Google Play Movies

Good news for our friends down under, as Australia now has access to Google Play Movies, as you can see by this screen shot. There's still a pretty big empty spot there, though, and that'd be for Google Music. Will we see expansion outside the U.S. any time now? Let's hope.

Thanks, James!

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"jack and Jill"? why would we send them that? Are we at war with Australia?

theblackbuck says:

I lol'd!

Jezz_X says:

heh I posted this in the news section of the forum about 22 hours ago :( Mostly because I can't seem to find a "contact us" on the site to send it too oh well

gtr73 says:

But not for rooted devices. :-(

williamj1 says:

Give the UK Google Music. It's all that's missing.


Give us something I'm dying over here