Flick Kick Field Goal

Fall is in the air, and in North America that means Football season is upon us -- Flick Kick Field Goal for Android answers the call.  Just because you can't (or don't want to) be out in the mud, the blood and the beer doesn't mean you have to go without your fix.  The aim of the game is to score field goals, at various distances, and fighting the wind the whole time.  It runs like butter on the Evo 4G, so most 2010 devices should run it well and a new Droid X or Galaxy S class phone should chew through it without a hitch.  The bottom line is that it delivers in the fun department, and is just hard enough to hold some replay value -- I'm not refunding it, you probably won't either.

We also have a quick look at Open Feint, as Flick Kick Field Goal (say that five times fast) is another Feint game (like Fruit Ninja and Mini Squadron).  I'm really glad to see this catching on, as I think having a big Android user base can only make the service more robust.  You can pick it up on the Market for 99 cents. Check out the video, and download links after the break.

YouTube link for mobile viewing

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Thablackguy says:

Great looking game !

chiroho says:

Looks a bit like "Paper Toss", which was an iPhone game that came to Android a while back, and is freely available in the Market. Obviously this game has achievements, and the ability to see what your friends are doing, but the concept of flicking your finger for distance and taking different wind speeds into account is very similar.

And as Paper Toss is a fun little game, I'm sure this will be as well.

I need to make a request. I really appreciate the constant game reviews... but I'm really looking forward to some High Quality games instead of these "Cheeky" Play for 5mins at a time because I'm bored, type of games...

Like an adventure game/ action game with something even slightly resembling a storyline

HAAS599 says:

Gangstar & Sandstorm are fun 3D action games similar to GTA and CS. You need to go to Gameloft.com on your phone to access them.

As far as the market goes I have found:

Choice of the Dragon is a great text adventure game

Tank Recon 3D is good

Overkill is awesome

Hella Umbrella is a great platformer with a unique twist

P.S. I'll stick with free paper toss over this. Are you guys sponsored by Feint or something??

bjordan says:

Does this game run full screen on the Evo? I saw some reviews that led me to believe it doesn't.

Looks like a pretty cool game and I agree with chiroho it looks very similar to Paper Toss (which is really fun as well).

bjordan says:

Actually it looks like Jerry is reviewing this on an Evo and it's full screen. Can anyone confirm?

I played the game.there is a bit of a resolution issue.but nothing noticeable. Just a little letter boxing at the top and bottom of the screen.game play is great on the Evo.try it out

bjordan says:

Will do, thanks for the response.

jbuggydroid says:

Check out the games gameloft has. You won't find them in the market but if you go to gameloft.com on your phone it should take you to the mobile site which will display the available HD games for your phone.

Gameloft has some pretty cool games, but their method of DRM sucks. Until they bring their games to the Android Market and don't require us to purchase them directly from their website (which is also a frustrating experience), I won't even consider a Gameloft title.

chodges21 says:

cool game, but its not showing up in the android market. appbrain has it listed but it wont let me download it

AnAm85 says:

Cannot find it with my Vibrant on the market. Help!

rippley05 says:

Also Can't find it in the market using cm6 EVO. Can't find this or angry birds =\ May be a cm6 issue

wezra says:

The practice game works well on the myTouch 3G Slide, but when you get to the 35 yard distance and beyond, you simply can't flick it enough to make the field goal... it falls short every time. I think this is really made for the phones that have the larger screens like the EVO. The 3G Slide is just shy of the screen size I believe you need to make this work. Fun game but not for the 3G Slide.

Slowly drag from the bottom of the screen the whole way to the top. Works on the Nexus and Hero (but sloooow lol)

valueman says:

I scanned the barcode, but market says that it is not found. Phone is a Captivate

artod4789 says:

I believe the music is "Anchors Aweigh" which is played (or at least was played) at every Army-Navy football game. So it may be "patriotical", but it's also very football related.

Bingo! I knew I had heard it before, just couldn't place it beyond having something to do with the US armed forces :p

rippley05 says:

Is there a website I can go a buy/download this apk. ? Don't know whats up with the market but it isn't showing

th3gh05t says:

Same for me! Can't see it in the Market :(

imrgoodbari says:

Cant see it in the market samsung captivate =[

Zahhak.ts says:

Tried it and didn't like it. Found it more frustrating then fun.

rion_j says:

really? wow, this is probably the easiest and funnest game i've played on android. really great game!

milla#AC says:

If you can't see this title in the Market on devices that support OpenGL ES 2 please email support at pikpokgames dot com with the device and OS version you are running. Those without OpenGL ES 2 support will generally not be able to see the app, but others we want to know about, please.