There always comes a time when you hear a song, but can’t figure out the name of it, or who it’s by. Luckily, your Android phone’s got you covered. Simply open up SoundHound, press the big orange button and presto: you’re song, who it’s by, where to find it, videos, lyrics, and even a link to the Amazon MP3 file are all available at your fingertips. My personal favorite feature has to be the ‘Sing and Hum’ recognition which means if you can carry the tune, then SoundHound can recognize it – now that’s innovation! Another cool thing we liked was that it automatically saves any search you do within the app allowing for easy referencing if need be. Now, that’s a lot of features, and to put the icing on the cake, the company has just released a free version which gives you five “ID’s” to start with. If you feel like it, you can also earn more credits by Tweeting your songs, which we thought was pretty fair if you didn’t want to pay $4.99 for the premium version. After the break are some screenshots, so be sure not to miss them. Free version: [Market Link | AppBrain] Paid version: [Market Link | AppBrain]


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Android quick app: SoundHound


Shazam is totally free and unlimited and this isn't. Oh and Shazam also allows you to search Youtube. That's the difference. Is this company paying AC to write about it like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread?!

Shazam's instructions technically say that you cannot. Whether or not that's true, on the other hand, I don't know. But it specifically says (somewhere, I forget) that it does NOT accept simple hummimg/individual singing along.

I haven't tried either, but people try to hum songs to me far more often than I unsuccessfully try to come up with a song title or artist off the radio.

Just played with it mostly worked good didn't recognize my singing and yes its that bad but otherwise worked great.

The question, however, is whether this app is better than Shazam in the aggregate. I don't see how it could be if you're limited to 5 searches per month... I think Soundhound is going to have to do something better than Shazam to offset the $5 cost.

Shazam has been in a the game a long time, works awesome, free, the humming thing could come in handy, though. I wonder how well it really works, though.

It actually works very well. I'm no singer, so I hummed a few songs and it recognized every one of them. I am quite impressed. I tried humming into Shazam and got nowhere.

I'm sold.

My vote is for Shazam way over this one. Unlimited & free. As for the humming thing? Rarely do I get a song stuck in my head. so not a problem. Usually tagging off the radio.

Shazam does work great, but it's good to have alternatives and competition too. Everyone knows about Shazam, but this one -- not so much.

For those of you who think Shazam may work with humming - it won't. It doesn't listen to the actual music notes. It listens to an electronically transmitted song title (in audible to the human ear). You know those car radios that show the currently playing song title from the radio station - it listens to that signal. Most TV shows and movies retain that transmission and your computer broadcasts it, too. That's why Shazam won't work at a concert - it doesn't listen to what you can hear.

They had the devs of Shazam on NPR's science friday a long time ago. That's where I learned this.

wrong wrong wrong. songs don't have an embedded electronic song title, radios receive that information over FM waves. shazam creates a song 'fingerprint' by taking around 3 samples per second, and matching that with the song you're tagging. the reason it won't work with live shows is because the acoustics of live performances don't match with the 'fingerprinted' acoustics of the recorded versions.

otherwise, how would it tag songs from the 50's or 60's? you think the beatles thought, 'oh, don't forget to electronically tag these songs so that our fans in 2010 can use their iphones to find out which one their listening to'? music wasn't even recorded digitally then! how would they insert inaudible electronic song titles?? try shazam-ing a vinyl record, it still works.

i can't believe you actually listened to the devs on NPR and COMPLETELY missed what they were talking about, then came here and shared your incorrect knowledge with us.

ps. I'm pretty sure your computer doesn't broadcast FM radio

Another vote for Shazam. You guys writing about SoundHound is disgraceful. SELL OUTS

Sell outs. I don't think so. Their keeping us informed of options in the android market. I like that they do this. I understand that many people including myself, think that Shazam is better (mainly because its free), but don't discredit this story just because they are trying to let people know about a legitimate application that works very well. Paid programs keep the android market growing and many people will find this humming feature to come in handy. I have in a few instances, but just not enough yet to buy it, but did did enjoy the free version.

Having been unhappy with Shazam I thought I would try this out.

The interface is nice, but it has the same issues Shazam and that is the fact that unless it is main stream music it isn't going to find it. At least Shazam lets me find main stream music for free.

Count me as an oddball, but I've been using SoundHound for a while now and LOVE it over Shazam. It not only picks up a person singing or humming a song (something that Shazam DOES NOT do) but you can also speak or type in a song or an artist, from there it will you show you every album or song by that person along with links to youtube AND lyrics to the song.

AMAZING PROGRAM! Give it a try before you write it off as another Shazam copy-cat.

Geese...some of you people are frack'n a-holes...If you would take your head out of your butts for 2 seconds you'd realize that, just because an app is free doesn't make it the best choice...SoundHound is a great app and I'd rather it over Shazam any day of the's extra features are worth the price. Just because your are a cheap-ass please don't blindly disregard a paid app without fair comparison.

"Your" and "You're" are not the same word.

I've been lurking on this site for a long time but had to post about this. It's been happening a LOT lately!

Learn basic English grammar.

No offense to the AC bloggers, but I have to agree. I have noticed a few gramatical errors on the site as well. A wee bit of copy editing goes a long way and keeps grammar [insert your word here] like myself from going crazy reading something. We all make mistakes, but there have been a few more lately. You all clearly know BASIC English grammar, but it wouldn't hurt to scan over posts and make a couple of changes now and then. :)


While I share your frustration, since you bring it up, I must ask you whether someone's confusing "your" and "you're" is actually an error in grammar or spelling.

Just asking.