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When it comes to weather apps on Android, HTC's pretty much had the market cornered in terms of design. But look out, there's a new kid in town. And in addition to being gorgeous as well as extremely useful, BeWeather has the added advantage of not being locked into one manufacturer's devices. Indeed, for $2.99 $3.59 an apparently fluctuating price, anyone can download this app, powered by the also excellent Weather Underground, and get weather info for just about any city, including four-day forecasts, sun/moon info, and so on. It's the whole 9 yards.

Plus, there's a complete armada of widgets of nearly every size you could want, from 4x3 to 1x1, so it can take us much or as little of your home screen as you want.

Let's just put it this way: BeWeather is now our go-to weather app. Period. This one's definitely deserving of a look, folks. Download links are after the break.


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Android Weather App Review: BeWeather


Check the price in the market app. It will show $2.99

The market website seems to show a converted EUR price of EUR 2.49 instead of the USD price.

Henrik - Bellshare GmbH

The price is very 'fluid', we've been discussing this on the Bellshare forum and also over on another forum. I paid $2.85 within the first hour of your app going onto the market, and that was supposed to be a discounted need to get this pricing issue squared away.

As far as the app goes, it's great, well worth paying for, despite the pricing issue.

It definitely needs to be stabilized. I just paid the "special" price of $2.99. And it seems to be worth every penny, whatever the cost.

I used the beta, and when it hit the Market, I had thought I wouldn't buy it. After using the app in beta, I purchased it.
Agree, it is a great app especially with Weather Underground, my favorite weather site.

Well we all know where they ripped that off from lol.. Its funny how people dont like sense but some of the most popular apps like this and beautiful widgets are rip offs of sense stuff.. Nice clone though for people who dont have a htc phone with sense 3.0...

That's the problem with Sense. It bakes all of this stuff into the OS whether you like it or not. Having the ala carte option to be able to add functions that you care about is much better.

Um...or how about root the thing and put CM7 on it. That's what I did. I was able to find widgets in the market that replicate the things I did like about Sense but without the bloat. Problem solved.

Now it says $3.59. I'm thinking that it was $2.99 when it hit the market, and when the developer learned of an upcoming Android Central review, jacked the price up. Hmmm. Looks nice, but 25M of extra data just for a weather app? "PWS Time and Weather Widget" does the same thing without as much flash, and it's $3.59 cheaper!

I work outside everyday, as u know by my screen name what I do.. I am always looking for the best weather app I can find.. well I listened to Android Central & bought this app.. best move I made.. it completely kicks ass.. if u r looking for one too it is 100% with the few bucks..

Had it on my BlackBerry as well. They had some great apps for BlackBerry. I'm sure they will do well making Android apps

From an app stand point, this RULES. As a former BB user, I missed this app when coming to Android a year and a half ago. But the Widget designs leave a lot to be desired, and have a long way to catch up to Beautiful Widgets. So I will keep both, but use the 5 day Forecast in Beautiful widgets to Launch BeWeather as a compromise.

This is one of the best apps for Blackberry. In my opinion they have made the Android version even better. After buying 2 weather apps I now use Be Weather and will not switch back.

I'll stick with AIX weather - Weather Underground gets it's US data from the National Weather Service - AIX gets it from Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NOAA National Weather Service, ill stick with that in the meanwhile.

Edit: it's a simpler app because it's just a widget but it's free!

i like my sense 3.0 weather. what does it do when you tap the center of the app from the home screen? Does it go into weather animations?

Very nice looking and very useful app, but unfortunatelty form and function doesn't get along. Using the nice animations it's hard to read the text, especially if conditions are mostly cloudy, cloudy or fog. If you disable the animations, the information is readable but you have have to put up with oversized ugly icon.

You can change text color or use different icon set (or both). Best thing is that its not 10 bucks like it wad for blackberry.

When I opened up the market it showed it for $.99, went to login/purchase and it jumped up to $3.59.

Used the beta and liked it but not sure what is going on with the pricing.

If GoWeather can get its act together with its My Location option that would be your best bet, plus its free! They have been farting around with it for 3 updates now and in the newest release it is disabled all together. I have to think they will get it working by the next update.

The fact that this uses Weather Underground has me staying away from even trying this. I find their forecasts for my area to be highly inaccurate. Their almanac data also only goes back to 1995 which severely skews their average high/low data. If WU seems to be accurate in your area, them by all means go for it. Otherwise, there are plenty of free weather widgets out their.

Yeah. What's up with the 3 different prices??? BW and Fancy Widget Pro are more than I need and have perfect skin choices to match my BG. No need to spend more on yet another weather app.

Weather Underground is definitely the best weather web site out there and any app that ties in to that is going to be good at the least. Hoping that this one turns out great!

It would be if it was 1994.

Have you seen some of the sizes of iOS apps? The Oregon Trail is over 1 GB! Now, if that isn't ironic I don't know what is. Next they'll have a 2 GB version of Zork!.

Does it have an easily accessible hourly forecast? That's what I need the most. The one that was built in the Sense 3.0 was the best but I have returned my E3d.

Yes, it does. You just tap on the screen and a panel comes up on the bottom with different tabs. One is an hourly forecast.

Forget my previous comment. I just got to the part of the video that says it has a nice hourly forecast.

I had this on BB and greatly missed it when I came on board to Android. But now I use fancy widgets and love it. I would get this app again, but not now. I am sure Amazon will offer it as a free app soon. LOL.

Looks super cool, but unless it will do the weather display when I open my phone (like my old HTC FUZE did) then I'm afraid I'm not interested. Too bad we can't get one to do that. Maybe some day.

That's something I really miss about my old Evo and Sense. Loved that. Beautiful Widgets can do this by the way, but it's not quite as smooth or polished as Sense (and I ended up turning it off).

Just like what everyone else says, this has always been the best weather app out. And, it truely does look even better on Android!

Adding the information from Weather Undergound was a great touch.

Great review. I spent a good hour downloading/deleting weather apps and had an aversion to trying this because I still have bitter feelings about the BB I used to own. Not the case with this. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Widget and app alike. Thanks again!

As others have said, this was the best weather app on Blackberry, and I missed it when I switched to Android. I tried three weather apps on the Android before I learned that BeWeather was available, and they weren't even close to this gem.