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Summer means travel, and for some you, that means crossing borders (or oceans!) to new and exotic lands. One of the things you're going to want to have in order before you leave (besides hoping you don't get picked for the special search at the airport) is how your native currency stacks up against wherever you're going. That's where Exchange Rates comes in.

Exchange Rates, at its core, is a simple currency conversion calculator. You choose what your native or main currency is, and by tapping on it, can choose what amount you want to see exchange rates for. By default, it's set to USD and $100, but changing either of those isn't an issue.

You can also add other country's currencies to your hotlist by choosing "Add Currency" from the app's menu. Doing so brings up a list of, what IĀ assume, is every country in the world (and their respective currency). Simply tap on the country you want and it gets added to the bottom of your list.

If the order on your list isn't to your liking, long-pressing brings up another menu that has the options to move the item higher or lower on your list. This menu is also where you're given the option to choose something else as your base currency, enter an amount on the selected rate, or view a chart of how it compares to your base currency.

If you're a fact nut, the same long-press menu also can direct you to a Wikipedia article all about the currency you're looking at.

Exchange Rates is a really stellar app, regardless if you're a frequent international traveler or only cross borders infrequently. It's free to download, but despite that, it isn't cluttered up with ads. There is a donate version available on the Market, if you want to support the developer, but fortunately you're not obligated to just to unleash the full power of this app.

Download links and screenshots are after the break.

Exchange RatesExchange Rates

Exchange RatesExchange Rates

Exchange RatesExchange Rates

Exchange RatesExchange Rates

Exchange RatesExchange Rates


Reader comments

Android Quick App: Exchange Rates


Unfortunately Verizon has made international data charges cost prohibitive with their new tiered plans. :-( Where is the thumbs down button?

Unfortunately, this is basically a useless app.

Anybody who spends time abroad, knows, that there are 2 exchange rates;

1. Done internally at banks internationally.

2. What is available to the public. Unfortunately the 2 are never the same.

So, there is not much use for an app that shows what money Buy/sell rates are, when the consumer has an entirely different rate.

Not to mention commissions for money exchanges.

If the app showed current exchange rates at public facilities, that would be a different matter.

And you are abroad, it is much easier to visually look at the rates, which every place has advertised, than to pay roaming fees accessing the net, to check on a rate that is not applicable.