The name we all know for dial-up internet is now bringing news to our smart phones

In an attempt to ride its memorable brand name for as long as possible, AOL has just released a full-fledged news reading app on Android. Not unlike many other apps in this genre, the Flipboard-esque interface lets you casually scroll through top news broken down by category. Entertainment, food, health, money, sports and others are all represented here, and AOL says that if you're signed in the content will tailor to you over time as you use it.

Beyond just news, the new AOL app gives you access to a full AOL email experience on both phones and tablets within the app. While its odd that it wouldn't break this out into a separate app, it's there and accessible right from the top bar. The whole interface is pretty standard and doesn't exactly make us want to drop everything and start using it as our primary news reader, but it is a first release after all.

If you're used to the AOL news ecosystem and want to give the app a shot, it is now available in the Play Store.

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AOL releases news app for Android - yes, really


I'm 16 and I have watched the movie more than 2 times :P :) Its a really an entertaining movie!

It'd be totally awesome if it started up with the sound of a dial up modem connecting.

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Lol. There was noting so full of hope but ultimately delivering despair as the sound of a modem dialing.

I actually have that ring tone on my phone. I assign it to people I'd just as soon avoid talking to, (but probably have to).

Still less annoying than the ringtone that some of the Droids shipped with. Sounded like a Michael Bay Transformers orgy.

T-Mobile speeds are fine here in Connecticut! Hartford, Waterbury, New Haven, speeds are great!

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Do they have an age verification section before you install the app. I'm pretty sure you have to be at least 60 to still be rocking an aol email address:)

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My whole family still rocking AOL email address. Matter of fact my AOL is my primary address then Google

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Ahh...I tried downloading it, but I don't think I'll be keeping it very long,...not into celebrity worship news.

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I used to use Net Zero dialup back in teh daze. AOL was too rich for my cheap @$$. Wonder if they're going to have an app, too?

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Are you kidding? AOL actually owns a pretty decent selection of media outlets, including the tech juggernaut Engadget. Talk all the noise you want, but AOL is going to be around for awhile.

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I think many people forget AOL owns one of the biggest tech sites on the net.

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You're analogy is confused. Are you saying that Engadget is Pamela Anderson?

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No - he's saying Engadget is **a poster of** Pamela Anderson. Makes way more sen...... never mind. No it doesn't.

This is the AOL news thingy that was set up in reaction to Google Reader going bye-bye, right?

No, jelly bean 4.1+, and it's only in America I think

Posted via Android central app on my LG Google Nexus 4

Nah. Prodigy was so much better. CompuServe fanboys (fanmen?) are so annoying.

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AOL & Sprint team up to re-create the ultimate late-90's internet experience. BTW, why does this app keep asking for a credit card number? LOL

I once got a marketing call from these asshats asking me to sign up for their service, after yelling at them to that I don't want it, the punk on the otherside signed me up anyway. I got charged $23 afterward and had to call up to cancel.

They still owe me that money.