On any given day I have what seems like a never ending list of things I need to get done, and keeping track of it all isn't easy. Wunderlist is a great solution for that ever present to-do list, especially if you use different devices throughout your day. Not only is there an Android app, but Wunderlist is also available for iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, and even online so devices such as the BlackBerry PlayBook can utilize the program.

We first told you about Wunderlist a few months back. It's really easy to use, and has a great UI with customizable backgrounds. Simply enter your task and any notes you like, include a due date, set the reminder, and save. You can sort your tasks by list, today, overdue, starred, and more. Seamless and automatic syncing across all devices you have the app on, regardless of the platform, makes this app really convenient. Today Wunderlist has gotten even better, as the latest update is not only much faster and more stable, but now includes a widget and push notifications!

If you haven't checked out Wunderlist yet, now is a great time to do so. If you are already using Wunderlist with an account, sync one last time before you download the new version. If you have been using Wunderlist for Android without an account, you’ll have to create one. Once you have, sync before you download. And since this incredibly useful and well put-together app is free on all platforms, you have nothing to lose! No need to add this app to your to-do list, the download link is after the break so go get it now.


Reader comments

Android App Review: Wunderlist


While cloud sync is nice, ToDo Task Manager seems to be more powerful. Without recurring tasks Wunderlist is useless to me. I like to keep household chores on my ToDo list separate from my calendar

Ugh, another app that does not follow UI guidelines. My guess is it's a PhoneGap app. Basically HTML5. I understand developers like to write code once and run it anywhere, but then you get a generic look. My Android apps look like Android app, and my iPhone apps look like an iPhone app. Each platform has their own UI guideline, and I wish developers would stop taking shortcuts.

I agree completely, however, I think they said this was a complete native rewrite.
Before I think they were using Titanium, either way... the app in its current state is pretty unusable for me.