Bank of America

Users can now pay credit card bills with external checking accounts and manage Bill Pay.

The Bank of America app for Android phones has been updated with a few very important features. Users can now make credit card payments using checking accounts at other banks, as long as the external accounts have already been set up using Online Banking (accessible using any web browser -- such as Google Chrome).

The BofA app also gains the ability to add, edit and delete Bill Pay accounts. Money can now be sent through the app using an email address or phone number, with users being able to add their own email address or phone number to receive money. Finally, Platinum Privileges clients get their very own Call Me Now feature as well.

Update now through the Play Store, or download the Bank of America app using the Play Store link above.


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Bank of America app updated with send and receive money, new payment tools


This app needs to get holofied quick. Its ui right now is not that appealing.

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Their bank app is very secure and due to its sensitive nature I think they will focus on security first then looks. Me as a daily user of this app don't mind that one bit. Plus the current look is not bad. I actually like it.

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I sware some people just love to complain about everything possible. Its so annoying. Just be happy their making improvements. Thanks BOA.

I like their Bank app, but I still use the full site.
When you pay your mortgage, you have an option to add extra to the payment.
That option is still not there within the app.
I learned you cannot pay extra on your mortgage unless you state that.
It is still nice to see BoA making improvements though.

Very true. On the website you can specify how much you want to go towards principle and not just financing. I hope they update that soon. Although lately I have just been paying the minimum and doing a direct transfer.

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Bank of America is a pack of underhanded scumbags. The US should have never bailed them out in the first place. If one hasn't found a Credit Union with decent interest bearing accounts; they're pretty much financial fools.

So hows that work? They over-lend mortgages to unverified borrowers with the intent to skip qualification requirements. This causes the housing market to crash when borrows never had the funds to afford the loan BOA and others were eager to give. They lose money due to their shady lending practices but the US government decides to go ahead and hand them bail-outs so their Corporate office can divide the money and pay out huge bonuses to each other.

Yeah... That's a real win... To big to fail is a joke.

If the concern an individual has for their financial institution is what apps they have available in the Android market, it's a sure be that they don't have much to look at in the first place.

Send institutions like BOA a wake up call. As long as we continue to support them, their business ethics will never change.

Wow, you sound really stupid and ignorant with your nonsense rant. Butthurt much?? Did you overdraft on your account when you decided to pig out at mcdonalds and are pissed off because they didnt waive the fee?

Do your homework and get your facts straight instead of reading the bs you read off the onion or fox news.

The government didnt bail them out, they didnt even need a bailout, the government GAVE it to them because all the other banks were in on it when AIG was going under. The government bailed out citibank, so to play nice, they told all the other banks to follow along so there was no favoritism. What happened? The money all the banks took turned into mergers to "save the economy". What did bofa do with the money? They bought out a corrupted company with shady executives that were giving out sub prime loans to people who were part time employed at taco bell. Bofa took a huge hit at the time and saw an opportunity to clean house and make the market a better place. Did they succeed? Absolutely.

Its this kind of nonsense where people point fingers and assume based off ignorant newsfeeds.

Please. Someone's a little bit jaded. The US government didn't force anyone to take that money, including Bank of America. I recall them offering bailout money to Chevrolet, which was taken, and then Ford Motor Company turned around and said "No thank you. We're OK." I'm not saying the BofA didn't want the money, but they didn't need it. Here's how you can tell: when Congress got their panties in a bunch over BofA rewarding executives with exorbitant bonuses, while borrowing billions of dollars from the American taxpayers, all the money was quickly paid back and they began posting billion dollar quarterly profits again. Doesn't that seem fishy? And they didn't buy Countrywide as a public service. Every thing they do is designed to make money. They are a publicly traded company. That is their job. They are not a charitable organization, out to help the American people out of the goodness of their hearts. When BofA is required to pay the majority of a 25 billion dollar settlement against banks for mortgage ineptitude, you can pretty much bank on the fact that they are not an altruistic company. They are up to some shady stuff and they got caught this time.

And for the record I don't usually watch Fox News. I consider them, along with many other news channels, to be an abomination to truly unbiased news. This isn't a political issue, though. It's a corporate greed issue.

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Let's be clear...BoA was not "bailed out". They were not "given" any money. They paid back every penny plus over $1 billion in interest.

Countrywide made all the bad mortgages and when they went down the toilet BoA bought the smoking remains.

Get your facts straight idiot. Use your Android phone to look it up!

Let's be crystal clear here: BofA received 45B in TARP funds. They were GIVEN that money in the hopes that they would pay it back, but with no guarantee that they would. They actually paid back an extra 4.5B, though not all of that is in straight cash. BofA ABSOLUTELY made bad mortgages, as did dozens of banks, including Countrywide. They bought Countrywide in 2008. Do you think no bad loans were made from 2008 forward? If you do then you're wrong. Because it happened much sooner than you believe, it should be noted that Countrywide was not going "down the toilet". BofA paid over 4B for Countrywide. That seems like a lot of money for some smoking remains.

If paying back the money you received means you never actually got the bailout money to begin with, then I'm curious as to who you think got any of the bailout money? Here's who you CAN't say got any, since they have all paid it back just like BofA:
PNC, Capital One, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, M&T Bank, Comerica, City National, BB&T, Fifth Third Bank, Regions, Suntrust, US Bancorp, Morgan Stanley... there's lots more but I think the point is clear. If you pay off a car loan then you get the title, free and clear. That doesn't mean you can go around and say that you've never had a car loan before.

Maybe idiots living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Here are some places YOU can go on YOUR Android phone to get educated, lest you open your mouth and make a fool of yourself again:

The CBS News website - search for "why banks paid back bailout funds" and watch the 60 Minutes video
Propublica. org - search for "BofA" or "bailout"

My mortgage was with a mortgage company when I bought my house. BoA in turn bought the mortgage.
Some of us are with them not by choice. I just learned to make the best of what I have to work with.

I don't get why they are still not in Holo theme. BofA is not a no-name company and certanly could do better. Even the dialog box style is from Android 2.3 (annoying how OK and Cancel are reversed)