Apple v Samsung is everywhere, you can't escape it. This TeamCoco video that aired on Conan O Brien is a little different though and proceeds to make light of the whole thing. Take a look, and for a short time forget about all the bad stuff.

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Apple v Samsung trial makes it to Conan in comedic fashion


They should show that video in court. It proves Samsung DID NOT copy the iphone. They just put a Samsung logo on the front of an iphone.

i like how they didn't show them in scale next to each other to make them look more like one another and they didn't show and pre iphone and ipad touch screen devices that the iphone also looks like. hypocrites

Now everyone that watches this that doesn't stay up to date on this kind of stuff is actually going to believe Apple's claims are true..dangit

actually, Samsung did get a lot of its inspiration from iPhone in order to lure customers over. that much is obvious, and it's just good business. all hail Stephan Jobes.

Well no one can deny that companies will take inspiration from what's working in the existing market. What really defines the innovative companies is when they take that inspiration and improve upon it. Samsung may have taken some design inspiration from Apple on flow lines for some of their products but they improved their designs beyond what Apple had done. On the other hand, Apple took design inspiration from Android on some of their iOS features and not only did not improve them but actually handicapped them by comparison.

As if Apple didn't get a whole lot of inspiration from every other bit of technology in the mobile space before making the iPhone. They don't just copy one thing, they copy 100, into a Frankenstein, and claim originality. That's the issue. It's the pot calling the kettle black. Damned cookware racists is what they are.

I haven't quite figured out why people in the entertainment industry always seem to love Apple.

Most of them can't think for themselves and have to be led around like children, which is just the kind of customer Apple loves and the people their tech is aimed at.

If you've ever looked into the "bags" they get at awards shows and other events they always get an ipod. It's very good marketing by Apple.

They make good stuff, and there's always some lawsuit or controversy or rumor involving them, so there's always something to talk about. Also, the general population likes Apple, and viewer interest == more advertising dollars.

I think it shows just how fucking dumb the average idiet is off the street, they think Apple (I-Phone) is the so called father to the smartphone just from all the publicity that Apple has generated. When comics that no nothing about what goes on in this business believe this bull shit it shows how hard this is going to be for Samsung in court. The average shit head Judge thinks along these same lines. Apple can tell the I-Sheep it is raining out when in reality it is just these same Sheep pissing in the wind and they still believe. Samsung needs to get that evidence which was not allowed due to being late into their case, Samsung better have 1st rate lawyers who know the phone business not just trial lawyers. How the hell can a quality lawyer be late introducing the most important evidence in their case, even being late how does a equal minded Judge allow this evidence not allowed, late or not they can allow the other side time to investigate this evidence, we are not talking a murder case. This entire case stinks. Apple has lost my entire family as customers, they are without a doubt the worst American based company, If that is why they are receiving all these special treatments then people should realize that all their products are made overseas in the worst sweatshops in the world. They treat their workers worse then slaves. Do some of your own investigative work and you will be surprised or maybe you won't.

I like when people spell idiot wrong.

A judge is a little more educated than you may think. They follow the law. Copyrights are written for reasons. If someone violates a copyright, they are in the wrong. As simple as that.

The only issue I have is that Apple likes to copyright everything, even if it has be used for years by multiple companies without being copyrighted.

Apple is all about good marketing. The phones are simple to use, are reliable, and since they are everywhere, it's even easier to connect to one another with the same device.

IPhone accounts for 20% of the market. Android makes up close to 60%. Samsung is half of that. Just because apple is marketed well doesn't mean they're as "everywhere" as you think. There are a lot of people with an android phone. Most of them do infringe on apples patents. The problem is apple didn't invent or even buy the tech they are patenting. They implement existing tech in their devices and patent it as their own. Wait a year or 2, then sue.

Someone needs to fix this.

I take some offense to your comment, not all iPhone users are just following, I for example owned Android devices for years and dumped them for iOS not because I like Apple, it is simply because iOS is far better and more stable than Android in my opinion. I do not miss the lag and restarts one bit!

You picked the wrong time to jump ship. Jellybean kicks the grave worms out of Steve Jobs' corpse of a smartphone. No lag, no restarts, no battery issues, more features, more access, more competition.

The Conan skit is pretty funny... but in the real life trial... I still think Apple's claims are retarded.

Not a Samsung fan but A: this video just showed that Samsung products look like i products nothing more, and B: Doesn't Samsung supple apple with the technology inside iproducts?

I was 100% behind Coco during the Tonight show brouhaha, but in all fairness I never considered him particularly funny. This clip with the pathetic laugh track kind of reinforces my opinion...

I think Samsung should stop supplying Apple with internal components like the flash memory, DRAM, and the applications processor until Apple drops their frivolous lawsuit against them. Apple wants to stop the sale of some Samsung devices lets see Apple sell their products with no memory, processors, or even some displays for the iPad. Just saying Apple shouldn't bite the hand that feeds them. I really hope this all blows up in Apples face for being sue happy. It really makes me think of a little kid throwing a tantrum because they aren't getting all the attention anymore. Their products are outdated, under powered, and boring. Apple is failing at trying to play catch up to Samsung and they don't like that. Apples motto if you can't beat em, sue em.