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If you're ever had the pleasure of reading xkcd, you know it's utterly hilarious. I read it, most of my friends read it, so it lends itself to coming up in conversation time to time. It's nerd comedic gold, and let's be honest here: you're on an Android website, so it's right up your alley. To ensure you're never without your appropriate dose of vitamin xkcd, I recommend xkcd Viewer.

xkcd Viewer is a free, ad-free app that lets you read any of the comics listed on the main website. There's no delay between new comics going live on the website and them being accessible on your phone's app, so if you're ever out and about and want to pepper your experiences with some funny, xkcd Viewer will do the job.

The app is fairly simple: it defaults to the latest comic. Tapping on the comic gives you whatever the mouseover text is on the website. You can favorite the comic, move sequentially forward or backward, or tap the dice button to jump to a random comic. You can also bring up the menu by tapping your menu button on your phone. Doing so opens up more options like seeing the entire xkcd master list, if you're inclined to scroll up and down it.

That's pretty much all there is to it, but if you hadn't started downloading by the end of the first paragraph, get to it. If you don't, expect a visit from the black hat man.

Download links and more pictures are after the break.

xkcd Viewerxkcd Viewer

xkcd Viewerxkcd Viewer

xkcd Viewerxkcd Viewer

xkcd Viewerxkcd Viewer

xkcd Viewer


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Android Quick App: xkcd Viewer


Normally I don't see the need for a separate app for a specific comic since you can get most of them via a standard comics viewer.

I made an exception for xkcd, though.

Is that 23 and 22 in the upper right hand corner your battery percentage? is there an app to get that? could someone point me in the right direction on how to get that? also I just downloaded that app and I will be checking it out for sure! thanks

Do you need to have the phone rooted in order for that? also, the site has a bunch of cooked files but they aren't labeled.. these could be naive questions and if so I apologize.. i haven't rooted my samsung galaxy s2 yet.. idk if i will or not.. coming from an iphone, rooting on a mac is a pain; at least for me lol.. thanks again

Yeah you will have to root in order to use things like this. He's running cyamohammad and with that particular rom you cab exit almost everything in it. The samsung galaxy series is one of the easiest phones to root give it a try!

I guess I will have to look into it.. but if something messes up on the phone and i need to restore it I have to download and get everything back to the way it was manually or is there something that you can download to back everything up (even launcher pro settings and setup)? thanks for the help