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I love word games and fortunately there have been a lot of good ones to come out on Android in the past year. The majority of the games that I like have a similar premise: to find as many words from tiles in a certain amount of time. A new game, called Letter Rip, is a bit different yet equally as fun.

Normally in word games, the screen is full of letter tiles for the user to use. This time, the board is empty at the beginning. The game is divided into two phases. In the first phase, the user must spell as many words as possible without allowing the board to fill up. You can move tiles around as often as you want, but don’t back yourself into a corner or the board will fill up quickly. Phase two occurs once the board fills up. You must spell words to clear the board, using the help of extra black tiles. However, words in phase two are only worth half as much, so try to stay in phase one as long as possible.

There are many customizable options that users can utilize. You can change the size of the game board, the game speed, the color of the tiles, the minimum word length, whether or not you're right or left handed, and various sound effects.

If you're a fan of word games, try out Letter Rip. It's refreshing as the game is not just a regurgitation of other games on Android, it makes the user think about strategy in a different way. Look for the download link and more after the break. 

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Android Quick App: Letter Rip


wow, that's pretty addictive. It would be sweet if I had an option to email my high score list to my buddies who have it to talk smack

thanks, I was wondering this! Of late everything AC has been reviewing has costed money....yet they NEVER mention it!

You can adjust the speed at which the letter tiles appear in the options (or keep it from speeding up altogether.) Give it a try!

a very very clever game, yet ultimately an incredibly frustrating game. this game has the vocabulary of a 10 year old !!! it did not allow "bikers". this kind of thing happens 8 to 10 times a game. you have to use very simple or very very common words. yet,,,tell me why "bikers" is not a good word???

i ended up uninstalling because there was no point in playing