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Apple has lost its appeal against a UK ruling in its long-running suit against Samsung, and will have to wear a little egg on its face for a while — a month, to be specific.

Back in July, the British High Court ruled that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab devices were not infringing Apple’s design patents, in part because Samsung’s devices were not as “cool”.

Thanks to this backhanded compliment of sorts, Apple was ordered to run ads saying Samsung has not infringed its rights, and to place a link for a month on its website to a notice affirming this. Naturally, Apple appealed against the decision, and today appeal judges ruled not to overturn the decision. According to reports from BBC News, the three judges said Apple had to “correct” the copycat label slapped on Samsung. “The acknowledgment must come from the horse’s mouth,” they said.

While Apple can still appeal to the UK's Supreme Court, ultimately it's just one chapter in the global legal conflict against Samsung’s Android devices, which has taken the companies to the US, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Australia. It's also a something of a coup for Samsung in light of its recent $1.05 billion fine for software and design patent infringements regarding the iPhone in the US.

Elsewhere, it’s been much less successful. In June, the Dutch court decided that Apple had to pay Samsung for infringing a patent related to how the iPad and iPhone connects to the Internet.

And last year in Australia, Apple wasn’t granted its wish to prevent Samsung from selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the country.

Source: BBC News

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wetsqueegee says:

This made my day

onezerofive says:

WaaaAAaaAAAaaAAaaaaAAaaaAARRRR GoOgLE!! --- I know it's samsung, but any Android related win, is scrapped up to google in my books!!

mwara244 says:

It's nice to see the rest of the world's courts can't be bought like the American judicial system. Seriously the United States needs to take money and corporations out of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial systems, its becoming the sadist joke of the world and for America's Forefathers.

agmsd says:

If Samsung is winning or not losing so bad in every court house around the globe, doesn't that mean that the ruling from the US court against Samsung with 1.05 Billion USD is a lot. Doesn't it mean that the US patent law and courts are fvcked up?!

mssca says:

Also it should show the world how "American Democracy" works.

Cube1701 says:

This UK court case only applies to the Galaxy Tab - which the US court also decided didn't infringe any patents.

madchild3 says:

I can only dream that other courts/judges/juries be as creative with their rulings. Isn't that how we were thought? Or how we teach our kids? We lie and when caught we have to fess up, in public, and we learn through shame and self-humiliation. After all, one causes our own grief by telling stories, right? :)

worwig says:


Love it.

Hopefully the Samsung appeal over the US loss will take place away from the Apple home office where everyone was rooting for the home team, right or wrong.

Didn't the judge say samsungs's tablet was not cool enough to have been a copy of the iPad, or am I wrong?

*Ignore this dude... he only shows up to troll articles that have to do with Apple*

I'm sorry. I didn't realize I was not allowed to have an opinion. Did I not say anything that was not true?

cliffy says:

Um, if you're providing a source link to prove this then why the hell were you just asking if this were true? Doesn't seem to help your I'm-not-trolling case. Just saying...

Also. if you read the article here, he makes mention of it not being as "cool".

Wasn't sure at first. Had to look for sources.

Incitatus says:

Shouldn't you be leaving for home from your Cupertino cubicle soon?

brendilon says:

Was what Joe said untrue? From the posts of yours that I've seen, I'd have to say he was right. You have a right to your opinion. Just as Joe and others have a right to call you out for trolling or fanboyism.

You have posted a link... you are officially a troll.

Wasn't sure at first. Had to look for sources.
18 min ago
I'm sorry. I didn't realize I was not allowed to have an opinion. Did I not say...
31 min ago
I am glad you like the iPhone. I do however dislike bashing from either side. I...
1 hour ago
Didn't the judge say samsungs's tablet was not cool enough to have been a copy of...
2 hours ago
How is the iPhone broken?
1 day ago
Without promised updates, I'm glad for the android development team :)
2 days ago
2 days ago
I applaud you sir :)
2 days ago
Wow. Way to stereotype people. Tell me, what credentials do you have that makes...
2 days ago
Well said. ;)
2 days ago
Doesn't that indicate which tablet consumers want more?
2 days ago
May have wanted to choose a better app like infinity blade.
2 days ago
To play devils advocate, what have OEMs done that is really innovative?
2 days ago
We all trust your anecdote as fact. Sigh.
2 days ago
Is that why it outsold the iPad? ;)

Your past comments on Android Central... All either about Apple, the Iphone/Ipad or Samsung/Apple lawsuits. You..... are.... a.... troll.

