Twitter for Android

Looks like Android's "official" Twitter client just got updated. Here's what's new:

  • Timeline now maintains its position when you exit/enter the app.
  • Tapping on a map thumbnail now opens to a full screen map.
  • Fixed crashes when in landscape mode.
  • App refreshes with latest Tweets upon launch.
  • Other various bug fixes.

Good fixes, all. You can update directly in the Android Market, or we have download links after the break.


Reader comments

Android's official Twitter app updated


What they need to fix is the fact that with the last update I only randomly clicked on the search button in the app only to find out that that's where they show Trending Topics. Which annoys me because I'm never really sure how updated that is... becasue I cant manually update the search field

nice! i dont twit that much i just follow, but i love thier support better then facebook for android.

Still no multiple accounts, and still no move to SD. Do they read the comments people leave in the Market...?

A good thing. I've been having trouble with receiving tweets and with the timeline not updating itself. I don't want to have to manually update my timeline all the time.

Does it always seem that it has to go looking for tweets when you open it. Not a huge issue but its a pain when it does this and I cant see the ones its downloaded already (I like to read while its updating).

Also seems to take forever to "sign in"