Worldmate Android travel app

I might have just found my perfect Android travel app. Worldmate is now in beta for Android, and it pretty much combines every feature I need in an app to keep me pointed in the right direction while on the road.

You'll start by either signing in or signing up with Worldmate, which was painless enough. Then you sign into the app and are greeted by the screen you see above. Let's work our way down.

  • My trips: There's no manually inputting flights here. Like with some other travel apps, you'll e-mail your itinerary-- flights, hotel, etc. -- to Worldmate, which snags the details and forwards them to your phone. Once it's there, you have flight info, maps, ticket info, weather, the works. You can share your trips and get reminders all on your phone.
  • Book a hotel: Just like it sounds. Book a hotel from your phone through
  • Weather forecast: Get the weather in your city, cities you're slated to visit, or search for a city's weather.
  • Currency converter: Figure out how much something costs between dozens of currencies.
  • Travel notification: Customize your notifications.

For me, it comes down to a few things: The ability to upload entire itineraries at once, maps, weather and flight info -- and the all-important confirmation number -- all in once place. I'm going to have to use this on the road to give it final judgment. But the early verdict is that, at least for me, it combines the right info with enough UI juice to keep me up to date but not overwhelmed. Check out more screen shots after the break, and get your beta copy now. [Worldmate]

Worldmate Android travel appWorldmate Android travel app

Worldmate Android travel appWorldmate Android travel app

Worldmate Android travel appWorldmate Android travel app

Worldmate Android travel appWorldmate Android travel app

Worldmate Android travel appWorldmate Android travel app

Worldmate Android travel appWorldmate Android travel app

Worldmate Android travel app


Reader comments

Android Quick App: Worldmate


I used Worldmate on my WinMo phone back in the day, good app. On Android I've got TripIt and really like it, I even have the PRO version. I would have done WorldMate instead but they were too slow to the Android Platform. Aren't they owned by RIM now?

Ok, I can finally make the jump to Android from Blackberry now. I've never user TripIt but I know WM is solid on Blackberry, i expect only great things from these guys.

On the iPhone version of Worldmate, you cannot edit or add trip information through the phone app - you have to go to the web site. Not convenient when you have no data connection, which somehow often seems to be the case when traveling. How about the Android version?

Yay!!! Ive been waiting and stalking Worldmate about this coming to Android. This is the only app I missed when I made the switch. Btw Trip it sucks, and doesn't hold a candle to Worldmate..

I used it successfully with Expedia and Orbits. In fact I have never had it not recognize my itinerary when I used it with Blackberry for the last 2 years. I am looking forward to finally being able to use it on my EVO, especially since the other similar program for Android always bounces my emails back.

Phil or anyone, does it handle email agendas from Expedia? My employer only allows me to book through Expedia for reimbursement, but TripIT is too retarded to handle the itineraries that I forward it. Do you have one to test on WorldMate?

Well, I downloaded it and tried it - briefly. It seems to assume that YOU are the only traveler on trips that you track, so it does not even bother to list the passenger name. For an upcoming trip where my wife and I have different flights, this just doesn't cut it. Unless I am missing something here, it's back to FlightTrack Pro for me.

It would be nice, if it worked. I forwarded my itinerary, which it wasn't able to extract any information from. I then went to manually enter my flight on the website, and it did not recognize the flight number (from United!!!). FlightTrack, while lacking the trick "forward itinerary" option that TripIt and Wordmate offers, at least works.

Operator error?? Worldmate has never given me issues. I have been using it a few years. Even the Android beta works perfect for me!

No, the email from that particular "agent" was not on the list of supported emails. When manually entering the information, I checked the data and re-entered a couple of times. In fact, I just tried it again just now. Still no luck recognizing a United flight from Seattle to Denver, which is just crazy. Try it yourself: United, Flight 742, Sept 1.

Edit: I just tried TripIt and forwarding that same email that didn't work with Worldmate went through just fine with TripIt.

Does it forward you intinerary information to Google Calendar like TripIt? If so, how often does it update? I love this feature on TripIt.

I was a long time WorldMate Gold user on the BB and switched to TripIt when I came over to Android. I am excited to try this when I get on the road!

Wow, I used to use WorldMate on Palm for years, its great. It'll be nice to use again with Android. Looks like they got rid of the packing list, but that's probably ok.

I just tried it for an upcoming trip and it created an itinerary quite well. I did have to confirm each email address I used (may be why it's not working for some people, check the email you forwarded your itineraries from).

Does anyone who has used the BB version know if The Android version is missing any features? It seems to work well but doesn't really have many options. For one, I don't see a place to put notes.

I am a BB user and have been using Woldmate for many years. One of the reasons I have not move to the Droid was the lack of WM. Well I sent a message to them and they have told me it's on the way shortly.

This is one great app.