So sorry that you are taking this personally. From now on, I will have an irrational hatred for apple and love everything google does.

I am not saying you aren't entitled to your opinion. But why are you on an android based site spewing about how great Apple is... and you don't expect any backlash from that? This is an android site and the majority of the content is about android, but you only show up when their are articles that are "con apple"... 0_o

PS. I have an Imac at home and and design on a Mac Pro at work... I do not hate Apple, but this is a Android site, not iMore.

So, you would rather I stick to one os? Sorry, I like android too as we'll as windows 8 phone. Just like technology in general.

I'm glad for android that there is always new stuff coming out.

Ps. I didn't read the article at first. My bad

Ok now you are arguing just to argue... How did I say you should stick to one OS? I just said I use multiple. But I don't go on iMore and talk up Android and make witty comments about the downfalls of Android, because I don't want to start shit, just for the sake of starting shit.

Also... you didn't read the article before commenting... and you don't want to be known as a troll.

No need to be so upset. No one is attacking you.

No need to assume I am upset. People that disagree with you and make valid points on the internet aren't necessarily mad.

Well. As respect to AC, I will sign off. No need to take up room on the discussion board.

Probably for the best.

Very well-handled, Joe. Additionally, who cares if a judge calls an Android device "not as cool". Judges and/or Apple fans can call my Galaxy Nexus "uncool" all day long, but I happen to know that it is HEAD AND SHOULDERS ABOVE IPHONE 5 on the "cool" scale. I don't need their validation to absolutely ADORE and appreciate my phone. :-)

Incitatus says:

I have said it before, I truly believe that you are an Apple employee, paid to slander Android.

Why else would you visit this website several times a day, just to start fires?

dchawk81 says:

This article needs proofread.

This comment need proofread...

ISS2 says:

Lolololol! Touche'...

miiike says:

In his defense ALL articles on AC seem to be posted before any proof reading or spell check happens. I even e-mailed AC asking for a little more "editing" to happen only to get a sarcastic reply. And articles on here continue to look like they are written by 3rd graders.

Alex Dobie says:

And yet you're still reading :)

Yah... I found that interesting myself.

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accordngs says:

Question to those actually following this stuff:

Has Apple been victorious with all these patent BS wars in any jurisdiction besides their own back yard of Northern California?

Shadowriver says:

I think againts Samsung they win in gemany and forced Samsung to change look of there tablet

veii says:

Its strange how things like justice and common sense are so subjective. Or how incompetent and up for sale some systems are.

IDC7 says:

Today I'll have sweet dreams...

Justice has prevailed in the European Union. Now, it's time for justice to prevail here in the United States. Time for Judge Koh to reverse the verdict of the jury-of-one, or to throw out the verdict and order a new trial.

Just read an interesting comment on appleinsider regarding this story.... "Interesting how most rulings outside of Apples home turf seem to go against apple. Personally I feel that at the start Apple was right, their ideas were ripped off. Sadly the newer Samsung devices are not nearly as much a copy and so the rulings on past wrongs are going to be harder & harder to fight."

I may be interpreting this wrong, but it SOUNDS like this Apple fanboy is SAD that Android continues to distinguish itself more and more from Apple products, in order to avoid more idiotic lawsuits.

drnggaj13 says:

i dont know how apple didnt lose in the usa with the same thing makes me sick i swear

JobiWan144 says:

In the recent lawsuit in the US, about the only thing Samsung won was that the Galaxy Tabs didn't infringe on the iPad. I think everything Apple won had to do with Samsung infringing on the iPhone.

barondebxl says:

Suck on that apple.

arby80 says:

It's good to see American capitalism backed up in the courts... Oh wait.

Ogabriel says:

in your face Apple!!!

pinyin_samu says:

Great news! The Apple's boomerang.
Apple loses in all continents, except USA. Remarkable, isn't it? This says a lot about the objectivity and operation of the American courts.

Hope Apple will think twice in the future and work on new inovative products and not suing it's co-partners and opponents. Because the courts-fights are against innovation, new products and very bad for the consumer.