Color is a new camera and image-sharing app that has been making its rounds across platforms. Launched on both Android and iOS, Color allows you to capture photos and share them with others in a new sort of way. Rather then needing to send photos via email or uploading them to a site or even attaching them in a MMS, Color allows anyone within 150ft who is also running the app able to view any images you take.

Take for example you are at a party, you want to snap a pic of some friends share it with some of those at the party -- chances are, they have a device that can run Color as well. All they need to do is open up the app, you take the picture and then the image will automatically appear on their device and vice versa if they took a picture of you.

With added features such as SMS messaging, Facebook and Twitter built right into the app, the concept here is great. If you're looking for a new, cool way to share photos at a party or event, then Color may be just what you've been looking for. Color is available in the Android Market now for free. You can jump on past the break for the download QR code. Keep in mind it does require Android 2.2 or greater.



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Android Quick App - Color


now all your nearby buddies can see those not so public pictures you took of your wife/girlfriend and forgot about ;-) awesome

Lol.. that's what I was thinking, don't want to open that up to take pics by mistake. Anyone within 150ft can see em, there is no "approval" mechanism that I saw.

That was my first thought. I'm not running an app that automatically shares my pictures with anyone in range running the same app. No thanks. If I want to share pics, I'll upload them to FB.

I don't think it shares ALL of your pictures, but only those you take from within the app or place there to be shared. I could see this being a big hit at a summer music festival (like Bonnaroo) where SO MUCH is going on all over the place at all different hours. An app like this (especially with it being cross-platform) will give a different viewpoint as seen from MANY different people.

ahhh, the android market. Sigh. It sucks for finding apps. I tried typing in Color and it wasn't even on the first 2 pages. Thank goodness for QR links and web market links. Now I know "Color" is a generic name, and I expect a lot of returned apps, but you would think an app with the name "Color" would be at the top. But no, all sorts of weird apps that just happen to have the word "color" in them somewhere in description, not even Title. You'd think Title matches would be up top, but no.

I decided to download and try it despite the reviews, and it is beyond awful. There are no labels on the buttons to tell you what they do. Trying to play around and hit them to explore causes a force close. There is no way to delete an accidentally shared picture. I can't believe any QA team cleared this app for release.

what i cant believe is that with all these problems, sites like this is promoting it and telling everyone to jump on board...

Given the fact that it is also featured in the Tech section of USA Today, I would say that they used a chunk of their $41M capital funding to buy some media advertising from popular tech sites.

A lot of initial release software has bugs. I would bet that they get it working eventually.

Great concept. I think that if this idea was retooled so that you could share documents in the same manner, and allow power point presentations to be run in that fashion, you'd have a must have business application. Also allowing notes to be shared and drawn onto the document in real time and be reflected on the other screens you'd have a must have application for meetings.

That is, IF they could fix the terrible UI.

Yeah, then you could share all of those trade secrets and documents with everyone within 150 ft!

Totally dumb question, but how in the heck does the app "share" the pictures you're taking? How does it know if someone's within 150 ft of you? Does it just use GPS and then send pictures via MMS?

how do i get this app for my android phone. couldn't find it thru a search on android market site.
Can someone provide me a direct link to download or show me .