File Manager HD

File Manager is one of the first Honeycomb-optimized file managers for Android.  It's one of those utilities you have to have on your Android 3.0 tablet, no questions asked.  With Android, you're not forced to use a separate program on your computer to add or move files around, so a file browser of some sort is awful handy.  You can use it to keep track of and sort all your pictures, videos, documents, and anything else you can think of that you're keeping around in your tablet's storage space. 

With File Manager HD, you really don't need to ever hook up the cable to your computer.  It has a built-in LAN browser, so any shared files or folders from your computer (Windows, Mac and Linux) are available right from the comfort of your easy chair.  It's full of other great features, too:

  • High definition (1280x800) support
  • 3 sets of commercial icons for 60+ different file types, toolbar and menu items
  • Cut, copy, paste and cancel progress dialogs
  • List and grid view for file browsing
  • Compress and decompress support
  • Search and share files
  • Multiple selection and sorting support
  • Thumbnail for photo, pictures and apk files
  • Built-in text editor and swf player

The developers have fully tested File Manager HD on the Motorola Xoom, and I've been using it on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for over a week with zero issues.  The best part?  It's absolutely free.

You can find File Manager HD in the Android Market, for devices running Android 3.0 and higher.  We've got a couple pictures and the download link after the break.

Grid view

Grid View


Storage anaylsis

Storage Analysis


LAN browser

LAN browser

There are 10 comments

Looks good, can't wait to get my transformer.

kgeissler says:

I thought this app was just ok. I didn't like the fact that you could not customize the quick links on the left side. For example, my movies and music folders are on my SD Card, but when you click the links, it takes you to the internal memory.

rsa says:

Link doesn't find the app! Went to the market and manually searched but still didn't find it.

My bad, not running 3.0

jonyah says:

Free is good, but so is no ads. Is there a paid version? My wife has the transformer right now, so I can't check until tonight. I'd rather pay a couple bucks and get rid of those ads.

jonyah says:



I prefer "File Search" Better interface. No ads...and under each folder is a check box for wuick selection of multiple files.

RickB says:

Can I see files on my Desktop PC connected over a home WiFi network with this app?

kgeissler says:

Yes...I can see all my Windows Home Server shares with no problems.

icebike says:

I like the concept of the quick links at the left, but they need to be customizable.

Other than that I see nothing here that will tear me away from ES File Explorer, and it's various plugins.

B4SDR4G says:

Looks amazing. So nice.