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After launching a new version of its website recently, AppBrain has brought many of the new sorting features to its Android app. In addition, AppBrain now has a social element so you can follow other users to quickly browse what apps they have installed. You can log in to Facebook to see if your friends use AppBrain (they should!) or browse by popular users. Also, you can share a link to your profile quickly via email, Twitter, SMS, and just about every other mode of communication on your phone. The free update is on the Market now. Click past the break for the usual Market link (with QR code!), more screenshots, and even a list of the Android Central writers so you can follow us in AppBrain. [AppBrain blog]

New sort features  New category features New filter features Main social screen

Options to find people to follow Recommend apps

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Reader comments

AppBrain launches new version with social baked in


It's a replacement for the android market. they have taken the liberty of filtering most if the crap in the market. Hot apps and recommended for you. A web installer so you can install apps on your phones from your desktop. And more and more and more....

From what I can tell, it doesn't do jack. I installed on my Samsung Sc and continually get failed downloads, so off it went.

My buttons aren't black on gradient blue, but white on gradient blue since the update, so they're impossible to read. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? They sure don't look like the screenshots. I'm on a Droid 2.

I'm willing to bet that that has to do with Moto's theming of Android with Blur. It has a negative affect on many apps where buttons went from dark on light or vice versa to dark on dark or light on light. I don't know if it's Moto's fault or the fault of the app devs, but it even happens in Google's apps.

When trying to update, I am getting process has stopped unexpectedly. i have to force close.

EVO 4 G and I am about to wipe and start over with this thing.

I'm having the same issue as grubish, on the Incredible. The Market is attempting to download via the phone, but never makes progress...also curiously doesn't put anything in the status bar. When i click to cancel downloading, the error message is: "The application Market (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. I then select 'force close'. Go back in, and it's trying all over again.