Wind-up Knight

Stop what you're doing and download Wind-up Knight for Android. Wait. Read this first. Then stop what you're doing and download Wind-up Knight, which has been gaining great kudos and buzz just hours after its release.

Wind-up Knight is a side-scroller that's reminscient of Super Mario Brothers -- you'll be collecting coins while dispatching creatures, all in the name of saving a princess. But it's not a mere two-dimensional side-scroller -- this sucker's got depth. And the graphics, while simple, also don't overpower the gameplay, a problem we've seen in other games. The controls are simple as well. Your character runs on his own (hint: You'll need to go left sometimes), and you're left iwth jumping and rolling and attacking.

Wind-up Knight is a free game, but you'll need to collect weapons and armor along the way. And you can upgrade as quickly as you want, thanks to in-app purchasing. Want a bad-ass sword without having to save up currency? You can buy 10,000 Note for a $9.99US. Of course, that's the trick, right? You'll likely end up spending far more within the game than you would if you paid $1.99, or $2.99 -- heck, we'd probably easily go $5 for Wind-up Knight -- up front. But on the other hand, with 50 levels and great gameplay, you're getting your money's worth. And you don't actually have to purchase the more-expensive weapons to complete the game. But it's very, very tempting.

One downside of all that in-app purchasing, though, is that you can't switch devices. If you upgrade on a tablet, you won't have those weapons and armor on a phone, unless you repurchase them. (Hopefully Google does something about that at some point.

Anyhoo, we've distracted you long enough. Hit up the download links and check out our hands-on video after the break.

Update: Ooo. So after a few levels, you have the one-time option to upgrade to the full version at a discounted $3.99. We're all for in-app purchases, but the upselling is starting to be a bit much here.

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I'm really starting to get a sour taste from these free* "*with in-app purchases galore" games.

More times than not the "free" game is paced and leveled with the expectation that you will pay *a lot* of money to make meaningful progression throughout the game (Let's Golf III I'm looking right at you.)

Just make a quality game, charge a fair price, and keep the penny-anny hijinks out of it.


Agreed 100%! I also wish developers would stop putting out strictly free games filled with ads. If they want to do that that's fine for a free version but also make a paid version that has no ads. Either way they make money. It's one thing I miss about iOS (and that's pretty much the only thing).

I agreed with you and im also looking at Let's Golf 3 right now. Its a good game but this energy points pissing me off!

I feel the same way. I have don't even bother with free games anymore knowing that they are all require in app purchases to advance within the game. I would rather pay $10 for the game up front than pay an unknown amount as I play. The real problem is you don't know how much those upgrades are going to cost as you level up higher.

There is a zombie shooting game by glu mobile that is FREE.. lol..ya right.. It's free till the second level when you weapon will not kill anything cuz it's not powerful enough and of course you don't have anything close to enough coin to get the weapon you need.. I had about 200 coin & you need 5000.. But if course you can buy it with real money.. I just deleted it when I saw that cuz it left a bad taste in my mouth to.. I would rather ads in the free game & play fair than this crap some devs are trying to pull..

I agree! Anyone know how to exit out of the game completely without having to FC it in the phone settings????

Cool game but it...won't...stop! Ha!

in-app purchases are meant to be treated like dlc(down loadable content) things to buy just to if you really want like a gun pack character pack etc. not to sucker people in to spending 50$ put more (tap zoo wanted 100$ for 1500 stars...Psst I just downloaded recommended apps for the stars then uninstall what do I look like paying over 5$ for a low level game when I can buy something like gun shadow easily worth 10$ or defense gunner so worth about 7$( some may 10)