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When it comes to oversized Android statues on Google's Mountain View campus, generally Building 44 is where the action is. There's one for each major version outside the home of the Android team, from Cupcake through to Jelly Bean.

But now it seems there's some competition from just across the street. According to Googler Paul Wilcox, who posted the shot above on Google+, this looming, chromed-out Bugdroid statue now peers out from the neighboring Building 45.

We wouldn't read too much into a chrome Android arriving on the Google campus -- after all, we've had Chrome for Android for almost a year. But it's certainly cool to see Google's crazy statue budget isn't going unspent while we wait for a new arrival outside Building 44.

Source: +Paul Wilcox


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Bad-ass chrome Bugdroid peers from Google's Building 45


Let me get one of those and put it on one of my friends backyard..haha oh the confusion it will cause...its a fudging chrome ufo..trolol

Android 5.0 will be Mobile only android and when on desk at work, home or whereever it will become Chrome OS, meaning you have also a Personal least I would wish that and ditch my computers only to have one Gadget that rules them all.

Wouldn't surprise me. The PadFone, Ubuntu for Phones, Atrix definitely showed great potential for this feature in future devices. Would be great if they added something like this directly into Android. Another theory is that they'll add Android app compatibility to Chrome across all platforms. Would be cooler if it coincides with the next Android release.

My guess is that Google is finally going to merge ChromeOS and Android. It would make a lot of sense. Right now Chromebooks are at least somewhat successful, and while many people are getting more comfortable with the idea of leaving Microsoft, I think many people still aren't sure about ChromeOS out there doing it's on thing and barely related to Google's other much more popular operating system.

By making ChromeOS Android based(and bring Android apps along), the platform could gain a lot of legitimacy in the eyes of unsure consumers. Not to mention the addition of Android apps would really help out with the lack of software on ChromeOS. Cheap Android based Chromebooks would probably sell very well and could easily be a death blow for an already hobbled Microsoft.

Just curious, but if Building 44 is where most of the Android action takes place (and placement of all the previous statues), what is the focus of the work that takes place in Building 45?

Or how about we be seriously radical........and they put that statue there because they wanted to and its cool. Simple ;-P

Maybe it's just wrapped in aluminum foil. Lots of candy comes wrapped in aluminum foil, one that comes to mind is Hershey's "K“isses. To me the statute would be a lot more shiny if it was chrome.

It would be interesting to know what happens in Building 45.

The Android team is based in Building 44, hence the plethora of statues referencing the different flavours of the OS.

Does the Chrome OS project run out of Building 45? Is this Google hinting at the future of Chrome being linked to the future of Android?

Android apps running inside of Chrome would be my guess. They'll leave the two OS's separate (as we all know that a touch-dedicated OS does not mix with a traditional input interface... ahem Windows 8...). However, one of the issues with the Chrome OS is the lack of native applications. Throw in the ability to run Android apps and it's a potential game changer for Chrome OS.

I'm probably wrong... I normally am...

If Chrome Browser is run out of Building 45, that could be simply a sign that Chrome is coming out of beta for Android. I want to lean towards the more ambitious predictions above, but the place where Chrome is on Android in it's beta and the changes between the last beta and the current one might suggest otherwise.

Chrome on Android is not in Beta anymore. There's a full release version and the recently released Beta stream... or am I talking nonsense?

Not talking nonsense, but there is another Chrome Beta going on that's a pretty major release with all kinds of lovelies! WebGL, for instance.

Maybe the Android team is having some fun with the folks in building 45. From inside it probably looks like a chrome ... that's no moon!

I posted this on another site but I still think this could happen.

I have feeling it's going to be Google's take on Moto's Webtop. When 5.0 hits it will include a feature that when you dock your phone and plug it into a monitor/TV it will launch Chrome OS.

I would love it if this could happen and I can't wait to try this out with Ubuntu OS!

Do we know that's real, and not just a fancy photoshop? Maybe it's ray tracing, cause the sky seems odd, the way it's black and blue.

I believe that Google is working towards having an integrated system between Chrome OS and Android as Microsoft is doing with Windows 8 and Windows Phone, Apple with Mac OS Mountain Lion and the iOS and the soon to be seen Mozilla OS and Firefox.

Now that the Chromebook Pixel has been launched, has anyone revised their opinion on the meaning of the Chrome Bugdroid and what we might expect to see at Google IO?