Apple and Samsung

Apple and Samsung announced in a joint statement that they have agreed to end patent litigation outside the US. The two companies have been engaged in patent disputes in nine countries outside the US, including Australia, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Netherlands, UK, France and Italy.

Both organisations have been at loggerheads with one another over alleged patent fraud — Apple claimed that Samsung copied its iPhone design, while Samsung hit back stating that Apple infringed upon its wireless transmission patents.

Patent litigation will continue between the two smartphone giants in the US as Samsung and Apple have announced that they will not be venturing into any licensing agreements in the country. Apple already managed to secure over $1 billion in damages in two patent related lawsuits thus far in the US, one in 2012 for $929 million and the other earlier this year for $120 million.

Both Samsung and Apple combined have accounted for 109.7 million smartphone shipments in the second quarter of 2014, with Samsung selling 74.5 million handsets and the Cupertino giant 35.2 million devices worldwide. The move to bring an end to their patent litigation outside the US stems from the fact that neither organization has managed to secure an outright victory thus far. While there doesn't seem to be an end in sight for the patent disputes within the US, today's settlement at least shows that both organisations are willing to negotiate to a certain extent.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


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Apple and Samsung agree to end patent litigation outside the US


"The move to bring an end to their patent litigation outside the US stems from the fact that neither organization has managed to secure an outright victory thus far." Well, other than Apple being forced to put "we suck and lied about Samsung" on their own webpage. Oh, and Apple losing in every single country except the USA, which will eventually get overturned then quietly ignored by the Apple biased valley press since the damages were awarded based on a STILL invalid patent.

Only in US courts, every other court in the world rejected that silly claim. Hmm.. Apple is a "US" corporation that pays millions to the ruling democrat party in "campaign contributions". Any coincidence? They also get away with paying practically no corporate tax as a direct result of their payoffs to the democrats, but that's another matter altogether.

Are you really that blind? They're following the tax laws as they are written, so no "payoffs" are needed.
Silly claim? Do some research on the first Galaxy phone before showing your fanboyism. They copied Apple right down to their 30-pin connector.

Apple owns the concept of 30 pins? Who knew? Should Samsung have gone with 29 pins? How about 31? I suppose you also think Apple should be the only vendor that can put a physical home button on the front of their phone.

By this logic, every TV company has the right to sue apple for copying flatscreen technology then, thin rectangular screens with round edges and a button on the front and sides.

You are thinking of the original Galaxy Tab, not the first Galaxy phone. The first Galaxy (i7500) used a microUSB connector just like everything else in the Galaxy phone line.

So by what your saying is Ford could sue every other car company out there since they all put tires and a motor in a buggy just like Ford?

Basically, we're the only country that will allow these pointless legal shenanigans to carry on. Everybody else is fed up... GO 'MURICA?

In the only land that considers corporations as people, it's no wonder why!

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Corporations have almost fully infiltrated the US government. EX-Employees of Corporations run the Agencies assigned to oversight the very companies they were made to watch over. Monsanto is in the FDA, Goldman Sachs in the FTC and Treasury, Wheeler of the FCC was head of the biggest Telecomm lobby, and the list goes own.

Corporations are making record profits from a broken system and will keep it that way by paying off our representatives, and securing jobs for employees in the regulation sectors of the government. US citizens have to unite over this to make it stop, money should not equal more influence over real people.

I'm French so I don't know who you're saying « we're » to.

Anyways, your country has more important matters to deal with than this silly and childish back and forth game between Apple and Samsung. Apple is just a greedy company that can't get it's head on straight and Samsung just tries to one up everyone in an immature way.

I hate touch wiz and iOS was designed for a five year old

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Heh, I meant USA even though I'm Puerto Rican, which is a territory but not entirely part of the US but that's a whole other story (sorta like Taiwan's status except PR leans the opposite way, towards complete integration).

Anyway, I was being tongue in cheek or ironic (hence the silly go America bit), I agree with you tho, it's senseless that the courts and the patent office continue to allow them to drag this our.

If you are apple, why keep this up when others can and will do far more damages to samsung than they ever could. Let all the chinse oem's eat them up.

I suggest Tim Cook and the Samsung CEO joust for it. We could call it "The Kindergarten of Billionaires".

Awesome AC.

How so, Xiaomi is a Chinese company, where Apple has no chance of winning anything, and since Xiaomi has no plans of releasing any of their phones in the US, there is nothing that Apple can do. When you see companies like Xiaomi manufacture nice smartphones for a fraction of what you pay for Samsung and Apple devices, you can see the writing on the wall. Apples status symbol is slowly fading, their new iPhone 6 will retail close to $1,000, good luck with that price, when competitors can sell devices for a fraction of that.

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When the Chinese goverment(s) allow completely bogus "Apple" stores to exist and blatently steal and use patented technology etc. from every industry known to man Apple knows they can't do sh*t there. Also, as you mentioned Xiaomi and other Chinese OEM's have no need or intention to sell within the USA or UK. At least not officially.