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Used to be my daughter would sit in the back of the car, bored, and ask to use my wife's iPhone to draw. No more, now that I've got Kids Finger Paint. It's about as simple as it gets, which is how it should be for a drawing app. Touch the screen, and you draw. To get a different color, you touch the color wheel. No hidden menus to mess with. Now I'm the coolest parent in the car. The app costs a perfectly reasonable 99 cents. Download info after the break.


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Android Quick App: Kids Finger Paint


I'd love to find a good selection of apps for kids to play to pass time. My son likes to draw with Magic Marker. It's a finger painting app, but the "paint" looks like a neon sign.

Update from the developer:

Kids Finger Paint v1.5 was published on the Android Market today. Version 1.5 makes it a snap to save your painting and share it with family and friends via email, facebook, twitter, SMS, and more.

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Just search "paint" in the market.

I personally prefer Canvas, but that's probably a little more than what you need for kids :P.

I got it for my 4 yo daughter. She loves it. Like the author says, it's easy and better for kids b/c there are no menus (or ads). And nothing happens if she accidentally touches the back or search buttons.

REALLY guys why does everbody hsve to critize Phil. There are some people out here in this Android world that are new and have no idea about what the Market has to offer. (myself included EVO be here tomorrow) Lets all just let Phil do his job

I'm sure it's a good app, and I'm not criticizing. I'm just making sure people know that there are plenty of free alternatives.

I completely agree with you. Most of the Market is FREE. There are many duplicate apps. Therefore the Free ones should always be highlighted.