Cows Don't Fly by HyperBees.

HyperBees -- the brains behind titles such as JellyBalls and the Impossible Level Game -- brings us a new game today called Cows Don't Fly.  Simple in design, but also providing a decent level of depth, Cows Don't Fly should appeal to anybody that enjoys fun puzzle & skill games.

Throughout Cows Don't Fly's 15 increasingly difficult levels, your goal is to collect all the stars in each world by jumping to and from the circular bongos, all while avoiding obstacles and enemies.  To guide yourself around each level, you tilt your phone left or right to rotate around each circular bongo.  Once you've positioned yourself correctly, tap the screen to jump from bongo to bongo, or leave your finger on the screen to fly.

Cows Don't Fly also supports Open Feint, so all you achievement-hungry players out there have another game to get started on.

If you've got any comments or questions for HyperBees -- the developer of this title -- sound off in their developer forum.

I tried to explain this game as best I possibly could, but this is one of those titles you'll just have to see in action.  So join me after the break as I show you some of what Cows Don't Fly has to offer.

Cows Don't Fly is readily available in the market for $2.35

There are 8 comments

Merckle says:

Question? What launcher are you using with the big clock and what not?

ricepuddin says:

the clock is called TypoClock. You'll have to google it, not on the market.

Jonneh says:

Looks awesome, thanks for the review :)

What no free trail one before I spend $2.40 of my hard earned money LMAO!

KIORKgames says:

Check out the free in-browser demo preview here:

beenz says:

Won't install on my Fascinate. I know it says might not work on Galaxy S 2.1 but I gave it a try, and the download wasn't successful after several attempts. Looks like a fun game, though, and will get it once the Galaxy S is supported

Nytom30 says:

I can't even find it in the market on my fascinate.

tf5_bassist says:

awwe lame, not for Galaxy S 2.1. I can't believe that 2.2 isn't pushed from T-Mobile yet. :/