Talking Transfomers

So my Nexus S got stolen. I caught the thieves, giggling on the couch, poking at the glass and saying ridiculous things into the microphone. That's right, it was my children, and they had discovered Talking Transformers, the app I had downloaded earlier in the day. I can't blame them for their crime, it's an awesome app that will keep you rolling.  

You can transform this red car into his robot form, complete with realistic Transformer sound effects. Poke him and he moves, fire his weapon at the push of a button, and watch what happens when he punches your screen. You can even see the lighter side of his personality by pushing the "D" button to watch him put on a dance on stage. The best part of Talking Transformers though, is of course the talking part! Speak into the microphone and hear your words repeated back. Just be careful, and keep a watchful eye on your phone, or it may fall prey to thieves, just like mine did.

More screenshots and download links after the break.

Talking Transfomers Talking Transfomers

Talking Transfomers  Talking Transfomers

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IceDree says:

Interesting, i'll give it a shot

zambalis says:


dethduck says:

Wish my myTouch 4G had the external speaker the myTouch 3G had. Sadly, it sounds like crap on my phone, but then again, pretty much everything sounds like crap on the mt4g speakers.

fechhelm says:

This app is incompatible with your T-Mobile Samsung SGH-T959.
1.6 and up

Well doesn't that just suck, Not sure what the deal is with that. Seems like my Galaxy S vibrant should be able to run this app if the nexus s can.

IceDree says:

I gave it a shot , it doesn't work on the ATRIX
Black screen & Force close

bunsen says:

Works just fine on my Atrix. Pretty neat.

z71kris says:

its huge at 36 mbs, and looks like it works on my bolt..

nmDXaddict says:

I'll never see my phone again when I show this to my kids.

en28so says:

The app is huge but fun. Works great on my DROIDX.

Oghma says:

Incompatible with my Samsung Captivate as well.

titot4u says:

I cant even get it to d/l on my DB. I get a declined message on screen.

bigrey81 says:

Same here.

SEJ says:

Getting download declined message on my Evo 3D. Never seen that message before. I have a Droid, Evo 4G, Evo 3D and Asus Transformer all in my web-based Market account and it says the app's incompatible with all of them. Weird.

maxrebo says:

Same here with the Download Declined message as well on a Droid 3 and HTC Incredible. Its not even available for my Xoom. All 3 devices on the web market say it is not compatible.

Driven says:

The QR code isn't working nor can I find it in the marketplace....odd....

xraytedjim says:

Getting download declined also on my rooted CM7 DroidX.

aj.ghodke says:

this app is missing from the market! :|

GreyCelt says:

Yep, no longer available in the Market. What's up with that?

d2globalinc says:

No longer in market, I'd bet good money the Copyright Police swooped in and got this one yanked right away.. The least they could do is contract the developer and re-release it again ;)

TechGuy21 says:

Yeah, pretty sure it was removed due to copyright violation.

ThreeofNine says:

You are probably correct, sir! Images, names, and audio are copyright protected. Such a shame.......

bc2k says:

It's back in the market as of this morning. Seems like the same app / version, different category and link. Try searching for "talking transformers."

Fharison says:

The damn app has been removed from Android market!!!

talking transformers its on marketplace today and it works on bionic .... bad ass.