Regina launcher for AndroidRegina launcher for Android

We're starting to see homescreen and launcher replacements settle into a groove. Nice UIs, smooth transitions, and the Regina launcher fits nicely in that space. It's the same basic principle: You have five home screens on which to flip around and place apps, widgets, shortcuts, folders, etc.

The main homescreen features a slick flip clock (hello, HTC!) and weather widget. The bad news is that the weather widget might not include your town (yes, really) and to add it manually you need to know some sort of region code. Which I don't know. And I'm not going to bother looking up. And it gets a little worse -- to use the weather feature at all, you have to install the Regina Weather and Regina Weather Server apps in addition to the launcher. And then I still have to look up my region code? No, thanks.

But the launcher and homescreens (they're called workspaces here) are pretty nice. And you have secret workspaces that you can password protect and access from the corners of the home screens. That's not all that intuitive, as you'll see me scratch my head in the video after the break.

Transitions are smooth, if a tad slow for our taste, and look sophisticated enough. The launcher only scrolls horizontally -- we'd love to have the option to go vertical. Removing items from the home screen (or uninstalling them altogether) is helped along with some handy graphical reminders.

Check out our video of the Regina launcher and find downlinks after the break.

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willquil1 says:

I'm already using it, and I like it! Samsung Galaxy S Epic...

RamboDroid says:

Very Cool. I like how Phil often uses the phrase "if you're into that kind of thing" always makes me feel like some kind of weird geeky pervert for liking it. LOL

NovaFox238 says:

If you hold down those "Cool Shiny Lights" they do something,Phil. ;)

lament says:

I think this will give you your region code - just look where it says weather station.

LauncherPro > Regina Launcher

cesar g says:

Regina Launcher, spb shell 3D launcher or cc 3D launcher?

All of the 3 launchers above claim themselves to be 3D. Seems not exactly the same concept. wondering how many people here are really in to Regina? How about 2 others?

viciousvon says:

Where can I get this to try it out?

sleblanc1976 says:

I know right, wouldn't it be great if there was a market of some sort... where one could download apps... You would have though google would have come up with that idea already..

Am the only one who would rather have a scroll-able dock over 3/4/5+ home screens?

ZigmunD says:

Very slow on HTC Desire.

jaswolf says:

Overall pretty decent launcher, only problem for me is that it doesn't render the Multicon widget correctly, so I can only fit 3 wide into a homescreen and not 4. That's a dealbreaker for me, unless the the dock could be expanded to 5 and edited. Once the customizations are up to ADW or LP level, I'd probably use it.

draken says:

Pretty cool so far on my Incredible. A few things are slow the first time you do them but then it speeds up. In the US, you can use the zip code as the region code for the weather, but you'll still need to add in the offset from GMT to get the right time to display, may require manual update for daylight saving.

Once you add a wallpaper to a workspace, is there any way to remove it and go back to the default metallic look? So far, haven't figured out how to do that, without restoring default settings and wiping out all the little changes I've made so far.

Visual360 says:

Long press, there should be an option and looks like you can set different wallpaper for each panel.

draken says:

Yes, that is how you change the wallpaper, but none of the choices get you back the original metallic wallpaper.

Found it. Need to install the Regina Theme pack, select it for the wallpaper, the metallic one is one of the choices.

Visual360 says:

I assumed you have the theme pack. My bads.

Visual360 says:

Wow, really loving this. Looks gorgeous on my captivate. And like mentioned before, zip code works for city codes.

whippingboy says:

I like the idea- but anything this taxing on the processor is hogging up memory for other functions. I can't live without Launcher Pro Plus widgets- but I absolutely LOVE how lean and feature rich ZEAM is...but no widgets.

Sploinkin says:

27 degrees in Anchorage? That's almost t-shirt weather up there! (40 degrees is definitely t-shirt time for those that don't know)

ztag100 says:

Thanks alot AndroidCentral... You guys actually have me wanting to abandon Launcher Pro...ARGH! (but awesome launcher)

32str8 says:

Beautiful graphics but needs more customization. GO Launcher EX still my favorite.

stepchild says:

I can get the weather for my location, but not correct time. I have tried everything I can think of and still not right. Any ideas?

draken says:

As I said in a comment up above, you need to put in your zipcode AND the offset from GMT. Will likely require a manual change for daylight savings unless they update their database of cities by then.

stepchild says:

I have enter my zip code and the weather is correct. Not sure how to do offset from GMT.

draken says:

Right below where you enter your zip code as the region code, there is a GMT offset. For the US, click on the plus sign to make it a minus sign then enter the correct offset. Enter both settings before pressing Select. For the east coast, the offset is -5:00.

Looks nice. I'll give it a try.

I live in Washington, DC. How do you NOT have DC in the pre-set list??? Anyway, if you go to "help" under the weather widget, you'll find a link to get your code.

Apparently the weather code is in the url field. All I got was my zip code. Funnily enough, when I entered the zip code, it spun my time ahead five hours. When I deleted the clock widget and added it back. it gives the correct time. Something about the weather sync is messing it up. Clearly there's work to be done here.

Nilla says:

Using your zip code will work. But you'll have to adjust the time clock according to your time zone.

JGarrido says:

Not available in Market for gTab. :-[