet but on the tablet it's complete garbage. Don't update the tablet.

This is a seriously sexy update! Facebook really needs to copy off them lol!

LadyDi says:

I am middle ground about it so far and using it on a MT4G. I will test it on the tab now after reading all the comments in this post about it.

ki11ak3nn says:

I read a few reviews of people saying that the pics on Google+ on the G-Nex looked blurry and stuff. Pics look clear as day for me.