360 Live

For you Android owners out there who spend as much time on your Xbox as your phone, be sure to check out 360 Live. The app gives you access to your Xbox Live gamer profile, as well as your friends' profiles. You can check out gamercards, profiles, the games attached to their profiles, and send and receive messages.

360 Live runs $2.50 in the Android Market. You can download it by scanning the QR code above, or clicking it in your Android browser.

More screen shots after the break.

360 Live360 Live

360 Live360 Live

360 Live


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Android quick app: Xbox 360 Live


You guys could make an app that cuts out the computer from the equation to were all you have to do is hook up your andriod straight to the xbox360 so that people,like me,that don't have a computer or phone line can get on xboxlive for once.


There is a way to do that as that is exactly how I get on Xbox Live. You will need a data plan from your cell phone carrier and the correct router from a company called Cradlepoint to match your phone.


I have Verizon, the Xbox 360 has a built in Wi-Fi, and I use my Motorola Razr to connect for online gaming. No lag at all. All I do is plug my phone straight into the router from Cradlepoint.

I would recommend the Cradlepoint CBR450.