The various live wallpapers that are available on Android are one of my personal favorite parts, because sadly they can keep me entertained by just watching them. While the market is certainly flooded with live wallpapers, there are not very many which offer extensive customization options, but luckily Gravitron is one of the ones that do, and they offer quite a few options. This live wallpaper, which is based around a bunch of flying particles, gives you near complete control of the look of the wallpaper, with customization features including:

  • Built-in presets: Original, Patriot, Love, Bokeh, Pride, Droid, St. Patrick's day, and more.
  • 10 shapes for particles & decoration
  • Color randomization & cycling
  • Up to 8 colors preselection
  • Background color selection
  • Camera movement adjustment: speed, distance and behaviour (3D positioning)

In addition to all these custom settings, they have implemented the ability to save and load various presets, and soon they hope to have the ability to share these via Twitter. For less then $1 you can have all these features, as well as whatever they are able to add in the future, so if you want a live wallpaper that you are able to customize fully, be sure to check this out. Download links, and video can be found after the break.


Reader comments

Android Quick App - Gravitron Live Wallpaper


Don't all Live Wallpapers lag? Or do they just all lag the droid 2 (the phone that I have) and not other phones? Please inform me...

There are only 2 or 3 that Ive tried that make my G2 lag. Like when using "Lattice", I have to turn the effects down, or when using some with particle effects I can't have too many particles on screen.

Most others run well. I love "Light Grid Pro". Tons of customization for $1. There is a free version too.

Droid 2 doesn't have a great GPU so it makes sense it would struggle rendering some live wallpapers. The next gen GPUs are really going to kick ass!

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I wouldn't bother downloading this. The apk is over 3MB and when I politely asked the developer if he could work to reduce the size or enable app2SD storage, he said it's not possible for live wallpapers. Almost every one that I have is on my SD card so I'm pretty sure that's just a lazy answer.

You can download similar live wallpapers, like Solar Winds, which is less than 150 KB versus the 3MB--and completely FREE and customizable.

Maybe I'm just anal, but I find it really disappointing when I tell a dev that I want to buy their product, but they won't work to make it useable for a greater number of phones/users.

Hello, i'm a developper of IOPixel, and i worked on Gravitron. You can't put a Livewall paper on App2SD:


    If you put a livewallpaper on SD, after a reboot, the LWP can't be loaded. This is a normal behaviour because the SD is mounted few seconds after. And last point: this LWP is just fat because we use our 3D engine, written in C for performance.

    We have reply to your mail and if you have another question, just ask.


  • Would you care to explain to me, then, why pretty much every other live wallpaper I've purchased allows me to install on the SD card without any major issue? Yes, sure, the wallpaper might not load properly upon reboot sometimes, nor will it work if you mount the phone to a computer. That should be the users choice to decide. What if we don't mind the fact that we might have to re-enable the live wallpaper if it means a major savings in storage? The entire point of the Android platform is choice and customization.

    What it really boils down to is that you have someone who wants to pay you for your work, wants to buy your product, and you refuse to work with a customer to make the product more widely usable. I think that's poor service. Since other developers of live wallpapers want the user to have choice, why would I buy your product when you think the user shouldn't have choice?

    You don't understand the point. The official documentation says: don't use App2SD for Livewall papers. There is two valid reasons as you said:

  • No livewallpaper on reboot
  • No livewallpaper when you unmount your sdcard

    Yes, i understand your point. But you are an advanced user, and you can understand the two problems. Many users considers these two side effects as bugs and put bad comments.. So our choice is to respect Android documentation. Other LWP don't respect the official recommandations. It is their choice!