We're starting to think Verizon's advertising team has been dipping into the holiday cheer a little too early. The latest edition to their Photoshop fail collection has the Samsung Continuum showing up online with some vital pieces missing. Namely, the ticker at the bottom appears to not exist, along with the capacitive buttons. And that comes hot on the heels of the Droid X running iOS. The good news is that this (mostly) was fixed pretty quickly. (There's still a tiny bad thumbnail on VZW's site.) [Verizon via Engadget]

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icebike says:

Seriously, how is this news?
Why waste time scrutinizing every pixel on every ad...?

Seriously, get a sense of humor.

enzofall says:

These guys have post after post of great articles with a great site and you have to complain about ONE light story. C'mon cut them a break...

dwt10 says:

well i mean, they kinda, you know, screwed up the entire individuality of the device. it just has a big screen now.

mputtr says:

verizon needs to fire their graphics artist team imo :)

Oh well....Who needs buttons anyways.....off with their heads!!

This is news with Gingerbread knocking on our doors. Are you guys in bed with engadget?